What's New V5


Export To PDF With Attachment Content


Finally! It is no longer necessary to print out attachments separately. When fulfilling a records request, it is now possible to include attachment content in PDF exports. MailArchiva automatically renders attachment content in the PDF export file. Most common file formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) are supported.



Predictive Coding


Predictive coding reduces the cost of e-Discovery by automating the process of finding relevant documents in and amongst a larger corpus of documents. Users first build a training set by identifying responsive (i.e. relevant) and non-responsive (non relevant) documents. Thereafter, advanced machine learning algorithms are used to predict further documents that might be relevant to the e-Discovery search.



Synonym Search


Exact keyword matching has its limitations. With synonym search, it is possible to match keywords with a similar meaning. For instance, when performing a keyword search using the word  "dog", documents containing the word "hound" will also appear in the search results.



Find Similar Document


Select multiple emails, and click the Find Similar button to find similar emails to selected ones. The Find Similar feature is useful when looking for emails that are closely related to one another. It achieves this by maximizing term frequency–inverse document frequency scores (tf*idf).



Find Similar Attachment


Drag a file of any common format (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) and drop on the search bar to find similar documents to the content of that file. It is based on same tf*idf engine of the Find Similar feature above.



Search For Unrecognized / Encrypted Documents



When performing a records request, it is useful to know exactly which documents are excluded from a result set due to the fact they are either encrypted or contain attachments of an unrecognized format. A simple search using the macros %encrypted% and %unrecognized% reveals all encrypted and unrecognized documents, respectively. 



Search Keyword Highlighting


After performing a search, the matching keywords are highlighted inside message body and attachment content. This usability feature draws the users attention to specific areas of a document for speedy review.



Drag 'n Drop Import


It is now possible to drag'n drop huge export files (>3GB) from the desktop right onto the import dialog for convenient and easy ingestion.



Soft Reindex


To ensure uninterrupted searching, existing indexes are no longer deleted at the start of the reindex process. Rather, they are updated so as to ensure that users can continue to obtain comprehensive search results throughout the reindexing process.


Quick Attachment Peek


Take a quick peek at the contents of an attachment, without the hassle of having to download and open using client software. At the click of a button, MailArchiva displays the content of attachment from within the MailArchiva console.



Analytics Enhancements


Analytics now outputs statistics on different attachment types. Shows outgoing and incoming percentage split between images, audio, text, video pdf, document, presentation, spreadsheet and other.


Export Entire Mailbox to PST


Right click user on tree view to export entire mailbox to PST.


GUI Enhancements


Icons have been added to the MailArchiva Console.


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