Social Chart


The Social Chart feature graphically depicts the structure of communication associated with a given search query.



What Are Social Chart's Used For?

There are a wide variety of use-cases, some of which include:


  • Obtaining a birds' eye view of the structure of communications when fulfilling record requests
  • Understanding the social networks inside a company
  • Determining who the real influencers are
  • Assessing the impact of company restructuring
  • Determining if firewalls between individuals / departments / companies are being respected
  • Ensuring that a company maintains adequate relationships with suppliers / clients
  • Verifying whether team members are in fact communicating with each other
  • Analyzing the flow of communications between departments and business units

Drawing a Social Chart


To draw a social chart:


  1. Perform a typical search query (as one does normally)
  2. Select the emails to be included as the source data. Click Select by Page or Select All to select multiple emails.
  3. Click the Social Chart button on the Search Toolbar. Wait a few moments for the Chart to draw.
Note: Be sure not to select too many emails, otherwise, the chart will take a long time to calculate/draw and it will be difficult to make sense of due to the large number of verticies and edges.


Email addresses are plotted on the vertices of the chart. The bigger the vertex, the more influence the user is deemed to have. The edges illustrate the connections between users.  The thickness of an edge is indicative of the strength of the connection. A thicker line, indicates a higher level of email communication flowing between two parties.


MailArchiva's spacing algorithm tries to automatically arrange the chart for ideal viewing. However, it is possible to rearrange the positioning of the vertices by dragging the circle next to each vertex. To view statistical data about a particular vertex, click on the email address of the user.

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