Cannot Reindex


Reindex stopping / crashing


More than likely, there is not enough heap space or virtual memory available for the MailArchiva process.


Refer to Out of Memory and Memory Settings for details on how to allocate more heap space and/or virtual memory. 


Corrupted indexes


The doc count in Status->Volume may be zero or a usually low number, after reindexing. In this case, the affected volume may have already had a corrupted index before the volumes were reindexed. Thus, the server is having trouble reindexing the volumes. To resolve, for all affected volumes:


  1. Take note of their index directory locations in Configuration->Volumes
  2. stop the server
  3. From Explorer or file system, delete the contents of the index directories
  4. Start the server
  5. Reindex affected volumes


Incorrect encryption password


If recently migrated servers or copied volume data from another location, the imported volumes may be encrypted using a different password. In this case, refer to mount unreadable volume for details on how to mount a volume encrypted using a different key.


Missing data after reindex


Data could be missing from the index due to one of the following conditions:

  • The reindex process wasn't completed successfully. Perhaps the process stopped before it was completed?
  • The reindex process was interrupted due to insufficient heap space.
  • While the server was busy reindexing, the storage containing volume index or store data was inaccessible for a period.
  • If the store data was recently copied from another server, perhaps a complete and intact copy of the volume store data wasn't transferred?
  • The original index contained more items that were actually present in the volume store. This can happen if a retention rule deletes emails in the store, but not from the indexes themselves. Alternatively, email data in the volume store path could have been deleted from the file system while associated index data still resides in indexes.
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