Standard Search


Use the search interface to perform powerful search queries on archived information. To begin, simply type a matching keyword and click the Search button.



Search Query Ideas


Objective Example
Find matching emails whose recipients contain
Find emails sent by
Search body of a message for a specific phrase body:"in the future we will all drive flying cars"
Search for subject containing space and not the phrase "space invaders" subject:space NOT subject:"space invaders"
Search inside attachments for one term or another attachments:(apple OR pear)
Search for an email whose attachment name contains two specific terms attachname:(orange AND banana)
Build complex search queries and using brackets ( ) for logical grouping AND attachments:(apple OR apear) NOT subject:spaceinvaders
Search for emails whose body contains credit card numbers body:(%visa% AND %mastercard% AND %amex%)
Search using regular expression all:/<6-9>{1}916?539?71?25/
Find encrypted emails %encrypted%
Find all emails to any domain not listed in the internal domains list (specified in Configuration->Domains)


Find all emails to any domain in the internal domains list (specified in Configuration->Domains)


Find messages sent to self selfmessage:1



Refer to Query Syntax, Search Fields and Search Macros for comprehensive information on MailArchiva's powerful query language.

Query Builder


Use the Query Builder to simply the process of constructing a query. To access the Query Builder and other search options, click the down arrow in the search box.

Query Builder

The use of the Query Builder is entirely optional and it has its limitations. For example, using the query builder, it is not possible to group terms using brackets.


Date Range


Select the after and before dates to choose a time period that is relevant to a particular search.




Choose a language to use for search purposes. Using this feature, it is possible to search for documents indexed in other languages,  even though the display language may be different. For example, the user interface may be in English, although using this feature, it is still possible to search for German documents.


Synonym Search


Check to match synonyms of search query keywords in the search results. For example, the query "all:dog", will match results whose fields contain the word "hound". MailArchiva uses the Wordnet database for synonym lookups.


Search Toolbar



The search toolbar enables one to perform functions such as printing emails, export emails to PDF, sending emails back to your email account. For a full description of the options available and how to use them,  refer to Search Actions.



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