Search Settings

The Search Settings pertain mainly to the searching and retrieval of data. An explanation of each settings is provided below:



Setting Default Value Description
Max Selection  10,000 The default maximum no. of emails that can be selected at a time.
Initial sort order Descending Whether or not the search results ought to be sorted in descending/ascending order or left
unsorted. If searches are too slow, consider setting this value to unsorted.
Initial sort field Archive Date The initial field used for sorting purposes.
Default date type Sent Date The default date type to display in the search results.
Duplicate mode
Allow Duplicates
Should there be any duplicates present in the archive (which should normally not be the case),
the duplicates can be eliminated by setting the duplicate mode Show First.
Read index Once Per Search [TO BE CONFIRMED: This option is not relevant in V3]
Initial Date Range Infinite The default date range when the search page is loaded. Searching may be faster by limiting the
search results to the past three months. (see Volume Search Strategy below).
Volume Search Strategy All Volumes When setting this value to "By Create Date" and searching using archive date,
MailArchiva will search only volumes whose create date falls within the selected
search dates. Thus search performance should increase significantly by setting the initial date
range to "past three months" and choosing a volume search strategy of "By Create Date".
Allow searching using
archive date only
Yes The use of archive date is preferable from a performance standpoint as it allows MailArchiva
to ignore searching in volumes that don’t fall between specified date ranges. See Volume Search
Strategy above.
Search immediately with search page
is loaded
  If slow searching is experienced, uncheck this option to ensure that MailArchiva does not search
immediately when the search page is loaded. After applying this setting, it may be necessary to
logout for the changes to take effect.
Show message preview in
search results
Yes Show search highlighting in search results.
Export 10,000 The maximum no. of emails that can be exported at a time.
Delete 10,000 The maximum no. of emails that can be deleted at a time.
Send 10,000 The maximum no. of emails that can be sent at a time.
Show Tree View Never If importing emails from PST or using Exchange synchronization, MailArchiva will populate
the tree structure in the GUI. To make the tree view visible, select this option to Always. It may be
necessary to logout for changes to take effect.











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