The inbuilt backup facility ensures that a copy of all archived data is kept for backup purposes. MailArchiva offers the option to backup to a local mount point or network share drive, or alternatively to a remote object store. Once live backups are enabled, email data is backed up continously as it is received. Data received prior to the enabling of live backup will not be backed up unless a manual backup in Configuration->Volumes is initiated. 


Backup To Object Store


Enabling backup to an object store is as follows:


  1. Create and test an object store connection in Configuration->Connections.
  2. In Configuration->Backup, check backup to object storage.
  3. Select the object store client connection in the dropbox.
  4. Check the perform live backup check box. Save.

On receipt of data the data should be automatically backed up to the object storage location in a bucket whose name is equals to the ID of the backup volume.


Backup To Local HDD / Network Share


Enabling backup to a network share is as follows:


  1. Create a mount point on the OS.
  2. Uncheck backup to object storage.
  3. Enter the backup location on disk. /mnt/backup
  4. Check the perform live backup check box.

On receipt of data, MailArchiva will write a copy of the data to the path specified, along with the index.


Manual Backup


To initiate a manual backup of all data in a volume, ensure that live backup is enabled and configured as described above. Then, go to Configuration->Volumes, select the Backup drop down option next to the target volume. MailArchiva will iterate through all data in the volume, and copy it to the backup volume.


You are strongly advised to backup your volume store data to an external off site location. In accordance with the software license agreement, Stimulus Software will not be held liable for any loss of data.



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