How To Submit A Problem Report


If you wish to report a fault with MailArchiva, kindly send the following information to


  • Server version
  • Clear and accurate description of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Hardware and software environment
  • Any special considerations
  • Logging information


Logging Information


a) If your problem is not easily reproducible:


 Send a file called debug.log (compressed) to The debug.log file is accessible from Configuration->Logs in the Server Console.


b) If your problem is reproducible


Delete the debug.log file using the Delete button in Configuration->Logs. Set the log level to Troubleshoot. Reproduce behaviour. Send us a copy of your debug.log file (compressed) to


c) For all authentication related concerns:


Set the Log Level to Troubleshoot in Configuration->Logs. Restart the MailArchiva server. Perform a test login. Send us a copy of your debug.log file (compressed) to


If you are unable start or access the Server Console, the debug.log file can be obtained from File System Layout.


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