Lost Volume Encryption Password

The volume/store encryption password is used for the purposes of encrypting data in the archive. It is set during the setup wizard when the product is first installed, and is not changeable thereafter. It is imperative not to forget or lose the encryption password, since it is not possible to recover it in the event that it is forgotten. The reason being, for security reasons, it is stored as a one-way hash.


Especially in the event that the volume encryption password is forgotten, be sure to backup the main server configuration file, server.conf, in C:\ProgamData\MailArchiva\ROOT/conf or /etc/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT to a safe place. If the server.conf is lost, the data inside the volume store will be forever lost. It is still possible to run the software without knowing the encryption password provided server.conf is backed up. Since setting up HTTPS requires knowledge of the volume encryption password, if it is forgotten, to enable TLS, as an alternative method, configure Apache or Nginx proxy to manage the TLS connection.


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