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MailArchiva is an email archiving server designed to make the storage and retrieval of long-term email data as convenient as possible.


Depending on company policy, not all of the functions listed below may be available.


Feature Description
Search Finding and retrieving emails
Folder View Using the folder view
Query Syntax Building queries using MailArchiva's powerful query language
Search Fields Outline of search fields used in constructing queries
Search Actions Performing various actions (e.g. export of data) based on search results
Similar Search Find similar documents and attachments
Save Search Save searches and recall them when needed
Auto Search Send search results to your inbox at regular intervals
Save Search Results Save search results list to CSV format
Predictive Coding Identifying relevant documents using machine learning algorithms
Tagging Associate emails with a tag and recall them at a later stage.
Hold Prevent emails from being deleted by retention policies
Export Export / Generate comprehensive reports in PDF format
Send Send emails back to your inbox
Delete Delete emails from the archive (usually not permitted)
Social Charts Graph the structure of communications associated with a search query
Message Threading View message conversation threads
Email Authenticity Report Obtain insights into the authenticity of email data


Refer to e-Discovery Tasks, for helpful information on how to perform common e-Discovery tasks.


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