Volume rollover failure


Insufficient privileges


Error: failed to active volume:there insufficient read/write/delete permissions on volume store/index


Diagnosis: When MailArchiva performs a rollover, it must create a directory for the volume index and store path. After creating each directory, it checks if the path exists, is writeable, is readable, and whether its usable space has at least 52428800 bytes (i.e. 52,4288 MB). The error above will be outputted if any of these conditions are not met.


Resolution: Check the read/write permissions on all parent directories pertaining to the volume store/index path to ensure that the MailArchiva process has sufficient read/write access. Ensure that the operating system umask is set to a value that will make the newly created directories both readable and writeable. Ensure there is sufficient disk space available on the volume store/index path.

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