Ejected Volume

A Volume has an ejected status if MailArchiva cannot access a file called volumeinfo at the root of the store path. There are three main reasons why MailArchiva may not be able to access the volumeinfo file at the root of the store path:

Inaccessible Drive

The volume store resides on a remote drive that is inaccessible or dismounted. In this case, reconnect the remote drive to the network / USB port. Make sure it is accessible from the file system. Mount, if necessary.

Insufficient Permissions

MailArchiva server runs under an account with insufficient permission to read/write from the store. Resolution: Make sure that the MailArchiva Service is running under an account with sufficient privileges to read/write from the store (esp. if you are storing data in a remote NAS/SAN). Note: A LOCAL ADMIN account may not be sufficient if you are accessing a remote path. Try setting up the MailArchiva service to run under a Domain Admin account to see if it resolves the problem.

Volumeinfo File Missing

There is a file called volumeinfo in the store path of every volume. This file may be missing or corrupted. In this case, the fix is to recreate the volumeinfo file or copy and modify one from another store.

The volume info file contains the following:

# Archiva 2.3.7 Volume Information
# note: this file is crucial - do not delete it!


To recreate the volumeinfo file, open it using a text editor such as WordPad or Vim. Paste in the above and change the id to something different - i.e. unique. For instance, change the ID so that it is unique in relation to all other volumes (e.g. 4d064927-4fc9-417b-a5f9-3d71b8ac48a3). Change the status to the desired status, either ACTIVE or CLOSED. The created date should be the earliest possible date when data was first archived. Closed volume will also have a closed date. This is the time the volume was closed.The created and closed dates are used to determine whether to search a particular volume based on before and after search dates. Thus, if you are unsure, choose an early ceated date and set the closed date to the current date (if closed). Once you have changed the volumeinfo file, save it. If you alter the ID, the volume must be reindexed.

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