Mail Server Integration

The MailArchiva email archiving system can be configured to interoperate with a wide array of mail servers. As such, the configuration steps vary depending on the choice of mail server (see specific integration instructions for each mail server further down the page).

Supported Mail Servers


Some of the supported mail servers are shown the table below. Click the mail server link that corresponds with your server.


Mail Servers
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
IpSwitch iMail
Google Apps
Google Apps
Lotus Domino
Neon Insight
Oracle Messaging Server
Communigate Pro Communigate Pro
MailEnable MailEnable

Special Note: Mail Server not listed above? Do not dispair. Contact us! We may be able to help you!

Other Mail Servers / Integration Scenario's


In addition to the above, MailArchiva has been known to interoperate with many other mail servers. For example, a fair number of mail servers use the Postfix or Sendmail MTA's internally. An example of this is the Apple Mail Server, which uses Postfix as its internal MTA. In this case, the Postfix setup instructions may apply.


Generally speaking, there are two main integration approaches:

(a) Push - MailArchiva can be configured to receive incoming mail traffic via its listener interfaces (push)

(b) Pull - MailArchiva can be configured to actively retrieve mail from a mail server

The push method involves:


  1. Creating and enabling either an SMTP or Milter listener
  2. Configuring the mail server to forward traffic to MailArchiva

For example:

  1. Create an SMTP listener in MailArchiva to listen on port 25.
  2. Port forward port 25 on MailArchiva server to external ip address on edge of network.
  3. Edit domain record of your company domain. Create an A record on your domain to point to this external IP. For example mailarchiva -> external IP.
  4. Configure your mail server journaling/bcc/dual delivery function to journal to, where mailarchiva is A record, is your domain. archive@ is arbitrary and will be ignored by MailArchiva.


The pull method involves:


  1. Creating a new catch-all 'journal' mailbox on the mail server.
    This account is only used as a temporary storage area. Once MailArchiva retrieves mail from the journal account, it is immediately deleted from the account.
  2. Configuring the mail server to forward copies of all email traffic to the catch all "journal" account
  3. Enabling either IMAP or POP on the mail server
  4. Defining an IMAP / POP connection in MailArchiva to retrieve mail from the 'journal account' in the mail server


Can't get MailArchiva to archive emails? Refer to Archiving Stopped.

Integration Scenario's Not Currently Supported


  1. Read Only IMAP - When journaling using IMAP, MailArchiva requires read/write access to the IMAP account as the emails need to be deleted once they are processed.
  2. Individual IMAP Account - When journaling using IMAP, MailArchiva is designed to archive from a catch-all journal account where all mails are forwarded, not individual end-user IMAP accounts. The reason being, it is impractical as if any user where to change their password, it would need to be updated in MailArchiva.
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