Sun Messaging Server



  1. Click Configuration->Listeners.
  2. Select SMTP Listener in the drop down and then click the New Listener button.
  3. Check "Listen for incoming SMTP/Exchange traffic"
  4. Set the SMTP port to 25
  5. Click Save

Sun Messaging Server

1. Configure your DNS to point to the IP address of your MailArchiva server mailarchiva 2. Create a capture.sieve file in /opt/sun/comms/messaging/config

     require ["envelope"];
     if anyof (envelope :matches "from" "*",
     envelope :matches "to" "*")
     capture :message "";

3. Edit imta.cnf in /opt/sun/comms/messaging/config

Append sourcefilter file:IMTA_TABLE:capture.sieve to the channel that you want to archive mails, typically tcp_local, tcp_auth, and tcp_intranet.

4. Rebuild and restart Messaging dispatcher

$ /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/imsimta cnbuild
$ /opt/sun/comms/messaging/sbin/imsimta restart 

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