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Need To Know About MailArchiva's Licensing Policies? Refer to On-Premise Licensing for more information.


How To Install License Refer to Install License for the procedure on how to install a license file.


Effects of an invalid license


When a license is deemed by MailArchiva as invalid, archiving will occur normally although certain features (for example, search) will be disabled.




When a license is invalid, a reason will usually be given. To establish the reason, click Configuration->About. Below, the invalid license should provide a clue as to why it is invalid. If not, click Status-Alerts. An alert should be outlined with the exact reason why the license is invalid.


If that does not help, be advised the server performs license checks soon after it is started. When the server has completed the license checks, the reason why the license is determined to be invalid will be outputted in the debug log file. Thus to proceed, delete the debug.log file in Configuration->Logs, set the log level to Troubleshoot, restart the server. After the server has started, examine the trace information outputted in the debug.log file. A detailed reason why the license check fails will be outlined in the log.


License signature invalid


Invalid License Reason: Signature check failed. 


A License file is tied to specific end-customer and major release of MailArchiva. When performing a major version upgrade (for example, from MailArchiva V6 to MailArchiva V7), a new license file for the new major release must be obtained and installed. A new license file is typically not required for minor version updates (for example, MailArchiva V7.0 to MailArchiva V7.1). The signature check will also fail and a license is deemed invalid if the license file content is modified.


Resolution: Obtain the correct license file for the product you are using and ensure that the license file has not been modified during transit.


License expired


Invalid License Reason: expired license


If using MailArchiva On Premise, an expired license means that the license is a temporary license. It has a time restriction on it.


Resolution: Contact MailArchiva sales to obtain a permanent license.


ISP Edition Users: If the ISP Edition software is configured correctly, licenses pertaining to instances under management should never expire assuming all outstanding invoices are paid. This is due to the fact that the ISP Edition product will automatically license all the instances it manages. If the licenses are expiring, it can mean that the ISP Edition software is unable to sync with its instances. Please refer to Sync Failure for more information.


No mailboxes exceeded


Invalid License Reason: No mailboxes exceeded


If the number of mailboxes stipulated in the MailArchiva On Premise license is exceeded, the license will become invalid. To determine which licenses are being used by the system, check the license counts outputted in a file called license_count.txt accessible from Configuration->Logs.




a) Delete all bogus mailboxes


 If confident that the purchased number of mailboxes should be within the purchased limit:


  1. Examine the license_count.txt file (location revealed above) to see which mailboxes are included in the license count
  2. Perform a search for each bogus mailbox in the MailArchiva search interface
  3. Delete all emails associated with the bogus mailboxes

For example, to search for a mailbox, enter anyaddress:"printer101" in the search box. This should display all emails with the name "printer101". Thereafter, select all emails returned from the search results by click Select All, then click Delete to proceed with the deletion. It is possible define an archive rule in Configuration->Archive, to ensure that no emails from printer101 are archived.


It may take up to 24 hours before MailArchiva's licensing engine will recognize that mailboxes have been removed. To speed up the process, restart the MailArchiva server.


b) No more mailboxes


The license may have run out of mailboxes. It is necessary to extend the license by purchasing additional mailboxes. Do this by logging in the MailArchiva website, click Licenses, select the License, type the number of mailboxes needed (in total - inclusive of old mailboxes) and click the Extend button. Complete the purchase process.


 Search index corrupted


Invalid License Reason: exception occurred while conducting a license check. Volume index was corrupted.


Oddly enough, a corrupted search index may lead to an invalid license. The reason is that to determine whether a license is valid or not, MailArchiva searches the index

to check the mailbox counts. 


Resolution: Identify the volume with the corrupted search index. Stop the server and delete the contents of the volume index directory (not the store directory!). Thereafter, start the server. In Configuration->Volumes, reindex the volume.


Out Of memory


Invalid License Reason: an exception occurred while conducting a license check. GCC overhead exceeded or Out Of Memory.


When the server determines whether a license is valid or not, it performs a search across all volumes to perform mailbox counts. If your volumes are large and there is little free RAM available to the server, the server may run out of memory. In this case, the license check will fail. 


Resolution: Increase the amount of RAM available to MailArchiva. Refer to OutOfMemory.


Invalid license for 19 or fewer mailboxes


Please try the following resolution:

1) Upgrade your software to the latest version
2) Check if a license.lic file is present in /etc/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT or C:\ProgramData\MailArchiva\ROOT\conf and if so, delete the file.
3) Restart the MailArchiva service


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