Migrate Data


To migrate the data out of MailArchiva, the data can be exported in bulk in raw RFC822 format (.EML) from the MailArchiva web console in Configuration→Volumes. Click the Export button. Select the export format to RFC822, choose the directory where you want the data to be located, and click Export to proceed. 


Note: Before initiating a bulk export of data, it is recommended to upgrade the software to the latest point release as newer versions of the software may be faster and more efficient.


Export directly to S3 compatible object storage


If the intention is to move the data completely out of MailArchiva, mount an S3 bucket as a virtual file system and export directly to .EML format (not ZIP or tar.gz.) as per the above instruction.


Needless to say, the trouble with exporting data to a blob store without the involvement of a system like MailArchiva, is that the data will not be searchable. As an alternative, a volume could be created in MailArchiva referencing an external blob store. Create an S3 connection in Configuration→Connections. Go to Configuration→General→Archive, set volume store format to EXTERNAL. Save. Go to Configuration→Volumes, create a new volume, Save. Close the existing Active Volume. Select both volumes. Click the Merge button, choose the destination volume as the newly created external volume. MailArchiva will proceed to copy the data to the volume residing on S3 storage. 



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