MailArchiva Project Status


MailArchiva is a mature product, although currently still very much under active development. Hundreds of improvements were made in the past year alone. 


Some notable recent changes


  • Upgrade to Java 21 LTS - Upgrade architecture to integrate with Open JDK Java 21 LTS runtime.
  • Upgrade to Tomcat v10 - Upgrade application server to Tomcat 10.
  • Full support for Microsoft Office 365 Graph API. Synchronize folders, calendars, contacts with Office 365.
  • Greatly enhanced performance when archiving to S3-compatible & Blackblaze object stores (switched from Apache HttpClient to OK Http lib)
  • Improved localisation support. Custom date formats, select time-zone, updated translations in many languages
  • Many UI enhancements. Auto complete, column resizing and search-body tip.
  • Switch to Hibernate. Moved most data from Graph Database to SQL database for enhanced stability.
  • Externalize database. Graph and SQL databases can now be externalized for enhanced performance.
  • 2.0 REST API - REST API has been updated to 2.0. Now supports API key auth. REST documentation is accessible from the web-console.
  • TOTP 2FA - Replace SMS 2FA with TOTP 2 Factor authentication using a mobile app such as Google Authenticator.
  • Kotlin Coroutines - Improved performance of all MailArchiva processes (e.g. faster import & export)

What's new


What's New V9 - Major performance boost due to upgrade to Java 21 LTS and Tomcat 10

What's New V8 - Support for MS Graph API, improved localization, auto complete, externalized DB, 2.0 REST API, TOTP 2FA

What's New V7 - Modernized user interface, share tags, e-discovery chat, export tagged items, drag 'n drop import, etc.

What's New V6 - object stores, authenticity report, two factor authentication

What's New V4 - social charts, analytics, threading, task monitor, rest api, etc.

What's New V3 - query builder, tree view routing, new import options, etc.


Detailed Changelog


Refer to Changelog for the complete list of changes.

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