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Zoho doesn't allow direct forwarding/archiving of mail to external sites. However, the instructions below are a workaround to its limitations and should work.


Step 1: Create a mailbox on Zoho for archiving

  1. Go to the Zoho admin panel.
  2. Create a user called mailarchiva@<your domain name on Zoho>.
  3. Repeat this step for all domains you want to enable archiving for.
  4. This step only needs to be done once per domain.

Step 2: Set up forwarding for incoming mail

  1. Go to the Zoho Admin Panel.
  2. Select the "Users" option and choose the user.
  3. In the "Mailbox Settings" tab, select "Email Forwarding".
  4. In the "Add email forwarding address" field, enter mailarchiva@<your domain name> and click "+".
  5. Verify the newly added email address.
  6. Repeat this step for all users whose mail needs to be archived.
  7. Remember to do this for new users added to the domain.

Step 3: Set up forwarding for outgoing mail

A) Create a Forwarding Rule:


  1. Go to the Zoho Admin Panel.
  2. Select "Mail Settings" -> "Email policies" -> "Forward Restrictions".
  3. Click "Create" and name the rule "Forwarding Rule for Mailarchiva".
  4. In the "Outgoing Email Policy" section, click the "+" icon next to "Email Forwarding Address".
  5. Select mailarchiva@<yourdomainname> by clicking the "Add" button next to the ID.
  6. Click "Proceed".


B) Create an Outgoing Policy:


  1. Select "Mail Settings" -> "Email policies" -> "Policies".
  2. Click "Create".
  3. In the "General" tab, name the policy "Mailarchiva Outgoing".
  4. In the "Restrictions" tab, select "Forward Restriction" and choose the rule created in the previous step.
  5. In the pop-up, click "Change".


C) Associate Users with the Policy:


  1. In the "Associated Users" tab, add all users for whom archiving should be enabled.
  2. Keep this list updated as new users are added to the domain.

Step 4: Set up an IMAP connection from MailArchiva to Zoho


  1. Log in to the MailArchiva console.
  2. Create an IMAP connection to the mailarchiva account on Zoho.
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