Locked Out (Web Console)

Login Using The Master Account


MailArchiva includes an all-powerful master account ("admin"), used in circumstances where the configured authentication mechanisms (e.g. Active Directory authentication) are either misconfigured or not functioning correctly due to network/authentication server problems. The master account is locally authenticated.


 To access MailArchiva's login screen directly, enter the following URL in the browser:




Usually, the username for the master account is "admin", but depending on how the server was initially setup, it may be different. The password to the master account is specified during initial setup.


Note: The default username and password to the MailArchiva Console is "admin", "admin".


Reset Master Password

In the event that the password to the master account is forgotten or lost, it can be reset provided that an administrator has full read/write access to MailArchiva's main server configuration file.


To reset the master password:


  1. Use any text editor (for example, Notepad++ or Vi) to edit the server.conf in the following location:
[conf]/server.conf (Linux)
[conf]\server.conf (Windows)
Note: Refer to File System Layout for the location of MailArchiva's configuration directories.


  1. Search for lines containing security.login.master.password and security.login.master.username and delete them.
  2. Furthermore, it is a good idea to disable NTLM authentication by setting "authentication.ntlm.sso=no".
  3. After saving the file, restart the MailArchiva service
  4. It should now be possible to login as "admin", "admin" (the default master login password).
  5. Once you have logged in, goto Configuration->Logins and submit a new master password.

NTLM Authentication Failure

Please do not enable NTLM authentication without reading the Administration Guide first!

When troubleshooting NTLM authentication problems, it is possible to login using the normal form based on login by entering the direct URL to the form login page:


After typing this URL in the browser,  the standard MailArchiva login prompt will appear.


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