Kerio Config


  • Login to Kerio Administration Console
  • Click Archiving and Backup Menu
  • Select Enable email archiving
  • Under Action, check Archive to the remote email address
  • Enter the equivalent of as the destination email address. The FQDN must be resolvable to the MailArchiva server.


MailArchiva Config


  • Login to MailArchiva Console
  • Click Configuration menu at top
  • Under Listeners, create a new SMTP Listener
  • Set SMTP Listener port to 25, Save.
  • Verifyt 


Kerio has a bug which makes configuration a bit sub-optimal. Normal configuration without the Kerio bug would be to set up a separate domain within Kerio. For example "mailarchiva.local". Then activate "forwarding" for unknown users within that domain to the IP of your mailarchiva-server. As there are no users known within that domain, all mails sent to that domain will be forwarded.



Now under archiving and Backup you would actiate archiving and under "Action" you would activate "Archive to an external mail address". Target would be "info@mailarchiva.local". So all internal and external mails from your domain wold be copied to info@mailarchiva.local and would be directly forwarded to mailarchiva server. 



Kerio Bug

With that configuration, the global footer defined within the domain-config of Kerio will be added to any mail, whether sent internally from one user to another, or sent from an internal user to an external. Took us a while to explain the problem to Kerio, they know it for some months now, but still not fixed it in V. 7.1.1.

The WorkAround

  1. Define a mailbox within your normal mail-domain.
    For example "" and put that address as backup-target within kerio.
  2. In Mailarchiva set up a "Journal Mailbox" and use that fetcher to grab the mails from
    So all mails from the inbox of are grabbed by mailarchiva.
    After the mails are grabbed by the mailarchiva server, kerio moves them to the deleted mail folder of the account Either you set up a rule to delete them after some days, or you have to delete them manually from time to time there, depending on your mail volume.
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