Content Filtering

Content Filtering allows one to define an action to automatically perform in the event that emails containing specific content is encountered. Content Filtering rules are defined in Configuration->Content Filtering. When defining a rule, match criteria is specified along with an action to perform.


Currently, there are two available action types:

  1. Send notice to email addresses - When MailArchiva encounters an email containing matching content, it will forward a notification to the listed email addresses. This is useful in circumstances where auditors wish to be notified when emails containing specific key words are received.
  2. Label - Automatically associate a label to specific incoming emails. Labelled emails can be easily recalled in the search interface. This feature is often used to automatically associate specific incoming emails with an e-Discovery legal case.




The use of content filtering requires that custom routing is specified in Configuration->Routes. 
A route must be defined that includes the Content Filter step (as in the screenshot below).


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