Volume Inaccessible

Note: If there are positive doc counts in Configuration->Volumes, the source of the problem may due to settings that affect the visibility of emails. Refer to Visibility Incorrect for more info.


Note: If MailArchiva has recently been moved from another server, ensure that the Move Server instructions were followed.


Wrong Index Format


When upgrading from V2 to V3/V4, it is necessary to reindex all volumes due to a change in index format. To reindex the volumes, login to the console, click Configuration->Volumes, and then the Reindex button at the top.


Note: Reindexing old volumes may take a day or so to complete (several days on large volumes!). Therefore, be sure it is necessary to reindex before doing so...


Note: It is not necessary to reindex volumes when moving from V3 to V4, only from V2 to V3/V4.


Wrong Encryption Key


Assuming MailArchiva was recently moved to a new server, it is possible that a different encryption password was set on the new server. Assuming this is the case, the new MailArchiva server will be unable to read volumes created by the old server. When volumes are reindexed on the new server, "Not in GZIP format" errors will be outputted reindex and debug logs.


If no new emails have been archived on the new server, its best to rollback the setup of the new server, and follow the Move Server instructions. These instructions show you how to copy over the server configuration (server.conf file) from the old server to the new server. If data has been written to the new server, then it may be necessary to Reencrypt the volumes that were encrypted using a different key.


Overlapping Volume ID's


Note: This issue is unlikely to occur in 2015 and beyond, since most people are running newer versions of MailArchiva. It is included here for completeness.


If an error such as 'Failed to retrieve the requested message..." appears when clicking on a message, one of the following could be the cause:

  1. The messages are on an external network device and they cannot be accessed
  2. There are overlapping volume id's, due to a bug in early version of mailarchiva

To solve 2) edit a file called "volumeinfo" in the store directory of each volume and make sure that each volume id is unique. if they are not, change one character in the id of an overlapping volume, restart the MailArchiva server, login to the MailArchiva console, click Configuration->Volumes, then click the Reindex button.

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