Search Actions

After performing a search query, the Search Toolbar is displayed. 



Most of the buttons in the Search Toolbar require one to select the desired emails to which the operation must be applied. To select emails in the search results, simply click on the checkboxes corresponding with each row. Thereafter, click on the desired action in the Search Toolbar.


The table below lists all available Search Actions. Click on the links below to find out more about how to use each action.


Function Description
Select All Select all emails in the search results.
DeSelect All De-select all emails in the search results
Tag Tag all selected emails
Print Print all selected emails
Export Save/Export all selected emails to a wide variety of formats
Save Results Save search results to .CSV format
Send Send/Replay messages to a specified email address
Delete Delete messages
Hold Mark specific messages as never to be deleted
Auto Search Perform automatic (unattended) searches
Similar Find a similar email
Predict Model Predictive coding


Note: Depending on the way the system is setup, not all of the above functions may be available to you.
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