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Install Wizard Wont Complete, Upgrade Issues  
Resources Memory Issues, Disk Space Utilization Concerns, Requirements  

Archiving Stopped Archiving Errors Slow Archiving

Volumes Cannot Create Volume, Ejected Volume, Volume Inaccessible Cannot Reindex  
Indexing Indexing Troubles, Cannot Reindex  
Search Missing Emails / No Results Visibility Incorrect Incorrect Search Results  
Login Locked Out, Unable to Authenticate, NTLM Authentication Failure  
Stubbing Cannot Stub Messages  
Journaling IMAP Journal Connection Failed, Archiving Stopped, Envelope Journaling Broken, IMAP Journal Account Full  
Send SMTP Send Failure  
Startup Server Won't Start, Server Inaccessible, Slow Startup  
Import Cannot Import Emails  
License Invalid License  
Connect Cannot Connect Exchange (for import, sync, etc)  
Mail Server Slow Mail Server  
Disk Space Out of Disk Space  
Export Cannot Export  
Certificates Certificate Issues  

Folders Not Synched



If you have exhausted all applicable troubleshooting options, submit a problem report to the MailArchiva support team.



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