Microsoft Exchange Stubbing

There are a few prerequisites that need to be in place before stubbing will work:


  1. Active Directory authentication must be configured and working (see Admin Guide)
  2. NTLM v2 authentication must be enabled and functioning (see Admin Guide)
  3. A test mailbox in Exchange should be created and contain a few random emails for test purposes
  4. Those same test emails must be present in MailArchiva through the standard journalling process


Hard rule #1: No email will be stubbed if it is not present in the archive

Hard rule #2: No email will be stubbed if the sent date is newer than 60 days


The two rules above are for safety purposes.

When you perform a test stub, it ignores the 60 day rule (to give you a chance to evaluate), however, rule #1 above still applies. Therefore, the messages you are stubbing must already exist in the archive.

If the test stub procedure fails, you may need to try both with TLS enabled and disabled. Also, when performing a test stub please use the full user principal name "" and not just the username.





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