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MailArchiva indexes as much information about a message as possible. This information is grouped into the fields listed below. For example, if one wants to search for the word "apple" in the body of an email, simply choose the "body" field in the Query Builder and enter "apple". Alternatively, enter "body:apple" (without the quotes) in the search box. The fields listed below are used in the formulation of search queries.


Field Name Descriptions Value Example
default* default search {to+from+cc+bcc+subject+deliveredto+
string legal
all all fields string apple
allrecipients all recipient fields (to+cc+bcc+journalrecipients) all
allsenders all sender fields (from+sender+journalsenders) email address
anyaddress all recipient or sender addresses (excluding mailfrom, rcptto) email address
anydate sent date, archive date and received date string [date ]  
archivedate date email was archived string [date ] 201101020849
attach whether there is attachment or not (1=yes, 0=no) string [1/0 ] 1
attachments attachment body contents string "good behaviour"
attachname attachment name filename ice23.jpbccg
bcc blind carbon copy recipients string
body message body contents string icecreccam
cc carbon copy recipient email address
deliveredto deliveredto field email address
flag flag field {deleted, seen,answered, flagged, recent, draft} string flagged
from from address email address
mailfrom mail from address from smtp handshake email address
journalto all recipients listed in to header in journal envelope email address
journalrecipients all recipients (to+from+cc+bcc) listed in journal envelope email address
journalsender senders listed in journal envelope email address
journalcc carbon copy recipients in ournal envelope email address
journalbcc blind carbon copy recipients in journal envelope email address
rcptto recipients in rcpto headers taken from SMTP / milter incoming connection email address
mailfrom from field in SMTP / milter incoming connection email address
messageid message id extracted from the message headers email address
volid id of the volume where the message is stored string 2823a34e3
uid unique id of the message in MailArchiva string 48e42fae4
memberof active directory user group string Marketing
selfmessage find all messages sent to self or not string [1 / 0] 1
hold find all messages barred from being deleted by retention rules string [1 / 0] 1
folder folder name string Sent Items

*default The default search field is the search field used when no search field is specified. For example, if you type "apple" in the search box without specifying a field name,MailArchiva will by default, search across  to, from, cc, bcc, subject, deliveredto, sender, recipient, rcptto, mailfrom, attachname, rcptto and mailfrom fields.

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