MailArchiva Cloud to On Premise Exchange Setup



The following process describes MailArchiva Cloud to On Premise Exchange configuration:


  1. Open incoming ports 135, 389, 49670 and 49667 from your Exchange server to
  2. Setup Active Directory authentication

Please use the ADSetupWizard script to create the computer account in your AD server.


Extra steps (for Cloud to Exchange On Premise scenario)


in Active Directory settings:


  1. Disable DNS server lookups
  2. In server IP address, specify external IP address of your AD server
  3. In Active Directory Server Address specify fully qualified domain name of your Exchange server (must be actual machine name)


Please test AD authentication to ensure it is working before moving onto the next steps.


  1. Setup Impersonation -$exchange2013
  2. Setup Exchange Connection -$exchangeconnection
  3. Setup Journaling

a) In journaling rule, specify as journaling target.


Before kicking off an import, please inform us so we can track its progress on your behalf.

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