On Premise Licensing

Invalid License? If an alert appears stating that your license is invalid, refer to License Troubleshooting for further instructions.


How To Install License Refer to Install License for procedure on how to install a license file.


Pricing Model


The product is priced on a per mailbox basis. The larger the number of mailboxes, the lower the price per mailbox. The license price applies to a specific major version of the product and is once off, one-time fee. The only recurring fee is the support fee. The support fee is mandatory in the first year, and optional thereafter. For instant pricing information (for less than 500 mailboxes), refer to https://stimulussoft.com/registerquote or email us.


30 Day Trial


The MailArchiva On Premise product includes a 30-day trial. The trial period offers the opportunity to evaluate the product before making any commitment.


Mailbox Count Calculation


When performing a license check, MailArchiva will attempt to ascertain the number of mailboxes in the organization. If a connection to Active Directory or Azure is available, it will obtain the mailbox count directly from there. If a connection to AD or Azure is not available, the count is extrapolated by examining the emails in the archive according to a formula described further below.


Obtaining Mailbox Count From Active Directory / Azure


If an Active Directory / Azure connection is available, MailArchiva will attempt to obtain the mailbox count from there.


The following  LDAP query is executed to obtain the mailbox count from Active Directory:




Extrapolating Mailbox Count From Archive


In the event that an Active Directory or Azure connection is not available, MailArchiva will attempt to extrapolate the count from the emails in the archive. For this purpose, a "mailbox" in MailArchiva is defined as a unique local address (excluding the domain part). Assuming there are two local domains, company.com and offshorecompany.com, the email addresses joe@company.com and joe@offshorecompany.com, will be counted as one mailbox since the domain part is excluded. In an attempt to eliminate aliases, a mailbox is generally (though not necessarily) counted if there are at least ten emails both sent and received on that box.


In addition, common mailboxes like postmaster, root, etc. are ignored. To accommodate companies with high turnover rates, any mailboxes that are dormant for more than a year are not counted (i.e. no emails have been sent for more than a year). Dormant mailboxes may still reside in the archive and are fully searchable.


If mail is imported into the system, it will be included in the mailbox count calculation. If it is sent inside of a year, outside of a year, it will not. For example, imported mail corresponding with an employee that left two years prior will not be counted. However, mail imported from an employee that left six months ago would.




To verify the number of mailboxes required by the system, after some time of archiving, view the contents of a file called license_count.txt in Configuration->Logs. Since the count in this file is variable and subject to change, it is advisable to order at least the same number of mailboxes as configured in your mail server.


Excluding Mailboxes From The Count


At this time it is not possible to exclude certain mailboxes from licensing by archiving a subset of mailboxes. The reason being, MailArchiva does not work in the same way as a mail server. Unlike a mail server, it does not store user mail separately in individual mailboxes. Thus, if one creates an archiving rule that specifies not to archive emails addressed to a particular sender or recipient, the rule will likely inadvertently ignore emails pertaining to the mailboxes that you wish to keep.

To illustrate:

You want to keep Joe's emails
You don't want to keep Peter's email

Possible Solution: Create an archiving rule to ignore emails with recipient Peter.

Result: Joe sends an email to Peter. When the archiving rule is applied, the system will not archive mail with the recipient, Peter. However, since mail is not stored in separate mailboxes, Joe would not be able to view the email that he sent to Peter (since it would not have been archived). If this side effect is acceptable, then an archiving rule can be created as follows:


Considering the above, in most cases, one needs to order the number of mailboxes in active use by the mail server.

How Many Mailboxes To Order


The general rule is to order, at minimum, the same number of mailboxes as is defined in connected mail servers. In addition, it is prudent to order a few additional mailboxes  to accommodate for growth over the period of a year. After the license is issued, a license may be extended to include additional mailboxes. However, it is always cheaper to purchase all mailboxes upfront.


Exceeded Count

When the mailbox count is exceeded, an alert will be generated and sent to the administrator.   Due to the way in which the product works, it is not possible to provide full service to certain mailboxes, and deny service to the mailboxes that have been added since the original purchase. If the mailbox count is exceeded, the server will enter a restricted mode (applicable for all users) whereby many features such as email export, sending, etc. will be disabled. In addition, if more than one SMTP listener or IMAP connection is defined, the additional listeners/connectors will be automatically disabled.


License Extension


At any stage, a license may be extended to cover additional mailboxes. This can be done by logging into the MailArchiva website, clicking on your license, entering the desired number of mailboxes and clicking Extend. If it's easier for you, contact our accounts or sales team with the number of additional mailboxes you require.


Support Contracts


A commercial support contract comes with email and telephone tech support, automatic product updates and version upgrades. When purchasing the product, a support certificate will be issued. When calling the support line, quote the number on the certificate before obtaining assistance. A valid support contract entitles one to download any version of MailArchiva released during the support period, and not any version released after the support contract expired. 

Since MailArchiva support contracts are inclusive of major version upgrades, all support renewals start from the last date of support contract expiry. If the renewal is more than four months late, a late charge is levied.


Starter License (<=9 Mailboxes)


The full featured commercial-grade MailArchiva On Premise product is free to use for companies with nine or fewer mailboxes provided no commercial support is needed. In the free tier, it is not necessary to install a license file. All features are automatically enabled. If this applies to your situation,  simply download the product now. If a customer requires a license for twenty mailboxes, then all twenty licenses must be purchased. Furthermore, there is no free tier available for MailArchiva Cloud.


For obvious reasons, commercial support is not provided to free users of the product. Support queries must be directed to the support forum. We will try our best to respond within a reasonable timeframe. However, understandably, since you haven't paid for the product, we are under no obligation to do so! If commercial product support is needed, it is necessary to purchase a ten user license. Furthermore, assuming your system goes over the free mailbox limit, you'll still need to pay for the full mailbox count (i.e. including the nineteen mailboxes that were previously free).

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