The export option allows one to export email data to EML, MSG, PST, MBOX, PDF or TIFF formats. Options for exporting both the original email and journal envelope are available. The PDF export option is frequently used when responding to formal records requests. It offers the ability to include attachment content.


To export emails:

  1. From the Configuration->Search interface, perform a search containing the desired emails that need to be exported
  2. Select the emails to be exported by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes in the search results.
  3. Click the Export button in the Search Toolbar
  4. Choose from the list of format options 
  5. Click Export
  6. The Export task will appear in the Tasks menu
  7. When the export is complete, the file can be downloaded from the Tasks menu.
Export Limit: Ensure the Export limit set in Configuration->Search is high enough for your needs. If the export limit specified in Configuration->Search is exceeded, fewer results than selected may be exported. This by design. To change the Export Limit, edit the limit in Configuration->Search, logout and log back in.


Max Selection Limit: The Select All button in the search interface can be used to select a large number of emails. By default, a limited number of emails can be selected at any one time (100,000). The Max Selection Limit can be changed in Configuration->Search. After changing the limit, it may be necessary to logout for the changes to take effect.


Archive Export: The export function accessible from search interface is not designed for purposes of exporting an entire archive. If the intention is to export an entire archive to another system, rather use the administrative Export function accessible from Configuration->Volumes.


Available Export Formats


The following export formats are available:

  • EML Format - Save the original email in .EML (RFC2822) format. The email can be imported into most email clients. If multiple emails are selected, the .EML files will be returned in .ZIP file along with a searchable index of all files, accessible using a browser.
  • PST - Save to PST file. Folder structures are preserved.
  • MBOX - Export to MBOX format.
  • MSG - Save to Microsoft MSG format.
  • TIFF - Save to TIFF image format.
  • CSV - Save search results to CSV format.
  • HTML - Save search results to HTML format.


Envelope Options


  • Original - Exported emails are stripped from their journal envelopes (as applicable).
  • Envelope - Export data includes the entire journal envelope (as applicable) along with the original email as an attachment.


Header Options


  • Basic Headers - Minimal headers consisting of from, to, cc, bcc, sent date and subject line.
  • More Headers - In addition to basic header info, it includes fields such as message size, message id, priority and received date.
  • Comprehensive Headers - In addition to more header info, it includes advanced headers such as return path, delivered-to, x-original-to, received, etc.
  • Full Headers- Includes all known header info


Additional Options


  • Include conversation threads - Include not only selected emails, but all those that are linked to the selected emails via conversation thread.
  • Include attachments (PDF export only) - Render attachment content in the exported PDF. Most common file formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) are supported.
  • Include email authenticity report - Outputs a report containing DKIM, ARC and S/MIME digital signature check results. See Email Authenticity Report for more info.


Bulk Volume Data Export: The email export function accessible from the search page is not intended for exporting millions of messages. To export data en bulk, please use the export function accessible from Configuration->Volumes.


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