IMAP Journal Connection Failed


Microsoft 365 (i.e. Office 365) IMAP plaintext auth disabled


As of 1 October 2022, Microsoft deprecated plaintext IMAP authentication on the Microsoft 365 platform. Thus, to continue to use IMAP to retrieve journaling traffic, it is necessary to setup OAUTH authentication in MailArchiva by upgrading MailArchiva to V8.11.13 or higher and referring to these additional steps.  In particular, steps A, B, C1, D1 and E1 under the heading MailArchiva On-Premise Setup.   


Microsoft will randomly disable Basic authentication up until the 31st of December 2022. In the interim if Basic Authentication has been disabled on your tenant it can be re-enabled following the following steps. How to temporarily re-enable IMAP plaintext auth in Microsoft 365. 
  1. Login as azure administrator
  2. Click link:
  3. Click Run Tests
  4. Select IMAP, click check box, click update




IMAP OAuth requires steps A, B, C1, D1 and E1 to be completed as indicated in the Microsoft 365 MailArchiva On-Premise Setup


 In Step D1, note where it explicitly states "Open Enterprise Applications (not App registration!).". A common mistake is to use the Object Id from the Azure application registration screen. This is wrong! The Object Id must be taken from the application in the Azure Enterprise Applications section (different from Azure App Registration!). To correct, delete the service principal and create it with the correct object ID.


Connection <token> is either not enabled or no longer exists


Ensure the Microsoft 365 (i.e. Office 365) connection (selected as the token) is enabled.


Microsoft IMAP service not started

On the MailArchiva box, drop to the command prompt and type:


telnet 143

If no response, it could mean that IMAP service is not started.

Resolution: Start the Microsoft IMAP Service from the Windows Services applet. To accomplish this, on the Exchange server, click Windows Start menu, Run, type "services.msc". Locate and start the Microsoft IMAP Service.

Firewall / networking issue

There is a firewall or networking issue blocking the communications between MailArchiva and Exchange on port 143.

On the MailArchiva box, drop to the command prompt and type:


telnet 143

If there is no response, it could mean there is a networking issue or firewall blocking the communications.

Resolution: Check the firewall settings to ensure that communication on port 143 is allowed.

No such login method

When testing the Journal Account Connection, the error "No Such Login Method" is outputted.

Resolution: Configure the Microsoft Exchange IMAP server to accept the integrated authentication method. In Exchange 2007, the IMAP server settings are accessible from the Exchange Management Console in Server Configuration > Client Access > IMAP4 > Properties -> Authenticaton tab.

See here for instructions on how to configure IMAP on Exchange 2007:


Journal account problems

In Active Directory, ensure that the journal user account is:


  • not disabled
  • Password has not expired
  • Force password change is off

Journal Account Full (>20,000 emails)

 If there are too many messages (>20,000) in the journal account, Exchange may not be able to cope with the load and may be unable to respond to MailArchiva's IMAP client. The only solution here is to create and configure a new journal account. Use MailArchiva's import feature to import mail from the old journal account.


Connection mode incorrect

Ensure that MailArchiva is configured to connect to the Microsoft IMAP Service using a supported connection mode (e.g. plaintext, TLS, no TLS). The connection modes must match on both sides.








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