Folder View

The folder view is visible in the main search interface (accessible from Search at the top menu). Folder information is presented only if imported or synchronized data includes such information.

MailArchiva records folder state changes over time. By default, the folder view is set to the current time. Click the calendar icon at the top right to see the folder view as it was at a different time.


Type the name of a mailbox in the Filter field (found at the bottom) to find a mailbox. Right click a mailbox or folder in the view, to access the mailbox's context menu.

The following context menu options are available:

  • Export Data - Export all data associated with a mailbox. This is just a handy short-cut to export all mailbox data. It has the added advantage that folder structure information is preserved when exporting to PST.
  • Delete - Delete the item from the folder view. This action does not delete any actual data from the archive. Once the item is removed, it cannot be restored.
  • Rename - Change the folder name.
  • Hide/Show - Marks the folder as invisible or not. This option may be used to clean up the tree view so that unwanted items are not visible.
  • Hide hidden / Show hidden - To view or hide hidden items.
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