MailArchiva Configuration

  1. Click Configuration->Listeners.
  2. Select SMTP Listener in the drop down and then click the New Listener button.
  3. Check "Listen for incoming SMTP/Exchange traffic"
  4. Set the SMTP port to 25
  5. Click Save

Qmail Configuration

For this integration peice, you need to install the MailArchiva server on different machine to that of Qmail. Qmail TAP is used to forward emails to MailArchiva. See: http://www.inter7.com/?page=qmailtap for further information.


  1. From the commandline on the qmail server, type:
wget http://cr.yp.to/software/qmail-1.03.tar.gz
gunzip qmail-1.03.tar.gz
tar -xvf qmail-1.03.tar
wget http://www.inter7.com/qmailtap/qmail-tap.diff
patch -p0 < qmail-tap.diff
qmailctl stop
cd qmail-1.03
make man && make setup check
vi /var/qmail/control/taps

  1. In /var/qmail/control/taps, add the line:


  1. In /etc/hosts, add the line: mailarchiva.domain.com
(where is the IP address of the MailArchiva server)

  1. Start qmail:

qmailctl start
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