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MailArchiva is capable of listening to and receiving incoming traffic sent from other servers. The following incoming listeners are currently available:


SMTP Listener

SMTP Listeners are typically used for receiving journaling mail traffic from mail servers. Many mail servers (for example: Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, etc.) have the ability to forward copies of all incoming, outgoing and internal mail to a third party server via the SMTP interface.

By creating and enabling an SMTP listener, MailArchiva will listen, receive and process SMTP traffic on a specified port. According to the rules defined in Routing, it will receive and then archive emails, or perhaps, forward them onto another server. To listen on a particular port, the bind port must be available.

SMTP Listener

Milter Listener

The Milter Listener is primarily used for receiving Milter protocol traffic from Sendmail, Postfix and derivative mail transfer agents (MTA's). To use this interface,  it is necessary to configure your Postfix or Sendmail mail server to forward Milter traffic to MailArchiva.

Milter Listener


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