Network Ports

Common ports used by MailArchiva are as follows:

Port Direction Communicating Party Component Function
8090 / 443 Incoming Client workstation Web Console (e.g. http://localhost:8090/mailarchiva) Browser
8091 Incoming Mail server SMTP Archiving
8092 Incoming Mail server Milter Archiving
8009 Incoming Internal Tomcat AJP App server
8010 Incoming Internal Tomcat shutdown App server
389 Outgoing Active Directory DC / LDAP Server LDAP Active Directory & LDAP Auth
135 Outgoing Active Directory DC end point mapper (AD authentication) Active Directory auth
49670 Outgoing Active Directory DC netlogon service Active Directory auth
49667 Outgoing Active Directory DC lsarpc services Active Directory auth
443 Outgoing Client Access Server (CAS) Exchange web services Exchange import / sync
143 Outgoing Mail server IMAP Archiving
993 Outgoing Mail server IMAPv4/SSL Archiving
110 Outgoing Mail server POP Archiving  
995 Outgoing Mail server POP/SSL Archiving
80 / 443 Outgoing Mail server Google auth, Auto update, iMail auth Authentication
25 Outgoing Mail server SMTP client Send
9988 Incoming MailArchiva MailArchiva Used to detect whether there is another instance of MailArchiva running on the same machine
8005  Incoming MailArchiva Tomcat Catalina shutdown port
443 Outgoing Stimulus Software Business Services Auto update Software update only (no private/sensitive info is communicated)


Note: In response to  randsomware attacks and in accordance with recommendations from Microsoft, the use of SMB protocol for AD authentication was discontinued as version 5.2.0 and higher.


Port's 8090 (http), 8009 (ajp) and 8010 (shutdown) are modified in /opt/mailarchiva/server/conf/server.xml or C:\ProgramData\MailArchiva\Tomcat\conf\server.xml.


Port's 8090 (smtp) and 8091 (sendmail milter) are modified in the SMTP and Milter Listener Configuration in Configuration->Listeners.
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