NTLM Authentication Failure

Rapid Flickering Occurs: When accessing the web interface from the browser, if the browser quickly rotates between "detect screen resolution" and another page, it means NTLM SSO is not configured correctly. To login to the console, enter the URL http://localhost:8090/signonform.do directly in the browser. Login and follow NTLM configuration steps.


Restart Required!


After NTLM SSO has been configured for the first time, it is necessary to restart the MailArchiva server and close down all browser sessions. Try restarting the MailArchiva server and your browser session.


Active Directory Authentication Error

Using Internet Explorer, try logging into Active Directory using the standard MailArchiva login page. To do this, enter the equivalent of http://localhost:8090/signonform.do in the Internet Explorer URL prompt. Enter exactly the same credentials as the user who is currently logged into Windows. If unable to authenticate, Active Directory authentication may not be setup correctly for the user in question. In particular, there may not be a role defined in MailArchiva for the user that is currently logged into Windows. In this case, create a role assignment in Configuration->Logins for this user.


Full Qualified Domain Name Not Specified

When performing NTLM SSO authentication, it is necessary to specify a fully qualified domain name and not localhost. For example, SSO authentication will not work when specifying "http://localhost:8090". Rather, use a fully qualified domain name such as "http://mailarchiva.company.com:8090".

FQDN Not Added to Internet Explorer Local Intranet Zone

The fully qualified domain name of the MailArchiva server must be added to Internet Explorer's Local Intranet Zone. This action ensures that your MailArchiva instance is a trusted site.


Locked Out

To circumvent SSO authentication, login directly using the following URL:



Alternatively, edit your server.conf in the configuration path (see File System Layout) as follows:




Outlook URL: The URL for Outlook is http://localhost:8090/outlook.do



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