Smtp Send Configuration


The following functions in MailArchiva require the ability to send out emails:


  1. Send - End-users can forward emails directly to their mailbox. The Send button is accessible from the main Search interface.
  2. Status Reports - System administrators may receive daily status reports.
  3. Alerts - System administratrator can receive system alerts (when the server is running out of disk space, for example)
  4. Auto Search - Users can receive search reports via email on a daily basis
  5. Content Filtering - Auditors can receive notifications when emails containing specific content are received

Not all of these functions may be needed in a given deployment, however at the very least, status reports should be enabled so that the system can be monitored for any irregularities. All the functions above require that an SMTP Client Connection is created in Configuration->Connections.


If the intention is to use the Send function above, the user specified in the SMTP Client Conneciton must be assigned the appropriate permissions to send on behalf of other users. For example, to do this in Microsoft Exchange, the following commands must be executed:


Add-ADPermission -Identity "MailArchiva" -User mailarchiva -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights "Send As"


Note: If you receive errors while Sending emails, kindly refer to the Send Failure troubleshooting article.
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