Our policy is to update MailArchiva on a regular basis.  Choose the important ones for you.
If ten mailboxes or higher, upgrading to V8.2 requires a license key and a valid support contract. To upgrade, visit the Business Services portal at to obtain your license key.
Important Note: If you are still using legacy V1 and V2 volume formats, it will be necessary to switch to V3 volume format since V1 and V2 volume formats are now marked as read-only. To switch the volume format, go to Configuration→General→Archive, select volume format to V3. Save. Visit Configuration→Volumes, create a new volume and close the existing Active one.


Upgrade Troubleshooting: If the server refuses to start or archive after upgrading, follow these upgrade troubleshooting steps.
IMPORTANT! If upgrading from v8/v7 to v9 and HTTP/S is configured for web console security, you will need to adjust your Tomcat settings as described in these upgrade troubleshooting steps. The reason being, MailArchiva V9 now embeds Tomcat 10 and its TLS connection configuration in server.xml has changed.


9.0.17 (26 March 2024)


[AR-3037] - PST export: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: arraycopy: last destination index


9.0.15 (19 March 2024)


[AR-3012] - EwsXmlReader cannot access class 

9.0.14 (15 March 2024)


[AR-3031] - JMX provide applications queue information
[AR-3035] - Add REST API function to delete multiple blobs


9.0.13 (13 March 2024)


[AR-3030] - smtp send: sometimes retry on 5xx return code
[AR-3033] - clarify invalid license notifications
[AR-3034] - out-of-memory processing word doc


9.0.12 (5 March 2024)


[AR-3025] - export: The request object has been recycled and is no longer associated with this facade
[AR-3026] - add domain verification failed notification
[AR-3027] - show cursor pointer on hover audit clickable entries
[AR-3028] - failed view blobs from audit log
[AR-3029] - SAML authentication broken due to token length constraint


9.0.11 (4 March 2024)
[AR-3022] - audit: only show changed configuration changes
[AR-3023] - audit: proper CSV formatting
[AR-3024] - audit: log on access change for basic auth
9.0.10 (27 Feb 2024)

[AR-3020] - create new volume NPE
[AR-3021] - cant view emails in V1 volumes


9.0.9 (21 Feb 2024)

[AR-3016] - body tip proper view
[AR-3017] - possible mount second ACTIVE volume
[AR-2594] - can't download log files
[AR-3015] - failed parse plain/text body
[AR-3018] - initial date range: before date shouldn't be set
[AR-3019] - PST import: database instance is not set in the current thread

9.0.8 (16 Feb 2024)
[AR-3014] Graph database thread pool starvation
9.07 (15 Feb 2024)
[AR-3007] - NoSuchFileException o365_cache
[AR-3008] - GraphNotificationProcessor noisy startup logging
[AR-3009] - multitenant: central restore queue Application.x()" is null
[AR-3010] - error indexing eml files within zip files
[AR-3011] - null ptr on IndexIndex.getDocCount()
9.0.6 (14 Feb 2024)
[AR-2998] - fix XSS vulnerability
[AR-3002] - can't login to central due processes issue
[AR-3004] - process restored queue blobs skip route
[AR-3005] - cannot see emails pertaining to all configured domains in basic authentication
[AR-3006] - notify no volumes available event
9.0.5 (9 Feb 2023)
[AR-3003] ODatabaseRecordThreadLocal.instance().set(db);
9.0.4 (7 Feb 2023)
[AR-2999] resynchronize o365 folder structures
[AR-3000] load bootstrap.conf from programdata->application data dir (backward compat)
9.0.3 (30 Jan 2023)

[AR-2877] - migrate from Java 8 to Java 21 (significant performance gain)
[AR-2971] - upgrade to Tomcat 10 (Jakarta)
[AR-2961] - REST API: Switch to OpenAPI 3.0 swagger definitions
[AR-2964] - Windows installer issues & improvements
[AR-2915] - Exchange shared mailboxes
[AR-2976] - switch milter to use Night Code jmilter
[AR-2953] - store blob missing from REST API
[AR-2996] - Jespa license reports as invalid (replaced!)
[AR-2902] - Druid database database consumes too much disk space
[AR-2942] - user menu rendered mangled on some chrome installs
[AR-2951] - BaseExportFile.createExportFile should return created file not path
[AR-2952] - MailarchivaPrincipal use Raw types
[AR-2955] - export from UI doesn't work
[AR-2957] - cannot view O365 imported message
[AR-2960] - MBox import: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 100000 out of bounds for length 100000
[AR-2962] - fail to renew Let's Encrypt certificate: Could not initialize class org.bouncycastle.operator.DefaultSignatureAlgorithmIdentifierFinder
[AR-2963] - search again after close view message tab
[AR-2973] - exchange sync: IllegalStateException: headers too large
[AR-2975] - press delete on task doesn't remove the process from the menu
[AR-2979] - can't view some messages on GUI
[AR-2980] - message view slow loading
[AR-2981] - failed to get data in GraphNotificationProcessor
[AR-2878] - druid upgrade to work with java9 and above
[AR-2949] - hibernate update
[AR-2954] - check if the auto update version is backward compatible with the current one
[AR-2958] - remove IMail server authentication
[AR-2959] - deprecate v0, v1, v2 formats
[AR-2965] - install in C:\Program Files not C:\Program Files (x96)
[AR-2966] - update procrun utilities for Java 21 & Tomcat 10 support
[AR-2968] - add specified service logon account
[AR-2969] - shutdown server on upgrade
[AR-2970] - service applet to load on start
8.12.24 (24 Jan 2023)
[AR-2982] - volume mount security check
8.12.23 (23 Jan 2023)
[AR-2973] - exchange sync: IllegalStateException: headers too large
[AR-2976] - switch milter to use night code jmilter
8.12.17 (7 Jan 2023)
[AR-2948] - performance enhancement: convert mailcapcommandmap synchronization to readwrite lock
[AR-2956] - cant view some messages imported from O365
[AR-2957] - cannot view O365 imported message
[AR-2960] - MBox import: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 100000 out of bounds for length 100000
[AR-2962] - fail to renew Let's Encrypt certificate: Could not initialize class org.bouncycastle.operator.DefaultSignatureAlgorithmIdentifierFinder
8.12.16 (9 Oct 2023)
[AR-2947] - update ACME certificate only when necessary
8.12.14 (05 Oct 2023)
[AR-2641] - zip file parse leaks file handle (slow file handle exhaustion over time!)
[AR-2946] - export info outputting null error
8.12.13 (28 Sept 2023)
[AR-2943] - multitenant: reduce auto search frequency to reduce CPU load
[AR-2944] - tighten up SMTP BDAT
[AR-2945] - multitenant: cache attachment sizes to reduce CPU load
8.12.12 (22 Sept 2023)
[AR-2942] - user menu rendered mangled on some chrome installs
8.12.11 (20 Sept 2023)
[AR-2937] - reindex/update/merge multiple volumes sequentially
[AR-2941] - set process status to be cancelled on failure
8.12.10 (8 Sept 2023)
[AR-2940] - eml import performance enhancement (higher throughput)
8.12.8 (5 Sept 2023)
[AR-2936] - ApplicationAuthority failed to add local addresses
[AR-2938] - smtp server requires auth when auth is not enabled
[AR-2939] - acme let's encrypt request: DNS authorization reports incorrect challenge
8.12.6 (6 Aug 2023)
[AR-2923] - failed serialize collection type on FieldValue
[AR-2925] - multitenant: cannot start instance due to a job that already exists
[AR-2926] - max mounted archive files for v2 volume format not applied
8.12.4 (24 July 2023)
[AR-2922] - failed load table data (Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'aDataSort'))
8.12.2 (13 July 2023)
[AR-2920] - configuration volume header action (export, reindex, update) applies to selected volumes
[AR-2921] - email filter not matched when domain configured in domains is upper case
8.12.1 (03 July 2023)
[AR-2919] - old export files kept (diskspace consumed over time)
8.11.70 (22 June 2023)
[AR-2912] - bulk export extension should not be hardcoded to .eml
[AR-2913] - CacheResource.validateResource lock
[AR-2914] - Increase performance of bulk export when no options specified
8.11.69 (16 June 2023)
[AR-2911] - pst import performance enhancement
8.11.68 (08 June 2023)
[AR-2901] - multitenant: override app queue path with central queue path
8.11.65 (2 June 2023)
[AR-2909] - multitenant: improve resilience of app delete
[AR-2910] - multitenant: chart stops updating
8.11.63 (31 May 2023)
[AR-2901] - multitenant: override app queue path with central queue path
[AR-2903] - add sync statistics io Status->Summary
[AR-2906] - tenant trial license not loaded when creating application
[AR-2907] - multitenant: cannot save config after app is created
8.11.60 (2 May 2023)
[AR-2886] - multitenant: license check causing high cpu usage
[AR-2887] - code cleanup & optimization
8.11.59 (28 April 2023)
[AR-2875] - resilient handling of Backblaze B2 socket timeouts
[AR-2880] - optimize data export performance (flow concurentMap)
[AR-2881] - export volume to tar.gz has extension zip
[AR-2882] - multitenant: delete an instance with data should delete database
8.11.58 (11 April 2023)
[AR-2876] - the process menu broke the entire page
8.11.57 (6 April 2023)
[AR-2875] - B2Client should retry on network timeout exception
[AR-2874] - changing queue size stops archiving
8.11.56 (31 March 2023)

[AR-2866] - MailArchivaPrincipal NullPointerException: null
[AR-2871] - Mounting an external volume has status INIT
8.11.55 (30 March 2023)
[AR-2821] - save/load table state when switching browsers is sometimes problematic
[AR-2869] - export outputs blank "null" page due to server busy timeout
[AR-2868] - multitenant: central processes don't list processes in some situations
8.11.54 (23 March 2023)
[AR-2865] - ConcurrentModificationException ProcessManagerImpl observers
8.11.52 (21 March 2023)
[AR-2864] - OME due to PDF Box DefaultResourceCache finalizer
8.11.51 (6 March 2023)
[AR-2861] - multitenant: remove central queue, deliver messages directly to tenants
8.11.50 (15 February 2022)
[AR-2858] - PDFbox finalizer consumes memory causing OME. Upgrade PDFBox to 2.0.27
[AR-2860] - upgrade tika to 1.28.5
8.11.48 (14 February 2022)
[AR-2854] - IndexHelper skip load persist directory
[AR-2857] - performance enhancement: remove references for truevfs from zip plugin 
8.11.46 (02 February 2022)
[AR-2795] - user primary key violation
[AR-2847] - Auto search service: failed save search last execution time: role not found
[AR-2848] - failed to init ZipArchiveBlob due to java.lang.NullPointerException
8.11.44 (27 January 2022)
[AR-2845] - import closed key gui return ????
[AR-2846] - after page reload the wrong name process broke ui
8.11.41 (20 January 2022)
[AR-2844] - unable to reset user's two-factor authentication
8.11.40 (19 Jan 2022)
[AR-2842] - H2 db should bind to the local interface
[AR-2843] - multitenant:job scheduler has the potential to quit due to OME or null ptr
8.11.39 (12 Jan 2022)
[AR-2641] - remove and encapsulate TFile dependency to V2 format only
[AR-2839] - show compact action only on Compactable volume
8.11.38 (5 Jan 2022)
[AR-2837] - Jquery security fixes for CVE-2015-9251, CVE-2012-6708, CVE-2019-11358
8.11.37 (22 Dec 2022)
[AR-2835] - Multitenant: receive from single instance only
[AR-2836] - Multitenant: services won't start due to null keystore
[AR-2827] - remove call back FoundBlob from Store
8.11.36 (16 Dec 2022)
[AR-2830] - proper exception and state handling on app start/stop
[AR-2834] - server fails to start due to the existence of symlink
8.11.35 (15 Dec 2022)
[AR-2832] Wizard doesn't complete: Oops! Something went terribly wrong! Default application does not exist! (bug introduced in 8.11.34)
8.11.34 (13 Dec 2022)
[AR-2829] - StandardSearch.iterate prevents apps from stopping
[AR-2831] - prevent on-premise apps starting if any services fail to start
8.11.32 (5 Dec 2022)

[AR-2827] - remove call back FoundBlob from Store
[AR-2799] - cancel merge volume task never stops task
8.11.30 (2 Dec 2022)
[AR-2767] - recover from array too small druid error
[AR-2826] - timeout in session overlapping with web.xml timeout
[AR-2828] - improved cert import usability
8.11.30 (28 Nov 2022)
[AR-2823] - services start in topological sort order
[AR-2180] - database starts after data is received
8.11.28 (17 Nov 2022)
[AR-2822] Microsoft 365 IRM journal message support
8.11.27 (15 Nov 2022)
[AR-2785] - reindex audit: This replicator has already been closed
[AR-2813] - failed to send via Office 365 connection: At least one recipient is not valid
[AR-2820] - send as attachment not working
8.11.26 (11 Nov 2022)
[AR-2814] - do not archive rule not applied
8.11.25 (9 Nov 2022)
[AR-2809] - basic auth: more than one user with the same username can be created
[AR-2815] - export pst with "include related" not working
[AR-2816] - similar search with drag and drop files not working
[AR-2817] - Tika.parse commons-io library overlapping
8.11.22 (2 Nov 2022)

[AR-2807] - Exchange import doesn't import archive folders
8.11.21 (1 Nov 2022)
[AR-2808]  - fix duplicate check on s3 store connection put
8.11.20 (28 October 2022)

[AR-2771] - volume rollover logic fix
[AR-2796] - cannot compare IndexCommits from different Directory instances
[AR-2800] - on rare occasions, the volume index doesn't shut down correctly
8.11.19 (21 October 2022)
[AR-2794] - blob indexer cleanup: ConcurrentModificationException: null
8.11.18 (20 October 2022)

[AR-2793] - smtp send: do not resend on 550 error
[AR-2786] - Imap connecting to O365 requires manual reset after 12 hours or so
8.11.16 (18 October 2022)
[AR-2788] - O365 import doesn't recognize duplicates
8.11.15 (14 October 2022)
[AR-2786] - Imap connecting to O365 requires manual reset after 12 hours or so [this fix doesn't work! see 8.11.18]
8.11.14 (10 October 2022)
[AR-2781] - basic auth: changed password by end-user is not applied
8.11.13 (7 October 2022)

[AR-2778] - find search count doesn't count all mailboxes
[AR-2780] - PST: export Neutral cultures cannot be used in formatting and parsing
[AR-2783] - imap oauth: connection is either not enabled or no longer exists
8.11.11 (3 October 2022)
[AR-2773] - NPE when building TransmitMessage on QueueTransmit
[AR-2775] - multitenant: cannot view app process log from central
[AR-2776] - pst export: some messages with KOI8-R body text are garbled
[AR-2777] - Migrate ODB users to Hibernate email address javax.validation.ConstraintViolationException
8.11.10 (28 September 2022)
Installer should rename keyPass to keystorePass in Tomcat server.xml file (consequence of Tomcat 9 upgrade)
8.11.9 (26 September 2022)

[AR-2746] - improved handling of special cases in archiving logic
[AR-2771] - volume rollover bug fix
8.11.8 (16 September 2022)
[AR-2755] - mark messages as read on the table and when viewing messages using right/left arrow
8.11.7 (14 September 2022)
[AR-2769] - lookup all ldap attributes during AD auth (not only those defined in the field definition)
8.11.6 (13 September 2022)
[AR-2770] - clean shutdown fix
[AR-2768] - exchange sync: exchange URL not specified (even though it is specified)
8.11.3 (8 September 2022)

[iAR-2766] incorrectly specified precondition: export file should have zip extension


8.11.2 (8 September 2022)


[AR-2764] - message header displayed twice in view message
[AR-2765] - multitenant: data export shouldn't be written to tmp folder
[AR-2760] - tree view should show up-to-date info
[AR-2761] - tree view open close should be sticky


8.11.1 (6 September 2022)


[AR-2759] replaces the auto update engine with an entirely new one.
[AR-2758] import process is missing after the user logs out and logs back in.
[AR-2757] pst export outputs NullPointerException on malformed mail address


8.10.5 (1 September 2022)


[AR-2750] - Rework of QueueTransmit.getTransmitMessage exception handling
[AR-2755] - mark read messages when you press the right/left arrow.


8.10.4 (17 August 2022)


[AR-2748] - sending emails from the interface sends incorrect data
[AR-2749] - active directory auth: return all ldap attributes for role matching


8.10.3  (15 August 2202)


[AR-2747] cant mount existing volume (failed to locate volume by Id)


8.10.1 (11 August 2202)


New Features


[AR-2744] - PKCS11, PKCS8, PEM and JKS certificate/key import
[AR-2734] - show messages as read (see user preferences)
[AR-2745] - internal proxy for office 365 folder sync traffic


Bug fixes


[AR-2743] - forward route includes system blob headers
[AR-2737] - datatables move from array to json data representation


8.9.0 (29 July 2022)


[AR-2735] - oauth support for IMAP & POP connections (in response to Microsoft discontinuing basic auth in Office 365).


8.8.27 (29 July 2022)

[AR-2742] - shows the user's full name in the top right of GUI. Obtained from LDAP/Azure displayName attribute.


8.8.26 (28 July 2022)

[AR-2738] - fix secure ldap/tls authentication


8.8.24 (26 July 2022)


[AR-2736] - Azure blob store test fails

8.8.21 (20 July 2022)

[AR-2732] - memberof attribute is not explicitly requested during LDAP auth


8.8.19 (8 July 2022)


[AR-2730] - failed to delete items from the tag
[AR-2731] - failed to remove route


8.8.16 (27 June 2022)

[AR-2726] - rare corruption of volume index due to IllegalStateException field "journalto" indexed position data
[AR-1349] - search using synonym - dictionary file broken


8.8.15 (21 June 2022)


[AR-2725] multitenant: volume export doesn't work in some MSP environments
[AR-2723] multitenant: msp tenant license invalidated if quota is depleted
[AR-2724] multitenant: msp central can't export tenant volumes


8.8.10 (9 June 2022)


[AR-2721] - export processes persistent on restart server


8.8.9 (3 June 2022)

[AR-2286] - completion of conversion of processes to Kotlin coroutines.


8.8.8 (1 June 2022)


[AR-2720] - cannot create volume via REST API: volume format attribute set to readonly


8.8.5 (26 May 2022)


[AR-2716] - messages exceeding max size retried indefinitely cause traffic overload


8.8.4 (24 May 2022)


[AR-2712] - URI (String) to Path caching
[AR-2713] - FieldValueUtil.parseEmailAddress improvements
[AR-2714] - V2 can't reindex
[AR-2715] - can't change the background image


8.8.2 (20 May 2022)


[AR-2286] - internal processes reimplemented as Kotlin coroutines (major performance & stability update)
[AR-2710] - Google Workspace integration redesign & reimplement


8.7.15 (3 May 2022)


[AR-2709] - Azure auth: Authority Uri should not have empty path segments


8.7.14 (28 April 2022)

[AR-2708]  - cant mount existing volume


8.7.12 (6 April 2022)

[AR-2706] in rare situations, export leaks file handles
[AR-2707] SMTPClientConnection can't send a message


8.7.11 (30 March 2022)


[AR-2704] - send message via Office 365 graph API
[AR-2705] - add from, subject headers to TransmitMessage


8.7.10 (18 March 2022)

[AR-2700] - rollover to CLOSED volume
[AR-2703] - reduce in-memory footprint by storing mimemessage data compressed
[AR-2701] - fix azure authentication for msp


8.7.7 (9 March 2022)


[AR-2701] - fix azure authentication for on-premise
[AR-2698] - azure: user sync fails when group's field of VARCHAR(255) is exceeded
[AR-2697] - azure: create subscriptions for non-licensed users


8.7.4 (16 February 2022)


[AR-2693] - search performance is impacted by high database contention
[AR-2694] - license check consumes too many CPU resources
[AR-1562] - search pagination may result in a blank page


8.7.3 (11 February 2022)


[AR-2692] - multitenant: direct azure auth authentication


8.7.2 (10 February 2022)


[AR-2690] - security fix: roleid should not be saved to db
[AR-2691] - large files stuck in the restore queue


8.7.1 (6 February 2022)


[AR-2688] - add rest api docs (accessible at https://localhost:8090/api-docs/)
[AR-2689] - update Spanish translation


8.7.0 (4 February 2022)


[AR-2686] - switch REST API authentication to use API key
[AR-2687] - tighten role based access control


8.6.8 (1 February 2022)


[AR-1562] - search pagination may result in a blank page
[AR-2682] - Brazillian Portuguese translation
[AR-2683] - Portuguese translation
[AR-2684] - install private key dialog not refreshing certs after import
[AR-2681] - zipped original (eml) export not outputting files


8.6.5  (27 January 2022)

[AR-2679] - PST export not filtering mailboxes
[AR-2680] - role based access control security fix


8.6.3 (24 January 2022)


[AR-2432] - orphaned stores missing working icon
[AR-2677] - Amazon s3 connection test failed (The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.)
[AR-2678] - update French translation


8.6.2 (18 January 2022)


[AR-2673] - update German translation
[AR-2674] - update Italian translation
[AR-2675] - detect system locale in wizard setup


8.6.1 (14 January 2022)


[AR-2672] - bulk .eml volume export to directory, tar.gz and separated by mail address
[AR-2671] - volume export ignores drive letter on windows


8.5.8 (13 January 2022)


[AR-2668] - system and client locales not sorted correctly
[AR-2669] - update Dutch translation (now complete)
[AR-2670] - add cert alias selection for SMTP client & LDAP


8.5.7 (12 January 2022)


[AR-2665] - internationalised characters not displayed correctly in GUI
[AR-2667] - Changing locale in user preference has no effect on user interface language


8.5.6 (10 January 2022)


[AR-2663] - button tooltip on the search page is user settings
[AR-2664] - changing user role doesn't take effect

8.5.4 (9 January 2022)

[AR-2658] - speed up animation of tree node opening
[AR-2659] - multitenant: can't create apps since remote graph database is not created
[AR-2660] - multitenant: start app with failed status
[AR-2661] - multitenant: remove from config
[AR-2662] - cloud: add about to applications menu


8.5.3 (5 January 2022)

[AR-2657] – azure authentication: email addresses not obtained from proxyAddresses
[AR-2656] – B2 library switch to okhttp client

8.5.2 (29 December 2021)

[AR-2655] – winmail.dat recognized as Unknown.rtf on view

8.5.0 (28 December 2021)

[AR-2651] – hold overlap cluster searchbar
[AR-2652] – NPE BluePrintVersionedItem
[AR-2653] – incorrect update of domains
[AR-2654] – specific cid attachment image not rendered correctly
[AR-1524] – move users settings from OrientDB to Hibernate

8.4.4 (22 December 2021)

[AR-2650] multitenant: configure number instance threads

8.4.1 (16 December 2021)

[AR-2648] – PDF export with attachment hangs occasionally & doc not formatted correctly
[AR-2649] – remove log4j jars from distribution for good measure

Note: It doesn’t look like previous versions of MailArchiva are vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228

8.4.0 (7 December 2021)

[AR-2646] – exchange import takes too long on initial progress count (count users rather than folders)
[AR-2642] – replace SMS-based 2FA with TOTP 2FA

8.3.18 (6 December 2021)

[AR-2644] – comma separation in import dialog mailbox fields
[AR-2645] – PST export: Neutral cultures cannot be used in formatting and parsing

8.3.17 (25 November 2021)

[AR-2643] – Performance enhancement: unnecessary synchronization on domains
[AR-1464] – failed to export eml, Deflater has been closed

8.3.15 (11 November 2021)

[AR-2639] – specific user cannot search (stuck in a spin), others can
[AR-2640] – linux systemctl mailarchiva start wont start

8.3.14 (5 November 2021)

[AR-2637] – fix azure scopes for ms graph api

8.3.10 (3 November 2021)

[AR-2635] – failed archive messages with wrong formatted headers
[AR-2636] – email body is not indexed (bug introduced in v8.3.3 on 13 October)

8.3.8 (2 November 2021)

[AR-2634] – Azure signup: Authority Uri should not have an empty path segment

8.3.6 (25 October 2021)

[AR-2633] – archiving slows/stops due to runtime exception occurrence (permit not released)

8.3.5 (22 October 2021)

[AR-2524] – multitenant: delete app requires users to type delete in confirm dialog
[AR-2622] – delete certificate doesn’t work
[AR-2631] – update azure authentication to use microsoft graph

8.3.4 (19 October 2021)

[AR-2623] – Tika media parser files not deleted

8.3.3 (13 October 2021)

[AR-2619] – Clean shutdown on windows
[AR-567] – specific inline attachment not downloadable
[AR-2604] – send and merge function doesn’t produce errors in GUI
[AR-2619] – windows setup showing as unknown publisher

8.3.1 (11 October 2021)

[AR-2614] – orient db prevents server shutdown

8.3.0 (8 October 2021)

[AR-2612] – add support for Let’s Encrypt wildcard certs via DNS verification
[AR-2611] – archiving via POP stops
[AR-2613] – volume merge: rare Gzip decoding error

8.2.11 (6 October 2021)

[AR-1540] – certain inline images not displayed
[AR-2607] – write interpretation when LicenseCheckResult quota is depleted
[AR-2610] – transmitBlobProcess never finishes

8.2.10 (28 September 2021)

[AR-2598] – default smtp connection set to wrong id
[AR-2600] – failed to import: error message not displayed
[AR-2602] – azure auth: signout of microsoft online on logout
[AR-2603] – azure auth: security fix

8.2.8 (24 September 2021)

[AR-2597] – zero byte attachment in GUI

8.2.5 (22 September 2021)

[AR-2585] – Azure auth: user name is shown as UUID in the GUI
[AR-2595] – some tenant users can’t authenticate over Azure
[AR-2596] – unparseable blob not moved to queue err folder

8.2.4 (20 September 2021)

[AR-2587] – tasks list shows -1 and there are no tasks when there are tasks
[AR-2594] – can’t download log files (introduced 8.2.2)

8.2.3 (16 September 2021)

[AR-2571] – change of surname: v_user.EMAIL’ previously assigned to the record #30:19
[AR-2589] – option to queue similar tasks in general->limits
[AR-2590] – process monitor outputs file not found (introduced 8.2.2)

8.2.2 (15 September 2021)

[AR-2523] – multitenant: confusing message when deleting instance
[AR-2585] – user name is shown as UUID in the GUI
[AR-2582] – download audit log files

8.2.1 (10 September 2021)

[AR-2583] – big clean up of log statements for performance gain
[AR-2584] – recreate office 365 H2 storage if corrupted

8.2.0 (9 September 2021)


[AR-1889] – office 365 support: switch to microsoft graph API
[AR-2572] – jcloud upgrade 2.3.0
[AR-2579] – free license fix
[AR-2520] – move from adal4j to msal4j

Bug Fixes

[AR-2564] – multitenant: invalid license doesn’t show on central
[AR-2566] – multitenant: central user lookup button shows nothing
[AR-2568] – very slow blob store for wasabi S3 storage
[AR-2570] – You have reached the maximum pool size for a given partition
[AR-2573] – ZipArchiveBlob failed to init NullPointerException
[AR-2575] – BasicColumnFactory.getInstance( java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/mail/MessagingException
[AR-2576] – ms graph: Subscription validation request failed
[AR-2578] – MS graph blocking shutdown
[AR-2580] – friendly name entry for connections and listeners
[AR-2581] – PST: Support for Russian Culture Name: en-RU
[AR-2565] – recreate application key value store if corrupted
[AR-2567] – dead event messages redelivery
[AR-2569] – convert tenant name to tenant id

8.1.6 (27 August 2021)

[AR-2562] – import OST file cause NPE
[AR-2563] – failed to write blob: contains object of type jakarta.mail.util.SharedByteArrayInputStream instead of MimeMultipart

8.1.2 / 7.12.57 (20 August 2021)

[AR-2557] – archiving stops due to thread starvation (with heavy incoming traffic flow, reindexing, import)
[AR-2558] – server fails to shut down cleanly

8.1.1 (12 August 2021)

[AR-2555] server won't start due to the presence of java mail lib (conflict with jakartamail)

8.1.0 (10 August 2021)

[AR-2532] – return to license keys (instead of reg code)
[AR-2549] – support for SMTP BDAT command (binary data)
[AR-2525] – restart connection fails

7.12.53 (29 July 2021)

[AR-2550] aspose license file is too old

8.0.40 / 7.21.52 (16 June 2021)

[AR-2545] export tasks start sequentially (to protect against high resource utilization)

8.0.36 (14 June 2021)

[AR-2544] – audit search results showing 10 entries only

8.0.36 (3 June 2021)

[AR-2526] – can’t save tenant conf if more one errors on config
[AR-2537] – autosearchservice can some times not apply role filter
[AR-2538] – create large no of volumes when volume rollover with no space HDD
[AR-2539] – view permission should prevent view blob if it is restricted
[AR-2540] – datatable scroll position has fixed height
[AR-2541] – view convent on bottom doesn’t apply proper scroll

7.12.48 (3 June 2021)

[AR-2536] – Volume index not released when unmount.
[AR-2538] – create large no of volumes when volume rollover with no space HDD
[AR-2539] – view permission should prevent view blob if it is restricted
[AR-2537] – autosearchservice can some times not apply role filter

8.0.35 (28 May 2021)

AR-2535 configuration volumes outputs squished column layout in firefox

8.0.33 (26 May 2021)

[AR-2533] fix gmail import
Downgrade orient DB to working version

8.0.29 (10 May 2021)

[AR-2530] – database wont start due to interruption on startup
[AR-2531] – orient db wont accept the dot in archiva.db. rename existing database to archiva (without the dot)

8.0.27 / 7.12.44 (29 April 2021)

[AR-2507] – role map referring to non-existant role should be removed
[AR-2528] – autosearch report with empty results
[AR-2529] – multitenant: server requires restart to process items received during period of app shutdown

8.0.24 (25 March 2021)

[AR-2518] – Plan is error when registering product

8.0.23 (16 March 2021)

[AR-2514] – after restart, 2+ connections disabled
[AR-2515] – status summary: wrong JSON provided
[AR-2516] – script error: MA.messageBus undefined

8.0.22  (10 March 2021)

[AR-2511] – skip send of notification if nothing to report
[AR-2512] – remote possibility for next volume store export process not to start in the chain
[AR-2513] – black login screen: java.lang.StackOverflowError: null due to error in the logback library

8.0.21 (24 February 2021)

[AR-2509] – embedded orient db 3.1.8 prevents server from shutting down. switch to 3.1.7
[AR-2510] – add unsubscribe button

8.0.20 (19 February 2021)

[AR-2507] – role map referring to non-existant role should be removed
[AR-2508] – horizontal scroll not appearing in message view (bug introduced on switch to new jquery version)

8.0.18 (9 February 2021)

[AR-2496] – can’t sort on undefined field type
[AR-2503] – failed to set address type. address type is set to an illegal value
[AR-2504] – export error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/james/mime4j/MimeException
[AR-2505] – snappier UI – upgrade to jQuery v2.2.4
[AR-2506] – export to eml has broken generated html

8.0.14 (15 January 2021)

[AR-2493] – init blob with non-string field values
[AR-2494] – deadlock when processing filter rules

8.0.13 (29 December 2020)

[AR-2481] – Date range with start from selection only limit to current date
[AR-2483] – open and close tab speed up
[AR-2487] – upgrade to orientdb 3.1

8.0.11 (21 December 2020)

[AR-2479] – iap authentication: unable to assign role using regex match
[AR-2469] – volume export outputs to tar.gz
[AR-2474] – archive filter regex match should match at any part of line
[AR-2475] – improved backup exception handling & notification
[AR-2476] – index fails to commit on read lock
[AR-2477] – register button in configuration->about should be present at all times
[AR-2478] – duplicate builtin roles when loading legacy config

8.0.7 (2 December 2020)

[AR-2252] – failed download blob using s3 due to overlapping temp file
[AR-2459] – export pdf: Resetting to invalid mark
[AR-2461] – process menu item disappeared
[AR-2462] – users added to tree with random chars

8.0.6 (25 November 2020

[AR-2116] – pdf replace all non ASCII chars with ?
[AR-2165] – export options should be hidden when csv export selected
[AR-2210] – predictive coding: cannot mark selected emails responsive
[AR-2451] – failed save training set on prediction
[AR-2452] – order search fields alphabetically
[AR-2453] – duplicate fields listed in Configuration->Search->Initial sort field
[AR-2455] – search using all: is not working for non email blob types
[AR-2456] – include attachments pdf export doesn’t work

8.0.5 (19 November 2020)

[AR-2450] – undefined tab name when view message thread

8.0.4 (13 November 2020)

[AR-2448] – modernize install wizards
[AR-2449] – multitenant: style create app dialog

8.0.2 (10 November 2020)

[AR-2204] – modify build scripts to code sign distribution
[AR-2447] – add button in Configuration-Volumes to update all indexes

8.0.0 (3 November 2020)

[AR-1133] – Search bar select start and dates should be on browser local format
[AR-1351] – Search auto complete
[AR-2267] – Improve search results view
[AR-2435] – Set default blob category for app and user
[AR-1790] – Change icons in tree view
[AR-1991] – Datatable column reorder
[AR-2265] – Body tip
[AR-2268] – Smart date format + user can choose date format
[AR-2273] – User can change view options
[AR-2278] – Save table view settings
[AR-2312] – Strip out html tags from title on datatables
[AR-2313] – Popup window with message preview
[AR-2322] – Datatable column resize
[AR-2331] – Preserve position on treeview
[AR-2334] – Search bar move reset and search buttons inside
[AR-2335] – Save user search queries in history
[AR-2341] – Save query wizard when switch between blob types
[AR-2342] – Modernize search results toolbar
[AR-2345] – Choose email address view
[AR-2346] – User can change time zone for interface

Bug Fixes

[AR-1887] – Subscribing can take a long time, need user feedback of some action happens
[AR-1939] – Unmounted state is lost after restart
[AR-2238] – Auto generate and install let’s encrypt cert
[AR-2343] – Do not show admin in tree view & do not open treeview if only admin
[AR-2381] – DataAdapter failed init fieldvalues
[AR-2444] – Applications with guava cache backend could reload values after application deinit
[AR-2445] – Preserve table state

7.12.43 (10 February 2020)

[AR-2504] – export error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/james/mime4j/MimeException

7.12.40  (14 December 2020)

[AR-2469] – volume export outputs to tar.gz (uses less disk space)
[AR-2470] – backblaze B2 httpClientFactory preventing server shutdown

7.12.36  (3 December 2020)

[AR-2252] – failed download blob using s3 due to overlapping temp file
[AR-2459] – export pdf: Resetting to invalid mark
[AR-2461] – process menu item disappeared
[AR-2462] – users added to tree with random chars

7.12.34 (30 November 2020)

[AR-2116] – pdf replace all non ASCII chars with ?
[AR-2165] – export options should be hidden when csv export selected
[AR-2452] – order search fields alphabetically
[AR-2453] – duplicate fields listed in Configuration->Search->Initial sort field
[AR-2455] – search using all: is not working for non email blob types
[AR-2456] – include attachments pdf export doesn’t work

7.12.32 (19 November 2020)

[AR-2450] – undefined tab name when view message thread
[AR-2451] – failed save training set on prediction

7.12.31 (29 October 2020)

[AR-2446] – Imail authentication: cannot assign role due to null ptr

7.12.29 (7 October 2020)

[AR-2442] – Azure authentication: NoSuchMethodError: com.nimbusds.jwt.JWTClaimsSet.toJSONObject()

7.12.28 (29 September 2020)

[AR-2440] – administrator role assigned to user on deletion of previous user role (important security fix!)
[AR-2439] – filter query with NOT doesn’t work

7.12.27 (10 September 2020)

[AR-2437] – imap authentication role assignment regex match doesn’t work
[AR-2438] – mailfrom and rcptto filters in smtp listener wont save

7.12.26 (7 August 2020)

[AR-2434] – file handle leak on export to html or view attachment

7.12.25 (3 August 2020)

[AR-2433] – smtp send: send strategy send envelope sending original message

7.12.24 (13 July 2020)

[AR-2431] – failed to install certificate: null

7.12.22 (7 July 2020)

[AR-2428] – associate object store data with apps (add storeinfo to object store buckets)
[AR-2426] – multitenant: deleting an instance with delete data, doesn’t remove data from object store
[AR-2430] – imap authentication fixed

7.12.20 (19 June 2020)

[AR-2423] – imap idle thread leak (introduced v7.12.16)

7.12.19 (17 June 2020)

[AR-2421] – performance enhancement: remove exponential backoff on receive queue
[AR-2422] – security fix: prevent searches when user has no email address defined

7.12.18 (15 June 2020)

[AR-2420] – rest web service: add volume on central api doesn’t set index path

7.12.17 (13 June 2020)

[AR-2418] – pst import from server: add valiation msg when import pst from within zip
[AR-2419] – imap idle disconnect fix

7.12.16 (5 June 2020)

[AR-2412] – blobs are not appearing on backup volume after rollover
[AR-2416] – imap / pop client connection optimizations
[AR-2417] – search results fields not ordered correctly (issue introduced 7.12.12)

7.12.13 (4 June 2020)

[AR-2415] – increase throughput: reduce lock contention in connections

7.12.12 (3 June 2020)

[AR-2410] – restore folder names on treeview
[AR-2413] – archiving performance: reduce lock contention in Fields
[AR-2409] – multitenant: make iap thread pool shared across applications

7.12.8 (31 May 2020)

[AR-1939] – unmounted state is lost after restart
[AR-2407] – timed out incoming smtp connection leaves cache file behind
[AR-2408] – performance gain: update JRE to v252 to address lock contention on TLS Provider.getService()

7.12.6 (26 May 2020)

[AR-2336] – unable to remove or rename some mailbox names in treeview
[AR-2403] – exchange sync: ability to reestablish connections between vertices
[AR-2404] – unable lookup folder items on treeview when click on user

7.12.5 (25 May 2020)

[AR-2400] – iap pop3 connection wont delete messages
[AR-2401] – exchange sync issues
[AR-2402] – calendar objects should be keyed on uid + dtstamp

7.12.5 (24 May 2020)

[AR-2399] – ClassCastException: StandardSearchResult cannot be cast to PaginationResult
[AR-2397] – disable H2 auto commits on chat table
[AR-2398] – failed import via upload

7.12.4 (21 May 2020)

[AR-2395] – cannot mount old volume encrypted using weak algorithm
[AR-2396] – reduce no.calls to graph db on archive (faster archiving & lower CPU usage)

7.12.3 (20 May 2020)

[AR-2388] – tinkerprop run OME when doing order pipe line
[AR-2391] – inconsistent volume state between front and back-end
[AR-2392] – archive freeze due to lock of database
[AR-2393] – volumeinfo passphrase not accepting plaintext password
[AR-2394] – remove isExist cache from external volume store

7.12.1 (17 May 2020)

[AR-2384] – unfriendly store path names when using remote storage
[AR-2387] – multitenant: unable to distingush between applications when there are two or more with the same company name

7.12.0 (15 May 2020)

[AR-2382] – smart status reports (only info you want, when you need it)

7.11.5 (14 May 2020)

[AR-2379] – exchange sync: server affinity bug fix

7.11.4 (13 May 2020)

[AR-2378] – exchange sync: ability to turn off auto discovery
[AR-2377] – excessively large files not removed from queue

7.11.2 (7 May 2020)

[AR-2368] – wrong image gets rendered in message view
[AR-2369] – switch MBOX export to MBOXRD
[AR-2370] – ODB Cannot index record: found duplicated key
[AR-2371] – queues not completely restored in admin assisted restore operation
[AR-2373] – IMAP auth: failed to authentication no LDAP attribute found

7.11.1 (6 May 2020)

[AR-2364] – JSONParser not thread safe
[AR-2366] – Exchange streaming connection fixes

7.10.18 (1 May 2020)

[AR-2361] – exchange sync: fix DefaultHostnameVerifier.getSubjectAltNames java.lang.ClassCastException
[AR-2362] – deadlock in readyActive volume()

7.10.17 (30 April 2020)

[AR-1965] – failed to record statistic: null
[AR-2336] – wierd mailbox names get synced in tree view. unable to remove or rename
[AR-2359] – tree view contains scrambled keys
[AR-2360] – exchange sync performance refactoring

7.10.14 (24 April 2020)

[AR-2358] multitenant: job already exists when stop and start app & exchange sync enabled
[AR-2356] multitenant: retry graph db connect on startup

7.10.12 (22 April 2020)

[AR-2352] – interval notify status always disabled
[AR-2354] – exchange sync: IllegalStateException: Pool not open

7.10.11 (10 April 2020)

[AR-2351] – Exchange import: too many concurrent connections

7.10.8 (6 April 2020)

[AR-2347] – bulk export in config->volumes outputs zero bytes

7.10.7 (12 March 2020)

[AR-2340] – pst import: improved memory management

7.10.5 (10 March 2020)

[AR-2337] – queue deserialization error: com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: (was java.lang.NullPointerException)
[AR-2338] – import: cannot process item:Too many concurrent connections opened., Cannot open mailbox.

7.10.4 (4 March 2020)

[AR-2330] – server locale timezone mismatch with browser timezone
[AR-2332] – Linux default data path mistakenly changed from /var/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT to /etc/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT
[AR-2333] – add default comments to bootstrap.conf and global.conf

7.10.3 (25 Feb 2020)

[AR-2329] – amazon s3 put fails due to inability to verify hash of object

7.10.1 (6 Feb 2020)

[AR-2325] – indexing of certain zip attachments can result in jamming of queue

7.10.0 (6 Feb 2020)

[AR-2324] – high CPU usage due to concurrent scheduler bug

7.9.16 (25 Jan 2020)

[AR-2319] – multitenant:minimize mv store threads

7.9.15 (24 Jan 2020)

[AR-2293] – multitenant:minimize number of logback async appender threads
[AR-2314] – improve logging performance: switch logback to use disruptor queue in place of blocking queue
[AR-2316] – ability to set core log.level in app dir (/etc/opt/mailarchiva/global.conf)
[AR-2317] – ical4j parsing: text cannot be parsed to a duration #366
[AR-2318] – unparseable blobs get REJECTED (not parsed more than once)

7.9.14 (20 Jan 2020)

{AR-2311] – config save absolute path validation check prevents remote path usage

7.9.13 (19 Jan 2020)

[AR-2309] – folder sync with exchange / 0365 stuck

7.9.10 (16 Jan 2020)

[AR-2307] – failed to obtain message streamException writing Multipart

7.9.8 (13 Jan 2020)

[AR-2304] – central buttons change order when start/stop application
[AR-2203] – upgrade major version of graph database (Orient DB v2.x to OrientDB 3.x)

7.9.7 (10 Jan 2020)

[AR-2303] exchange: introduce separate thread pool for processing stream data

7.9.6 (8 Jan 2020)

[AR-2285] – NumberFormatException in AutoSearchService
[AR-2296] – deinitStreams class NFE
[AR-2297] – failed execute auto search: null
[AR-2301] – fix exchange sync auto discover
[AR-2302] – fix exchange sync unsubscribe mailboxes

7.9.5 (29 December 2019)

[AR-2290] – deadlock in getvolumes()
[AR-2292] – keep export files for 7 days
[AR-2293] – multitenant:minimize number of async appender threads
[AR-2295] – multitenant: minimize exchange streaming connections
[AR-2289] – improve parallelism of export operations
[AR-2291] – AzureGraph add time limit get token to 1 min
[AR-2294] – increase pool size for XMLReaderUtils

7.9.4 (19 December 2019)

[AR-2284] – calendar sync slows archiving due to dependancy on getTimeZone()

7.9.3 (15 December 2019)

[AR-2282] – incorrectly sends notifications to status address
[AR-2283] – attempt to improve robustness of restore queue

7.9.2 (13 December 2019)

[AR-2280] – Exchange sync refactoring

7.9.1 (11 December 2019)

[AR-2279] – exchange sync: failed to reconnect

7.9.0 (10 December 2019)

[AR-2276] – office 365 import: too many concurrent connections
[AR-2277] – replaced scheduler with quartz

7.8.21 (28 November 2019)

[AR-2275] – Linux: export to PDF failed due to FontConfiguration.getVersion return null (upgraded OpenJDK to resolve)

7.8.20 (27 November 2019)

[AR-2274] – file handle leak when unable to read from volume store due to Not in GZIP format

7.8.19 (19 November 2019)

[AR-2198] – reindex audit process never completes
[AR-2264] – improved handling of Office 365 throttling/rate limiting

7.8.17 (18 November 2019)

[AR-2260] – import from imap failed to activate volume
[AR-2262] – Aspose PST evaluation license notice when importing PST

7.8.16 (15 November 2019)

[AR-2200] – changing folder date has no impact on folder list
[AR-2224] – NullPointerException at BluePrintVersionedItem
[AR-2249] – failed to sync archive folder:Property value can not be nul
[AR-2251] – jcloud store connection test fail
[AR-2253] – stuck when indexing encrypted zip due to console password prompt
[AR-2254] – upgrade JRE to Open JRE 8u232-b09
[AR-2255] – prettify search interface
[AR-2256] – BlobID builder problem when PxBlobID used as template
[AR-2257] – CVardBlob, ICalBlob update uid with version id.
[AR-2259] – free space not show for unused volumes

7.8.15 (10 November 2019)

[AR-2218] – Azure consent failed: The reply address does not match the reply addresses configured
[AR-2220] – configuration->logins page wont show with empty role mapping
[AR-2221] – exchange sync: fix access denied errors on streaming notifications
[AR-2245] – licensing; include only licensed mailboxes in Azure count
[AR-2246] – record duplication exception when sync exchange
[AR-2247] – folder duplicates
[AR-2248] – office 365 import: too many connections

7.8.13 (31 October 2019)

[AR-2235] – exchange sync: more resilient handling
[AR-2236] – add support for proxy port and scheme override

7.8.10 (29 October 2019)

[AR-2233] – exchange sync: support for multiple CAS servers
[AR-2234] – rebuild indexes after database repair

7.8.8 (22 October 2019)

[AR-2227] – processing of content filter rules should also occur when no routes are defined
[AR-2229] – azure auth: ‘query’ is not a supported value of ‘response_mode’ when requesting a token

7.8.7 (17 October 2019)

[AR-2225] – azure auth call back url should not be constructed in on premise mode
[AR-2221] – exchange sync: fix access denied errors on streaming notifications

7.8.3 (15 October 2019)

[AR-2218] – Azure consent failed: The reply address does not match the reply addresses configured
[AR-2220] – configuration->logins page wont show with empty role mapping
[AR-2221] – exchange sync: fix access denied errors on streaming notifications

7.8.1 (8 October 2019)

[AR-2217] – fix folder sync concurrent modification exception

7.8.0 (2 October 2019)

(This is an important update for anyone using folder sync)

[AR-2216] – switch MS Exchange/O365 folder sync to streaming (major rework)
[AR-2195] – failed to record statistic: NullPointerException

7.7.0 (26 September 2019)

[AR-2214] – add support for lotus notes NSF file import
[AR-2207] – when merge to UNUSED volume, index are not created

7.6.14 (12 August 2019)

[AR-2184] – split separate listener and client connection options into advanced
[AR-2187] – long error notice prevent using of search UI
[AR-2189] – after switching tabs send action may apply to wrong message (intermittant)


[AR-1904] – receive smtp traffic from matching rcptto destination and mailfrom source only
[AR-2154] – increase space around synonyms

7.6.12 (2 August 2019)

[AR-2181] – exchange sync: permanent exchange errors may cause infinite loop
[AR-2182] – reset user sync state from treeview

7.6.10 (30 July 2019)

[AR-2179] – ExternalStore, V3Store can’t read data (failed to retrieve raw blob inputstream:Not in GZIP format)

7.6.8 (29 July 2019)

[AR-2173] – merge failed: Cannot merge from S3 volumes
[AR-2174] – exchange sync fixes & improvements
[AR-2176] – configuration general: unable to change initial sort field

7.6.7 (25 July 2019)

[AR-2170] – Multitenant: failed to mount volume assigned to non default blob store connection specified in central
[AR-2171] – import from server CHROOT should not be applied if restriction path is not specified

7.6.6 (23 July 2019)

[AR-2168] – exchange import: Null ptr
[AR-2169] – Outlook script errors

7.6.4 (20 July 2019)

[AR-2167] – gui fixes

7.6.3 (18 July 2019)

[AR-2166] – multitenant: limit tab not displayed in Configuration->General
[AR-1453] – search for encrypted attachments
[AR-2160] – failed to extract email address when address value starts with a space
[AR-2161] – button to reset exchange sync state

7.6.1 (8 July 2019)

[AR-2157] – REST web services: /v1/central/domains/{appid}/{domid} equivalent path
[AR-2158] – folder sync: items with no class specified are skipped (microsoft lib reports null item class)
[AR-2159] – folder sync: items with complex item classes are incorrectly skipped (e.g. IPF.Contact.Company)

7.6.0 (5 July 2019)

[AR-2155] – gui improvements
[AR-2141] – multitenant: virtual chrooted filesystem

7.5.3 (4 July 2019)

[AR-2149] – folder sync fixes & improvements

7.5.1 (3 July 2019)

[AR-2152] – config menu too populous. move some menu items to general section.
[AR-2154] – ability to repair database from volumes page

7.4.6 (2 July 2019)

[AR-2149] – folder sync fixes & improvements

7.4.5 (2 July 2019)

[AR-2148] – LDAP auth failed: jespa.ldap.LdapEntry$ValueList cannot be cast to java.lang.String.
[AR-2149] – folder sync fixes & improvements

7.4.4 (1 July 2019)

[AR-2144] – fix download attachment broken in 7.4.0
[AR-2146] – login page shows flip side on Chrome
[AR-2147] – login shouldn’t redirect back to outside referer url

7.4.3 (29 June 2019)

[AR-2145] – jespa fix classcastexception

7.4.2 (27 June 2019)

AR-2143 performance enhancement: UUID generation blocks due to secure random
AR-2142 performance enhancement: lock contention on System.getProperty(..)

7.4.0 (18 June 2019)

[AR-2140] – import dialog improvements
[AR-2136] – multitenant: slow config page load (high contention on applicationIDMap)
[AR-2137] – failed to parse calendar entry: ical4j requires javax.cache dependency
[AR-2139] – upgrade jespa authentication lib to 1.2.5
[AR-2123] – support for different license count strategies

7.3.11 (20 June 2019)

[AR-2132] – error during license check

7.3.10 (18 June 2019)

[AR-2130] – send failed: GenericIndexableBlob cannot be cast
[AR-2131] – failed to archive folder & contact due to null external ID

7.3.9 (17 June 2019)

[AR-2128] – smtpclient MAIL FROM set to default message FROM: on start session

7.3.8 (4 June 2019)

[AR-2119] – failed apply retention policy
[AR-2120] – exchange sync: todo item is a mimemessage not an ical
[AR-2121] – exchange sync: ical4j classnotfoundexception
[AR-2122] – exchange sync: throttle should only be applied to 404 errors

7.3.6 (3 June 2019)

[AR-1909] – aspose import: unknown format for text/event
[AR-2117] – web service login incorrectly required status permission
[AR-2118] – content filtering rules not working

7.3.5 (25 May 2019)

[AR-2110] – load/save tag issue
[AR-2111] – retention rule fixes
[AR-2115] – account for remote mailboxes in AD mailbox lookup

7.3.3 (22 May 2019)

[AR-1462] – Exchange sync duplicate key error
[AR-2109] – chat window doesn’t add messages
[AR-2113] – volid search doesn’t work
[AR-2114] – duplicate of index records (UID, VOLID, CAT)
[AR-2014] – export of e-discovery chats
[AR-2053] – add chat to export

7.3.1 (8 May 2019)

[AR-2095] – tree view: sort folder names
[AR-2102] – highlight doesn’t work headers, body, searchresult
[AR-2104] – add support for matches and contains operator in role assignment
[AR-2105] – treeview right click doesn’t work
[AR-2107] – exchange sync: add syncwait slow down to folder manipulation
[AR-2108] – synchronization issue on PST on export

7.3.0 (6 May 2019)

[AR-1983] – add two new macros: %external% matches all external domains, and %internal% matches all internal domains. For example, the query to:%external% with find all emails to any domain not listed in the internal domains list (specified in Configuration->Domains)

7.2.8 (2 May 2019)

[AR-2100] – too few permissible failed password attempts
[AR-2101] – cannot complete isp wizard due to application reserved

7.2.7 (29 April 2019)

[AR-2063] – outlook 2016 javascript error
[AR-2097] – after login, go back to previous url
[AR-2098] – MergeVolumeProcess NPE
[AR-2099] – hide websocket connection from IE less version 11

7.2.6 (25 April 2019)

[AR-2094] – click download on mailarchiva view always download same attachment from list of different attachments

7.2.5 (22 April 2019)

[AR-2092] – import/export improvements (upgrade Aspose email lib)

7.2.3 (18 April 2019)

[AR-2080] – do not sync non mailbox
[AR-2081] – do not sync unlicensed mailbox
[AR-2091] – Exchange sync: loadItemIfNecessary NullPointerException

7.2.2 (17 April 2019)

[AR-2079] – do not sync azure / AD guest accounts
[AR-2086] – view log from processes menu show empty body
[AR-2087] – topmenu show -1 on process start time
[AR-2088] – when click on build analytics it greys out build threads
[AR-2089] – audit log shows local ip address with proxy configuration

7.2.0 (11 April 2019)

[AR-2078] – exchange sync for mailbox failed due to Null Pointer
[AR-2082] – failed to parse EWS response
[AR-2083] – exchange sync failed due to com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxParsingException: Illegal character entity: expansion character|
[AR-2065] – possible to use ExchangeConnection without AD setup

7.1.7 (5 April 2019)

[AR-2078] – exchange sync for mailbox failed due to Null Pointer
[AR-2082] – failed to parse EWS response

7.1.5 (1 April 2019)

[AR-2075] – further pdf export improvements (performance & memory utilization)
[AR-2076] – fix broken send dialog in 7.1.4

7.1.4 (30 March 2019)

[AR-2075] – further pdf export improvements (performance & memory utilization)

7.1.3 (29 March 2019)

AR-2073] – pdf export: option to disable fetch images from Internet (slow)

7.1.1 (28 March 2019)

[AR-2071] – version id not encoded correctly optional fix

7.1 (17 March 2019)

[AR-2068] – logo not changed
[AR-2069] – view message: raw (non mime encoded) UTF-8 chars in body not decoded
[AR-2070] – unable to read old volume
[AR-2050] – ability to delete items on tree view
[AR-2064] – ability to rename items on tree view
[AR-2067] – hide and unhide users from the tree view
[AR-2051] – pst import: ability to specify mailbox address for each pst
[AR-2042] – import pst from server: ability to identify pst’s that already processed

7.0.24 (15 March 2019)

[AR-2062] – export improvements

7.0.23 (14 March 2019)

[AR-2058] – process created at same time, can use same log file
[AR-2059] – destroy linked processes on process destroy
[AR-2060] – progress bar not available on volumes action
[AR-2061] – process refactoring

7.0.22 (13 March 2019)

[AR-2054] – import/export: prevent multiple operation due to network problems
[AR-2057] – tree view can’t load content of folder

7.0.20 (5 March 2019)

[AR-2027] – revert: remove sent before and sent after fields in search & audit search
[AR-2043] – multitenant: delete app with object store data

7.0.19 (1 March 2019)

[AR-2034] – export search result html showing incorrectly
[AR-2035] – select all button does not animate (only deselect)
[AR-2036] – no items selected popup occurs when items are selected
[AR-2037] – export from message view shows zero bytes and zero items selected

7.0.18 (27 February 2019)

[AR-1935] – multitenant: option to delete orphaned items in blob store
[AR-2024] – backup volume not correctly initialized
[AR-2025] – thread safety issue in web socket register observer
[AR-2026] – audit search date format incorrect
[AR-2027] – remove sent before and sent after fields in search & audit search
[AR-2028] – change volume signature key
[AR-2029] – failed to parse filter: Perl5 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[AR-2031] – multitenant: signup other app id fix
[AR-1938] – multitenant: option to delete data from blob store on app deletion
[AR-2032] – too many versions of user properties created in graph db

7.0.17 (26 February 2019)

[AR-2022] – pst import leaks file handles
[AR-2023] – license check fails for less than 20 mailboxes

7.0.16 (25 February 2019)

[AR-2019] – Nginx proxy configuration related fixes
[AR-2020] – switch to google scope


[AR-2020] – switch to google scope


[AR-2015] – failed to auto remove old log files: InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:>
[AR-2019] – support for X-Forwarded-Proto, X-Forwarded-Port, X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-For proxy headers

7.0.12 (19 February 2018)

[AR-2012] – false positive port conflict

7.0.9 (18 February 2018)

[AR-2009] – AD license check fails with msExchRecipientDisplayType missing
[AR-2007] – update PST export / import lib

7.0.7 (16 February 2018)

[AR-2001] – check port availability doesn’t work
[AR-2004] – fix folder view bug introduced in 7.0.6

7.0.6 (13 February 2018)

[AR-1998] – user defined background doesn’t apply to MA
[AR-2000] – support ZIP containers when import
[AR-1999] – show notice if selection is above administrator restriction

7.0.3 (7 February 2018)

[AR-1995] – minor 7.0 touch ups
[AR-1997] – trial license check null ptr

7.0.2 (5 February 2018)

[AR-1992] – user record should be created graph db immediately after login
[AR-1993] – ParseException exception if user not selected in share tag
[AR-1994] – “Undefined” message on tag export
[AR-1988] – many attachments create line break
[AR-1989] – search results reloads data unnecessarily
[AR-1990] – closing a tab causes search to be executed again (usability issue)

7.0.1 (31 January 2018)

[AR-1987] google sync performance improvements

7.0.0. (29 January 2018)

[AR-1985] – modernized user interface
[AR-1930] – e-discovery collaboration: real-time tag discussion / chat
[AR-1931] – export tag items
[AR-1933] – share tags between users
[AR-1936] – search index snapshot backup
[AR-1937] – graph db redundancy
[AR-1961] – shared mailboxes

6.4.4 (12 March 2018)

[AR-2028] – volume marked erroneously as unreadable + change volume signature key

6.4.3 (9 January 2018)

[AR-1977] – role assignment by role id

6.4.2 (20 December 2018)

[AR-1182] – export or download file with non ASCII encoding
[AR-1975] – server wont shutdown when Azure busy acquiring token

6.4.1 (13 December 2018)

[AR-1947] – should be possible to merge into an UNUSED volume
[AR-1958] – possibility for volumeinfo to zero out on full disk space
[AR-1964] – NPE when BlobExportProcess can’t init export file
[AR-1965] – failed to record statistic: null
[AR-1967] – failed to parse search query: date format issue?
[AR-1971] – failed to shutdown database:The current database instance is not active on the current thread
[AR-1972] – threading service: orientdb null ptr exception in graph.shutdown()
[AR-1974] – divide by 0 on progress when total < 100

6.4.0 (5 December 2018)

[AR-1942] – volume rollover algorithm improvements and fixes

6.3.27 (3 December 2018)

[AR-1960] – wrong free store value on windows
[AR-1956] – refactoring of volume logic and expanded test cases
[AR-1963] – Azure auth: AADSTS54005: OAuth2 Authorization code was already redeemed

6.3.24 (20 November 2018)

[AR-1949] – failed to export blobs where volume id is missing
[AR-1950] – PDF export fails on encrypted attachment
[AR-1951] – PDF export: Missing root object specification in trailer.
[AR-1954] – TempService could generate already exist file
[AR-1955] – failed getView() for WordBlob 6.3.22 (16 November 2018)
[AR-1946] – volumeinfo is not updated when volume status changed and saved
[AR-1953] – PDF export: unable to parse the document access denied 6.3.20 (29 October 2018)
[AR-1942] – failed to rollover 6.3.19 (28 October 2018)
[AR-1940] – PDF export: Missing root object specification in trailer.

6.3.17 (17 October 2018)

[AR-1929] – export with authenticity report enabled outputs bad zip file

6.3.16 (11 October 2018)

[AR-1927] – send button don’t work
[AR-1925] – unable to export search results in HTML
[AR-1926] – csv export miss-match headers and columns

6.3.14 (9 October 2018)

[AR-1924] – email body not indexed in some environments

6.3.13 (2 October 2018)

[AR-1922] – server not exiting on shutdown
[AR-1923] – new volume rollover path incorrect

6.3.12 (25 September 2018)

[AR-1917] – don’t apply exchange throttle on (401)Unauthorized
[AR-1918] – Exchange throttle prevent server to shutdown
[AR-1919] – unable to create retention rule
[AR-1920] – undefined role on invalid password attempt
[AR-1921] – static analysis cleanup of potential resource leak/s (not definitive)

6.3.11 (14 September 2018)

[AR-1914] – multitenant: add REST API function to retrieve license info
[AR-1915] – can’t save configuration due to volume same path issue

6.3.10 (13 September 2018)

[AR-1913] – multitenant: central REST API fixes 6.3.9 (11 September 2018)
[AR-1912] – REST API: brute force protection waits too long

6.3.8 (10 September 2018)

[AR-1901] – unnecessary database service is not started errors on startup
[AR-1905] – create volume validation: verify rollover volume path is valid
[AR-1908] – default to search to sent date

6.3.7 (4 September 2018)

[AR-1896] – status summary: null ptr
[AR-1899] – duplicate volume external paths should be allowed
[AR-1900] – exponential backoff on exchange sync error (lower CPU & network utilization)

6.3.6 (28 August 2018)

[AR-1895] – aspose PST: :failed obtain mime type from item class
[AR-1893] – multitenant: isp wizard should take volumeformat from template
[AR-1894] – multitenant: add view online demo from self-service signup page
[AR-1892] – failed to lookup volume id

6.3.4 (27 August 2018)

[AR-1888] – save role permission changes
[AR-1885] – multitenant: large no of status threads
[AR-1886] – multitenant: large number of LinuxWatchService threads

6.3.3 (20 August 2018)

[AR-1884] – aspose PST import NullPointerException

6.3.2 (14 August 2018)

[AR-1882] – graph build process is case sensitive
[AR-1883] – rest api: get stack overflow

6.3.1 (9 August 2018) Bug Fixes

[AR-1877] – no class def found: org/threeten/bp/temporal/TemporalAdjuster
[AR-1876] – major pst import refactoring
[AR-1878] – core log level set to debug irrespective Features
[AR-1879] – login to web console using IMAP/POP 6.3.0 (22 July 2018)
[AR-1873] – config interface: menu divider on the left side is not movable New Features
[AR-1848] – refactor, extend and improve REST api
[AR-1875] – support for Native OpenSSL TLS (performance improvement)

6.2.13 (22 July 2018)

[AR-1871] – autoupdate not functioning due to System.exit(..) in context destroy

6.2.10 (20 July 2018)

[AR-1867] – before after date set reset to 0
[AR-1868] – null ptr when removing wizard application
[AR-1869] – Comparison method violates its general contract!
[AR-1870] – websocket remove null ptr exception

6.2.9 (18 July 2018)

[AR-1864] – unable to import from some non english PSTs (internationalization issue)
[AR-1865] – strip password protected PSTs of their passwords during import
[AR-1866] – export to pdf with docx attachment not rendering

6.2.8 (16 July 2018)

[AR-1855] – AutoSearchService cant get principal to restrict search for user {admin}
[AR-1863] – attachments not rendered in pdf export 6.2.7 (5 July 2018)
[AR-1856] – master role changed by load settings
[AR-1858] – fix various queuing engine issues
[AR-1859] – multitenant & HA: queuing engine may defer processing of items in the queue 6.2.6 (30 June 2018)
[AR-1853] – failed to upload manifest with digital cert to azure. 6.2.5 (27 June 2018)
[AR-1741] – encrypt blob store connection credentials
[AR-1847] – forward all archived email without specification of receive connection in routing
[AR-1851] – share Chiper instance in thread local

6.2.4 (19 June 2018)

[AR-1821] – jclouds library not functioning correctly due to json lib incompatibility
[AR-1846] – failed retrieve blob from legacy B2 bucket

6.2.3 (15 June 2018)

[AR-1841] – infinite loop on license check error
[AR-1843] – failed to generate certificate request (bouncy castle library version mismatch!)
[AR-1844] – message body not indexed under specific circumstance
[AR-1845] – signature check failed in free mode
[AR-1842] – use simultaneously config_category defined by application and user 6.2.2 (14 June 2018)
[AR-1783] – export process says complete but progress bar doesn’t appear complete
[AR-1803] – when export with include authencity report checked doesn’t output authenticity report
[AR-1836] – prevent shared scheduler from cancelling due to runtime exception
[AR-1837] – output message if volume rollover failed
[AR-1838] – add mailbox count diagnostic line
[AR-1839] – fix noisy auto search log output
[AR-1840] – volumes with no volumeinfo should have unmounted status, not init
[AR-1801] – tagging: user needs feedback when tag add/delete/save operations performed
[AR-1802] – process status dialog outputs -1 in active process 6.2.1 (12 June 2018)
[AR-1833] – return empty MimeMessageBlob from store
[AR-1835] – failed to index blob:attempt to unlock read lock, not locked by current thread 6.2.0 (8 June 2018)
[AR-1806] – BackBlaze limit number of buckets to 100
[AR-1826] – some attachments present on search but not in view
[AR-1827] – merge volumes infinitive loop if blob can’t be read
[AR-1828] – scroller requires datatables 1.10.1 or greater
[AR-1829] – ability to select volume format in wizard
[AR-1830] – error accessing REST web service api
[AR-1831] – refactored queuing engine
[AR-1832] – google apps auth failure: please authorize additional scope
[AR-1784] – support same folder structure for external store as for V3 format 6.1.10 (29 May 2018)
[AR-1821] – jclouds library not compatible with updated json lib
[AR-1822] – receive queue not retrying indefinitely, leaves orphan item in queue folder
[AR-1823] – delay restore from isp queue until all apps started
[AR-1825] – orphan items may be left in queue folder on server shutdown whilst archiving heavily
[AR-1824] – restore items if queue db size is 0, yet there are items present in queue folder

6.1.9 (24 May 2018)

[AR-1819] – reindex audit log not working in all circumstances
[AR-1820] – search using regex macro (e.g. %visa%) returns scripting error

6.1.6 (18 May 2018)

[AR-1812] – search selection mismatch export results
[AR-1813] – infinitive loop when merge if blob already exist on merge to volume
[AR-1814] – save pst export with wrong charset 6.1.5 (9 May 2018)
[AR-1811] – multitenant: high contention
[AR-1770] – reduce backblaze operation C cost 6.1.4
[AR-1540] – some inline images not displayed
[AR-1792] – cannot import pst file when message class contains unusual chars
[AR-1809] – volume V3 format writes raw mime body instead of base64 encoded body
[AR-1810] – invalid license always outputs general license check error

6.1.3 Bug Fixes

[AR-1807] – high cpu due to missing v_blob index (only on systems with missing index)

6.1.0 Bug Fixes

[AR-1780] – failed to stop MBOX import process
[AR-1781] – deleting blob from the store twice
[AR-1791] – test pop3 connection could cause infinitive loop
[AR-1795] – multitenant:office 365 and google apps auto setup improvements
[AR-1797] – exchange sync: You must load or assign this property before you can read its value.
[AR-1798] – exchange sync: failed to connect to exchange mailbox: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at NTLMEngineImpl$NTLMMessage.addByte
[AR-1799] – deleting a connection or listener can leave it running if enabled
[AR-1800] – body text not indexed when encountering non declared charset in mimepart
[AR-1802] – process status dialog outputs -1 on process start Improvements
[AR-1793] – search: output incorrect search query syntax
[AR-1794] – search: option to view expanded/actual query submitted to search engine
[AR-1782] – reindexing: volume V1 iteration speed up

New Feature

[AR-1777] – Volume format V3


[AR-1786] – multitenant: delete dialog content pasted in background
[AR-1788] – multitenant: app not deleted from central due to presence of auth log


[AR-1778] – multitenant: on rare occasions, autosetup may get stuck due to auto load
[AR-1779] – multitenant: auto setup doesn’t setup volumes correctly

6.0.26 (17 April 2018)

[AR-1776] – rollover volume path should be taken from last volume path 6.0.25 (16 April 2018)
[AR-1771] – search save and load are not working
[AR-1772] – analytics service related only for added domains
[AR-1773] – unable to authenticate with Zimbra ldap
[AR-1774] – new pop3 connection use default IMAP port numbers
[AR-1775] – volume delete operation doesn’t shutdown index.

6.0.24 (12 April 2018)
[AR-1446] Index message body/attachments settings don’t make any sense
[AR-1769] index page settings show information not related to server.conf

6.0.22 (11 April 2018)

[AR-1758] – Split database from MA in Multitenant Mode
[AR-1767] – ability to select preferred server certificate on smtp listener 6.0.21 (10 April 2018)
[AR 1766] – log tagging operations to audit log 6.0.20 (6 April 2018)
[AR-1764] – unable to perform wizard install with existing website login
[AR-1765] – installing a license erroneously initiates the mailbox count

6.0.19 (5 April 2018)

[AR-1763] – cannot generate certificate due to bouncycastle library mismatch 6.0.18 (4 April 2018)
[AR-502] – download attachment not working 6.0.17 (4 April 2018)
[AR-1761] – Google import outputs Failed to import: null error
[AR-1762] – failed to download attachments 6.0.16 (24 March 2018)
[AR-1749] – Cannot uncheck “notify no receive” option in SMTP listener
[AR-1753] – bulk export: failed to export calendar entry
[AR-1754] – amazon s3 test connection some times failed
[AR-1756] – click on a link in an email should open link in new browser tab
[AR-1757] – infinite loop during sync of specific ical data (high CPU usage)
[AR-1733] – export statistics (output size of export)

6.0.15 (19 March 2018)

[AR-1182] – export or download single file with non ASCII encoding
[AR-1751] – MBOX import fix
[AR-1752] – amazon s3 connection – can’t connect

6.0.14 (1 March 2018)

[AR-1748] – database wont start on older linux system due to JNI incompatibility.

6.0.12 (1 March 2018)

[AR-1735] – logo update issues in Configuration->General
[AR-1743] – multitenant: no available volume on any instance, causes shared queue to stop processing for all instances
[AR-1747] – install license issues

6.0.10 (22 February 2018)

[AR-1062] – volumes disappear from list in instance volume status from Central
[AR-1686] – disk space check not recognizing mount point
[AR-1706] – failed update segment (NullPointerException)
[AR-1708] – druid: failed update segment null ptr
[AR-1712] – process progress bar stops working after config page refreshed
[AR-1713] – browsing folders on local data import outputs repeated root folder entries
[AR-1717] – Scroller requires DataTables 1.10.0 or greater’ when opening Mailarchiva in Outlook
[AR-1719] – multitenant: prevent cell text overflow in application list
[AR-1720] – multitenant: task progress bars differ
[AR-1728] – multitenant: merge process view log window empty
[AR-1729] – volume gui issues
[AR-1737] – Threading service start/stop doesn’t work from Config.
[AR-1739] – block on getApplicationPrincipal
[AR-1740] – restart iap connection creates too many threads
[AR-1718] – show only username in tree view (not full email)

6.0.7 (14 February 2018)

[AR-1710] – failed to establish IMAP/SSL connection
[AR-1711] – config must be not be saved on volume store and index path validation failure
[AR-1709] – importing a volume creates new
[AR-1707] – failed to drop old indexes: storage is not opened.
[AR-1705] – multitenant: exchange thread scheduling slow
[AR-1510] – multitenant: reduce number of threads per instance (scalability)

6.0.1 (1 February 2018)

** NOTE: 6.0 license is required for existing customers to upgrade to this version. Login to the MailArchiva website to upgrade your license key.**


[AR-1697] – After success merge, merged volumes are not deleted
[AR-1699] – authentication: cannot authenticate due to no such email addresses!
[AR-1700] – queue doesn’t process queued items on MT
[AR-1701] – logger could be added twice
[AR-1702] – status->chart may generate an exception, causing failure to apply css in other status sections
[AR-1704] – multitenant: failed subscribe app during gsuite authentication


[AR-1698] – decrease number of application processes
[AR-1703] – retrieve customer info during google gsuite authentication

6.0.0 (26 January 2018)

New Feature

[AR-1581] – Archive to object storage (Blackblaze B2, Amazon S3/Glacier, EMC Atmos, OpenStack Swift, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Archival Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and Minio)
[AR-1617] – Two factor SMS authentication using Twilio
[AR-1621] – email authenticity report (DKIM, ARC, S/MIME signature checks)
[AR-1682] – backup to cloud object storage & refactoring
[AR-1690] – multitenant: startup / shutdown performance optimizations


[AR-1681] – GUI folder choose treeview infinitive loop
[AR-1694] – volume merging optimization
[AR-1695] – multitenant: start up and stop optimizations


[AR-1677] – multitenant: use one shared thread pool for queue processing
[AR-1691] – multitenant: simplify auto signup to office 365 / google apps

5.4.1 (29 December 2017)

[AR-1686] – typo in ldap password field

5.4.0 (21 December 2017)

[AR-1685] add captcha to start wizard (bot signup prevention!)


5.3.19 (21 December 2017)

[AR-1668] – doc count in Configuration->Volumes changes to zero when unmount then mount volume
[AR-1683] – volumes not rolled over when size exceeded

5.3.17 (14 December 2017)

[AR-1677] – multitenant: use one shared thread pool for queue processing

5.3.16 (11 December 2017)

[AR-1680] Failed to retrieve LDAP attributes (ArrayList cannot be cast to LinkedList)

5.3.15 (11 December 2017)

[AR-1678] – null ptr on soap web service logout
[AR-1679] – reduce archive file contention on exchange import

5.3.14 (6 December 2017)

[AR-1674] – exchange import: updates not showing in process monitor
[AR-1675] – exchange import: improved error handling
[AR-1676] – exchange import: improved performance

5.3.13 (4 December 2017)

[AR-1672] – code cleanup & performance enhancements

5.3.12 (1 December 2017)

[AR-1665] – send via EWS sends email to everyone instead of logged in user
[AR-1666] – workaround office 365 rate limits
[AR-1667] – umounting volume doesn’t close index
[AR-1669] – exchange import results in 401 error due expired access token
[AR-1670] – display progress during exchange import

5.3.7 (23 November 2017)

[AR-1664] – exchange sync & import retry on timeout

New Feature

[AR-1663] – repair index

5.3.5 (20 November 2017)

[AR-1661] – imap/pop: large no. of Javamail EventQueue threads

5.3.4 (17 November 2017)

[AR-1660] – pst import interrupted

5.3.4 (15 November 2017)

[AR-1658] – protection against same index from being opened more than once at the same time
[AR-1659] – rest web service: class does not specify the type parameter T of GenericType

5.3.2 (1 November 2017)

[AR-1650] – failed to restore items in smtp client queue
[AR-1651] – bad security practice: in import do not reveal full paths on disk
[AR-1654] – message content not displayed in thread view
[AR-1656] – linux: failed map internationalized chars during indexing (unmappable character – wrong charset)

5.3.0 (20 October 2017)

[AR-1644] – AzureADService requestUsers: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: null
[AR-1645] – MailArchiva Cloud: users cannot import PST files
[AR-1647] – multitenant: error being logged to wrong instance
[AR-1648] – failed to write tree:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
[AR-1649] – standardize password length

5.2.18 (28 September 2017)

[AR-1636] – custom roles deleted when license is invalid
[AR-1638] – quota exceeded license error
[AR-1639] – multitenant: switch to azure tid identifier

5.2.17 (19 September 2017)

[AR-1629] – broken queue prevent application start up immediately
[AR-1631] – central top menu not working
[AR-1632] – support for UTF-8 email addresses
[AR-1633] – multitenant: further relaxation of parsing rules for incoming mail addresses
[AR-1634] – multitenant: reject email entirely if no matching app found
[AR-1635] – multitenant: fix rare deadlock on configuration save

5.2.16 (18 September 2017)

[AR-1630] – import button has no effect (bug introduced when fixing struts vulnerability AR-1626)

5.2.15 (12 September 2017)

[AR-1626] fixed struts security vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-1181 and CVE-2016-1182)

5.2.14 (4 September 2017)

[AR-1623] – retrieve blob properties from rest web services
[AR-1624] – user may inadvertently start import from root of file system
[AR-1625] – failed import pst data from user menu
[AR-1616] – rest api get blob return empty stream
[AR-1164] – folder lookup performance slow

5.2.11 (15 August 2017)

[AR-1612] – remove dependency on sun internal crypto classes
[AR-1613] – failed to create graph database: not enough direct memory
[AR-1614] – rest API url redirects to google auth page

5.2.10 (9 August 2017)

[AR-1609] – error during sync: NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/collections4/Predicate
[AR-1610] – export to PDF: failed to add blob :Missing root object specification in trailer

5.2.7 (9 August 2017)

[AR-1606] – intro dialog disabled on invalid license
[AR-1607] – multitenant: prioritize company name over application name in application list
[AR-1608] – routing: malformed message stuck on forward to HA server

5.2.5 (2 August 2017)

[AR-1603] – multitenant: self-service wizard creates temporary apps
[AR-1604] – multitenant: office 365 and gsuite auto configuration fixes


[AR-1578] – no archive notifications on a per connection basis

5.2.4 (27 July 2017)

[AR-1600] – import dialog remembers old drag ‘n dropped pst files
[AR-1601] – pst folder structures not appearing in treeview

5.2.3 (20 July 2017)

[AR-1597] – subetha shouldn’t validate email addresses when receiving smtp traffic
[AR-1598] – can’t write to V1 volumes (bug introduced in 5.1)
[AR-1599] – multitenant: requeue messages destined for non existant application (for safety!)

5.2.2 (18 July 2017)

[AR-1595] – unable to login as admin to rest web service
[AR-1596] – failed to add transport listener to SMTP pool after initialization

5.2.1 (10 July 2017)

[AR-1594] – permanent license may report as temporary

5.2.0 (5 July 2017)

[AR-1591] – fix convert volume
[AR-1590] – NTLM auth now uses TCP transport and not SMB for MSRPC communication (ransomware prevention)

Note: As of this release, Port TCP 445 (SMB) is no longer used during AD authentication. Instead, TCP port 135 – end point mapper,TCP port 49670 – netlogon service and TCP port 49667 – lsarpc services are likely to be used.

5.1.9 (26 June 2017)

Infinite loop when sending a message with no recipients. NPE TransmitMessage.Builder().build()

5.1.8 (22 June 2017)

AR-1583 SMTPClientConnection.shutdown NPE
AR-1571 use office365 EWS to send messages

5.1.7 (15 May 2017)

note: update to this version if using folder view!

[AR-1570] – slow performance to load items when clicking on tree view folder item

5.1.6 (11 May 2017)

[AR-1572] – default smtp notification timeouts too short
[AR-1573] – ability to edit smtp client connection timeouts in console
[AR-1567] – import data from user menu
[AR-1550] – Free license general error reported

5.1.3 (9 May 2017)

[AR-1568] free users run into license issues when performing major version upgrades
[AR-1566] exchange import doesn’t map messages/contacts to folders

5.1.0 (26 April 2017)

[AR-932] – memory leak on export
[AR-1557] – com.stimulus.archiva.exception.NotFoundException: index field not found
[AR-1561] – user friendly invalid license reporting
[AR-1564] – IndexSearcher (memory leak)
[AR-1558] – show export size
[AR-1559] – optimize volume index segments
[AR-1560] – split mailarchiva to searcher and archiver/searcher

5.0.30 (5 April 2017)

[AR-1119] – wrong path when creating new volume
[AR-1538] – test exchange connection outputs “interrupted”
[AR-1552] – SMTP client pool become disabled if test connection executed
[AR-1553] – ArchivaProcess improvements
[AR-1554] – Exchange import/sync refactoring
[AR-1556] – administrators need to login without email address

5.0.29 (27 March 2017)

[AR-1551] – significantly increased SMTP send HA performance

5.0.28 (21 March 2017)

[AR-1085] – reencrypt option not appearing on unreadable volume
[AR-1235] – reencrypt function not working correctly

5.0.27 (20 March 2017)

[AR-1488] – smtp send blocked indefinitely on HA connection
[AR-1548] – branding images not showing correctly in start wizard

5.0.26 (14 March 2017)

[AR-1546] – java.util.NoSuchElementException in smtp server AuthenticationHandlerFactory
[AR-1547] – office 365 sync: remote server returned an error: (401)Unauthorized

5.0.24 (14 February 2017)

[AR-567] – inline attachments not downloadable
[AR-1180] – mailarchiva search doesn’t display in Outlook 2013

5.0.23 (2 February 2017)

[AR-1536] – Outlook display scripting error: Unable to get property supportUpload
[AR-1537] – autosearch skip intervals
[AR-1538] – test exchange connection outputs “interrupted”
[AR-1539] – test iap connection not displaying output

5.0.22 (31 January 2017)

[AR-1535] – Possible indexing mem leak in extreme throughput conditions

5.0.20 (27 January 2017)

[AR-1529] – build analytics less for 100 documents fails
[AR-1530] – some attachments on TNEF messages are not indexed as size is always -1
[AR-1531] – search result size should be equal to headers on message view
[AR-1532] – smtp notification queue not synchronized (may result in mem leak)
[AR-1533] – Druid analytics lib call to file.deleteonexit results in mem leak
[AR-1534] – create memory leak

5.0.18 (24 January 2017)

[AR-1527] – analytics: Cannot merge columns of type[LONG] and [FLOAT]
[AR-1528] – exchange sync exponential backoff

4.15.19 (16 January 2017)

[AR-568] – attachments zero size view from some exchange journal messages
[AR-1526] – orient.core.index.sbtree.local.OSBTree.findBucket Nullpointer

5.0.14 (15 January 2017)

[AR-568] – attachments zero size view from some exchange journal messages
[AR-1511] – support mimecast journal envelope format
[AR-1522] – unable to sync exchange folder due to signature check failure on adal4j.jar
[AR-1526] – orient.core.index.sbtree.local.OSBTree.findBucket Nullpointer

5.0.13 (13 January 2017)

[AR-1523] – restrict size of graph db cache (too much direct memory allocated!)

5.0.12 (12 January 2017)

[AR-1521] – server takes too long to shutdown when outgoing imap connections present
[AR-1520] – option to disable auto threads build
[AR-1522] – unable to sync exchange folder structure due to signature check failure on adal4j.jar

5.0.10 (10 January 2017)

[AR-1514] – graph db recovery: found duplicated key ‘null’ in index ‘v_user.ID’
[AR-1515] – adjust archive thread defaults
[AR-1511] – support mimecast journal envelope format
[AR-1512] – rollback shared thread pool changes
[AR-1513] – queuing engine optimizations

5.0.4 (5 January 2017)

[AR-1510] – multitenant: reduce number of threads per instance (scalability)
[AR-1508] – occasionally closing email view tab invokes a new search

5.0.1 (24 December 2016)

[AR-1500] – error when exporting single document
[AR-1506] – multitenant: graph db consumes high amount of memory with large number of instances

4.15.17 (23 December 2016)

[AR-1506] – multitenant: graph db consumes high amount of memory with large number of instances

5.0.0 (14 December 2016)

This version requires a new license file. These license files will be issued shortly to all customers with valid support contracts. Alternatively, contact for your license.

Refer to for overview of new features

[AR-989] – pst export tree view
[AR-1190] – predictive coding
[AR-1229] – drag ‘n drop import
[AR-1347] – unrecognized documents search
[AR-1349] – search synonym dictionaries
[AR-1362] – PDF export option to include attachment content
[AR-1458] – drag ‘n drop search
[AR-1493] – highlight inside body
[AR-1343] – update index without deletion
[AR-1405] – analytics addition modules
[AR-1469] – convert documents to HTML
[AR-1499] – datatable page checkbox should select/deselect depends on page results

4.15.14 (20 December 2016)

[AR-1503] – switch tika parsing to use WriteOutContentHandler to potentially save memory
[AR-1505] – cannot drop vertex type ‘v_statistic’ because it contains Vertices

4.15.13 (19 December 2016)

[AR-1503] – switch tika parsing to use WriteOutContentHandler to potentially save memory

4.15.12 (5 December 2016)

[AR-1495] – security vulnerability in export include message thread’s
[AR-1498] – clear selection after click smtp transmit
[AR-1497] – queue performance improvement

4.15.11 (18 November 2016)

[AR-1491] – server shutdown prevented by imap idle and adasl

4.15.9 (18 November 2016)

[AR-1490] – downgrade graph db due to excessive memory consumption

4.15.8 (16 November 2016)

[AR-1488] – smtp send blocked indefinitely on HA connection
[AR-1489] – graph db consuming large amount of memory (upgrade database)

4.15.7 (13 November 2016)

[AR-1309] – wrong information regarding free space
[AR-1479] – Malformed input or input contains unmappable characters
[AR-1480] – on message body when view
[AR-1483] – datatables Requested unknown parameter ‘1’ for row 0, column 1
[AR-1484] – select messages on page tail doesn’t work
[AR-1485] – sort unselect all messages
[AR-1486] – search table empty when scrolling

4.15.6 (released 26 October 2016)

[AR-1130] – pdf contents not displayed when click view button in search interface
[AR-1478] – sorting sometimes doesn’t work correctly

4.15.5 (released 24 October 2016)

[AR-1476] – custom fields are not init on journal messages

4.15.3 (released 18 October 2016)

[AR-1465] – better exception handling when indexing troublesome documents

4.15.1 (released 17 October 2016)

[AR-1165] – security vulnerability in message thread view

4.15.0 (released 14 October 2016)

[AR-1473] – export search results in HTML
[AR-1475] – multitenant: simplified & more readable status report with less clutter
[AR-1474] – memory/cpu leak in clone application

4.14.12 (released 12 October 2016)

[AR-1472] – archiving stops due to orient db locking contention

4.14.11 (released 10 October 2016)

[AR-954] – selection/export count mismatch confusing users

4.14.10 (released 21 September 2016)

[AR-588] – server leaking temp files
[AR-1463] – failed get FieldValue from Array value
[AR-1466] – can’t view when click message second time
[AR-1467] – multitenant: ability to specify queue size in ISP console
[AR-1468] – multitenant: add more info application list (license, last received, last archival, receive queue time)

4.14.9 (released 12 September 2016)

[AR-1461] – multitenant: delete apps reappear after restart
[AR-1462] – Folder sync not functioning for newly created database (duplicate key error)

4.14.7 (released 1 September 2016)

[AR-1459] – analytics stats incorrect in presence of do not archive rule

4.14.5/6 (released 19 August 2016)

[AR-1449] – archiving stops due to insufficient direct memory
[AR-1450] – cannot cast icalblob to mimemessage blob statistic
[AR-1451] – exchange import stops due to null ptr exception
[AR-1452] – import from exchange 2007: Enumeration value ArchiveRoot not valid
[AR-1456] – graph db error on upgrade: RecordId cannot support negative cluster id. Found: -659 (#6547)
[AR-1457] – cannot change main logo
[AR-1455] – use tika to parse html
[AR-1454] – can’t import specific ost files

4.14.2 (released 9 August 2016)

[AR-1438] – failed to get body FieldValue for some messages
[AR-1440] – OME FieldValue.getValueStr() for huge files
[AR-1441] – possible infinite loop when processing archive file attachment
[AR-1442] – forward routes not working
[AR-1444] – import of OST files incorrect

4.14.0 (released 26 July 2016)

[AR-1421] – skip InterruptedException on CompactableVolumeStore
[AR-1423] – occasionally prompted to select messages, even though messages are selected
[AR-1420] – logout login link not present in Russian translation
[AR-1425] – auto search not executed
[AR-1426] – select any notice appear when do action
[AR-1430] – webapp and tomcat config moved to /var/opt/mailarchiva/tomcat on Linux
[AR-1431] – webapp and tomcat config moved to C:\ProgramData\MailArchiva\Tomcat on Windows
[AR-1432] – auto update still not functioning correctly (UAC block, startup order problems)

4.13.0 (released 14 July 2016)

[AR-1419] – critical security update (fixes vulnerability – important!!)

4.12.7 (released 6 July 2016)

[AR-1415] – long running data still may not be shown in analytics engine

4.12.5 (released 3 July 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1413] – analytics engine may in rare situations record incorrect counts

4.12.3 (released 30 June 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1019] – user processes security fix
[AR-1406] – old log files are not deleted automatically
[AR-1407] – audit log files are not rollover
[AR-1408] – Audit service index data twice
[AR-1409] – JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC
[AR-1410] – cannot change log level from gui
[AR-1411] – users should not be able to assign a higher role in configuration->logins
[AR-1412] – performance improvements to configuration->volumes page

4.12.2 (released 23 June 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1404] – unresponsive GUI due to websockets deadlock
[AR-1403] – remove creating temp files by name to prevent Malformed exception (internationalization issue)



[AR-1342] – Analytics engine is redesigned to use columnar database (significantly improved performance!)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1127] – write statistics: key size more than allowed
[AR-1311] – analytics: same query returns different results
[AR-1340] – statistic items all occurring at one time of day
[AR-1401] – autoupdate error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/java/trueupdate/manager/spec/tx/Transaction
[AR-1402] – move to Java Runtime (JRE) 1.8

Note: Older versions of MailArchiva embed JRE 1.7, so to ensure JRE 1.8 is installed, a full update from the installer may be required. If HTTPS is setup, please backup your server.xml file in C:\Program Files\MailArchiva\Server\conf\server.xml or /opt/mailarchiva/server/conf/server.xml before performing a full update. Our apologies for the auto update issues being experienced. Please download the entire setup to benefit from future auto updates.


[AR-1397] – rare file handle leak when indexing specific office document


[AR-1394] – cannot export due to malformed input or input contains unmappable characters error
[AR-1395] – select all, selecting only one page
[AR-1396] – skip external #EXT# mailboxes during folder sync and import


[AR-1393] – indexing of X-MCExgest-Recipient and X-MCExgest-Sender fields


[AR-1390] – backup process error null
[AR-1391] – syntax error on ie when loading config page

4.11.6 (released 5 May 2016)

[AR-1389] – saml login: cant see all certificates

4.11.5 released 29 April 2016)

[AR-1388] – auto update not functioning due to resource lookup error
[AR-1387] – creation of separate on-disk index queue (indexing also now visible in charts)

4.10.6 (released 26 April 2016)

[AR-1384] – multitenant: option to delete volume data on delete app

4.10.0 (released 20 April 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1372] – select all should select already present items on page
[AR-1375] – cant authenticate using Basic auth using upper case
[AR-1376] – null ptr exception during saml authentication


[AR-1373] – update milter lib to support Java NIO
[AR-1374] – archiving performance optimization
[AR-1377] – auto setup of office365 and google apps
[AR-1378] – beautify login screen + ability to change background

4.9.5 (released 4 April 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1367] – gui shows convert volume still running even though it is stopped
[AR-1368] – CompactController number format exception
[AR-1371] – index loop quit:Malformed input or input contains unmappable


[AR-1370] – enhancements to retention rule wizard (ability to change field type to date, has attachments etc..)

4.9.4 (released 9 March 2016)

[AR-1364] – unable to access web service API
[AR-1365] – automatically delete queue db on corruption

4.9.3 (released 5 March 2016)

[AR-1358] – records in single PDF export must be sorted according to search order
[AR-1359] – pdf export option to remove export time stamp
[AR-1361] – pdf export move page numbers to left

4.9.2 (released 4 March 2016)

[AR-1344] – IllegalAccessException on ArchiveBlob

4.9.1 (released 16 Feburary 2016)

New Features

[AR-1242] – replace Comet with WebSockets (GUI should be much more responsive!)
[AR-1335] – manual compaction without necessity to unmount
[AR-1339] – ability to change logos from console gui

Bug Fixes

[AR-1193] – multitenant: live notifications often don’t work in central ui
[AR-1223] – multitenant: stopping an instance doesn’t update status (starting does)
[AR-1224] – multitenant: task removed from task list prematurely
[AR-1225] – multitenant: tasks disappear after refreshing the page
[AR-1332] – multitenant: process name says undefined: undefined when execute volume merge from central
[AR-1333] – multitenant: view merge process output empty from central application->top right tasks
[AR-1319] – multitenant: no tasks listed in task manager at top right when running compaction in central

[AR-1320] – undefined still outputted in task description when merge
[AR-1336] – potential for ConcurrentModificationException on send event
[AR-1337] – tika parser error: Could not initialize class com.drew.imaging.jpeg.JpegMetadataReader

4.8.38 (released 11 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1329] – false positive port conflict reported when save config
[AR-1330] – domains page should be loaded on first config login
[AR-1331] – charts not initialized on clean install (when performance.stat not created)
[AR-1326] – OfficeParser: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.drew.lang.RandomAccessReader
[AR-1327] – print debug to eclipse console
[AR-1328] – PDF export: org.zefer.html.doc.b cannot be cast to org.zefer.html.doc.db

4.8.35 (released 6 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1324] – compact lock fix
[AR-1325] – corrupted export on 8GB download

4.8.34 (released 5 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1321] – tighten up licensing routines to eliminate potential for false positives
[AR-1322] – add first and last name to basic user list
[AR-1323] – failed to export to PDF: index out of range: 0

4.8.33 (released 22 January 2016)

[AR-1312] – exchange sync: vertex is not found CPU% at 100%.
[AR-1315] – multitenant: deadlock on startup when checking for smtp listener port conflicts

4.8.32 (released 18 January 2016)

[AR-1306] – multitenant: status updates sent to admin of wrong instance
[AR-1308] – retention rules: cannot delete email

4.8.31(released 29 December 2015)

[AR-1298] – mail dir client connection has no delete button
[AR-1304] – Orient 2.1.8 causing out of memory on solaris
[AR-1305] – upload pst import failed set autodetect
[AR-1303] – failed to load crypto error on windows smb file share

4.8.28 (released 21 December 2015)

[AR-1299] – multitenant: deadlock on startup when multiple SMTP listeners containing port conflict
[AR-1300] – server wont start on freshly installed system (bug introduced recently)
[AR-1301] – potential file handle leak

4.8.24 (released 8 December 2015)

[AR-1003] – read volumes with different password fix
[AR-1295] – outlook 2013 interface scripting error
[AR-1297] – multitenant: max mounted archive files should be specified at central level

4.8.21 (released 4 December 2015)

[AR-759] – sometimes negative disk space is reported
[AR-1293] – comet synchronization fixes
[AR-1294] – volume rollover on volume size not happening

4.8.20 (released 4 December 2015)

[AR-1290] – XLS parsing..Could not initialize class com.drew.imaging.jpeg.JpegMetadataReader

4.8.19 (released 2 December 2015)

[AR-850] – audit log: datatable JSON could not be parsed
[AR-1285] – failed to store attachment:failed to write message to output stream
[AR-1286] – smtp client connection close may stall server shutdown
[AR-1287] – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError on certain charsets (e.g. MS1256)
[AR-1288] – comet error: java.lang.IllegalStateException
[AR-1289] – concurrentmodification on schedulerservice

4.8.15 (released 24 November 2015)

[AR-1280] – incorrectly configured smtp connector can block process completion
[AR-1281] – modifying volumeinfo file on file system doesn’t reload volume config
[AR-1283] – get key store secret not outputting anything (bug introduced in a few point releases back)
[AR-1282] – server cert import: sometimes invalid chain is reported invalid, when in fact is valid

4.8.14 (released 20 November 2015)

[AR-1278] – update aspose email to 5.9.0 library (contains numerous bug fixes to pst handling..)
[AR-1279] – faster exchange/office 365 sync

4.8.13 (released 19 November 2015)

[AR-1269] – upgrade javamail API and java activation framework
[AR-1270] – safety: delete partially written attachments (so they can be rewritten on requeue)
[AR-1271] – sort folder contents outputs search results in folder view
[AR-1274] – office365 may stop syncing after a period
[AR-1275] – cannot upload office 365 manifest on Java Runtime v8

4.8.11 (released 17 November 2015)

[AR-908] – license check performance improvements for huge volumes
[AR-1262] – tree view filter should be case insensitive
[AR-1263] – folder view sorted incorrectly
[AR-1267] – multitenant: limit number of running threads to three
[AR-1266] – deduplicate v2 (with message id)

4.8.10 (released 13 November 2015)

[AR-1257] – office365 doesn’t return all users
[AR-1260] – treeview folder scroll always return first page records

4.8.5 (released 11 November 2015)

[AR-954] – selection/export count mismatch confusing users
[AR-1254] – can’t download manifest after update (IE 11)
[AR-1255] – pst export fails (bug introduced in early 4.8.x)

4.8.2 (released 10 November 2015)

[AR-1252] – volumes config isn’t correctly displayed on IE11
[AR-1247] – ability to specify export label
[AR-1248] – update Java runtime to version 8 (download entire distribution to benefit)
[AR-1249] – update graph db lib

4.8.0 (released 4 November 2015)

[AR-1240] – ability to configure auto logout in Configuration->Logins
[AR-1244] – set aspose pst engine to default
[AR-1245] – pst import: ability to override primary email address
[AR-1246] – pst import: toggle auto detection of primary email address
[AR-1241] – on delete, sometimes mail deleted from store but not index

4.7.21 (released 20 October 2015)

[AR-1237] – google sync fixes & improvements & monitor delete fixes

4.7.18 (released 15 October 2015)

[AR-1227] – multitenent: tasks view log not visible
[AR-1228] – multitenant: summary page shouldn’t show system specific info
[AR-1230] – multitenant: error when logged in as isp admin and accessing any page other than
[AR-1232] – undefined appears on process menu
[AR-1233] – reencrypt volume button cause javascript error
[AR-1234] – office 365 test connection doesn’t work.
[AR-1235] – reencrypt function not working correctly

4.7.17 (released 8 October 2015)

[AR-1220] – cannot authenticate against global catalog server on port 3269
[AR-1221] – self signed certificate limited to three month expiry

4.7.16 (released 2 October 2015)

[AR-1194] – view log in process view shows only first few lines and can show cached content
[AR-1209] – security filtering of search results (events, contacts)
[AR-1210] – event organizer prefixed with MAILTO:
[AR-1211] – cant search contact, event fields
[AR-1215] – Exchange 2007: failed to sync folder items
[AR-1216] – view log shows old view

3.11.17 (released 8 October 2015) [ Back ported changes to V3 ]

[AR-721] – emails missing when received on central smtp server (special case)
[AR-1089] – exchange import/sync of archive folders
[AR-1220] – cannot authenticate against global catalog server on port 3269
[AR-1088] – multitenant: sending email from one instance to another only appears in one

4.7.14 (released 25 September 2015)

[AR-1200] – not obvious date tree view date is selectable
[AR-1205] – users tree view cleared after entering data in filter

4.7.13 (released 22 September 2015)

[AR-1198] – not all emails visible in folder view
[AR-1200] – not obvious date field above tree view is selectable
[AR-1203] – multitenant:deleted applications appear again after server restart
[AR-1204] – multitenant:deleted applications unsubscribe automatically

4.7.12 (released 21 September 2015)

[AR-1188] – Exchange import date restriction doesn’t work
[AR-1195] – AADSTS50034: To sign into this application the account must be added to the d0698a91-23ba-4495-abdb-5864793c48dc directory
[AR-1196] – incorrect validation of server name when office 365 connection added
[AR-1197] – impersonate account not synced office 365

4.7.10 (released 10 September 2015)

[AR-1188] – Exchange import date restriction doesn’t work
[AR-1189] – comet queue can cause possible memory leak

4.7.8 (released 8 September 2015)

[AR-1183] – CompactableVolumeStore wrong exception handling
[AR-1184] – pressing hold button doesn’t immediately update UI with visible hold flag
[AR-1187] – exchange connection: connect to self-signed cert returns “unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

4.7.7 (released 4 September 2015)

[AR-1185] – ability to specify regular expressions in search queries (see: for info on how to conduct regex searches)
[AR-1176] – import all item types from MS Exchange
[AR-1186] – deletion doesn’t reflect immediately in the GUI
[AR-1177] – exchange connection: Host name .. does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer
[AR-1181] – long filename on export lose extension
[AR-1182] – export single file with non ASCII encoding

4.7.5 (released 27 August 2015)

[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-1177] – exchange connection: Host name .. does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer
[AR-1178] – Exchange Server doesn’t support the requested version. (Exchange 2007)
[AR-1179] – PST import: unable to find 1815438926

4.7.3 (released 17 August 2015)

[AR-1164] – slow to view folder items (performance enhancements)
[AR-635] – log file growing catalina.out
[AR-1137] – sorting volumes before save causes problems
[AR-1163] – exchange sync errors outputted in log
[AR-1172] – ability to choose desired accuracy of search in wizard
[AR-1174] – export to individual pdfs results in corrupted pdf files

4.7.1 (released 13 August 2015)

[AR-1170] – error message when saving office365 connection
[AR-1171] – AD auth fails

4.7.0 (released 12 August 2015)

[AR-1013] – dates in search interface must be localised according to browser’s time zone
[AR-1162] – progress indicator needed when folder is clicked on tree view.
[AR-1169] – support for azure login/authentication
[AR-1075] – support for office 365 sync
[AR-1161] – enhanced brute force prevention on web services interface

4.6.16 (released 4 August 2015)

[AR-1158] – google open id login works intermittently (add support for key rotation)
[AR-1159] – failed to update document on index: Stream closed
[AR-1160] – large export can consume all resources and result in denial of service
[AR-1157] – multitenant: logo not taken from instance configuration

4.6.15 (released 31 July 2015)

[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-1150] – aliases not mailboxes displayed in the folder view (exchange sync)
[AR-1152] – cannot export calendar and contact entries
[AR-717] – clicking a user on the tree view, should show users emails
[AR-1153] – option to index stop words (support for precise/legal-discovery exact phrase matches)

4.6.14 (released 28 July 2015)

[AR-1144] – process monitor message duplication
[AR-1145] – exchange user sync fails:Database instance is not set in current thread.
[AR-1146] – license reports invalid for less than 20 users
[AR-1147] – insufficient permission to delete emails from journal mailbox (google monitors)
[AR-1148] – in certain circumstances, server fails to shutdown cleanly

4.6.11 (released 8 July 2015)

[AR-1138] – statistics doesn’t appear to display with custom date range selection
[AR-1139] – multitenant: UI Layout Initialization Error after central admin session timeout
[AR-1141] – content filtering contains operator yields false positives
[AR-1142] – NullPointerException encountered on Exchange 2010 import
[AR-1143] – google with monitors: error while creating monitor {AppsForYourDomainException}

4.6.9 (released 2 July 2015)

[AR-1134] – last Rollover time resets when server is restarted
[AR-1135] – search sentBefore and afterDate control should be in 12 hour format
[AR-1136] – reindex all hangs on second volume

4.6.6 (released 30 June 2015)

[AR-1131] – expired license even though trial is not yet completed
[AR-1125] – body of some internationalized emails not indexed correctly (another special case)
[AR-1126] – very slow loading volumes page with large number of volumes (>100)
[AR-1128] – comet sometimes consumes 39% of CPU and outputs org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException
[AR-1130] – pdf contents not displayed when click view button in search interface

4.6.3 (released 24 June 2015)

[AR-1125] – body of some internationalized emails not indexed correctly (special case)

4.6.0 (released 22 June 2015)

[AR-1122] – multitenant: UI not updated when applications are started/stopped
[AR-1123] – multitenant: top menu must show all processes pertaining to all instances

New Feature

[AR-1124] – multitenant: mandatory domain ownership verification (security feature)

4.5.9 (released 16 June 2015)

[AR-1114] – On IE 11 GUI gradually slows down and eventually locks up
[AR-1116] – inline images not displayed due to skipped loading of image plugin

4.5.7 (released 9 June 2015)

[AR-1113] – clear out duplicate cache on volume close/unmount
[AR-1112] – error message “Unable to find 32962” when importing PSTs without folder structures

4.5.5 (released 5 June 2015)

[AR-1100] – on newer versions of chrome & FF, user interface becomes progressively slower over time
[AR-1110] – multitenant: add task management to central interface
[AR-1111] – status report not sent if server becomes unlicensed

4.5.4 (released 4 June 2015)

[AR-1109] – sometimes when pressing delete, the target items are not deleted

New Feature

[AR-1106] – ability to restrict export, import paths to specific locations

4.5.2 (released 2 June 2015)

[AR-1105] – v1 volumes erroneously marked as unreadable (bug introduced in 4.5.0)

4.5.0 (released 1 June 2015)

[AR-1103] – high cpu overhead during sync
[AR-1104] – closed inputstream occurs during reindexing

New Features

[AR-1102] – option to compact volumes when in an unmounted state

4.4.16 (released 29 May 2015)

[AR-1092] – archiving error: UncheckedExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException (multitenant mode only)
[AR-1093] – google resync only when 404 error is encountered (not any other error)
[AR-1094] – bogus duplicate vs received statistics when google sync enabled

4.4.14 (released 28 May 2015)

[AR-1083] – long standing memory leak fixed (at long last!)
[AR-1089] – exchange import/sync of archive folders
[AR-1090] – add google connection sync wait

4.4.6 (released 21 May 2015)

[AR-1085] – reencrypt option not appearing on unreadable volume
[AR-1086] – further google sync memory optimization
[AR-1087] – added option to sync google folders with monitors
[AR-1088] – multitenant: sending email from one instance to another only appears in one

4.4.5 (released 19 May 2015)

[AR-1081] – proper shutdown of google sync process
[AR-1082] – view email action buttons not displaying correctly
[AR-1084] – codepro code analysis & review

4.4.0 (released 7 May 2015)

New Features:

[AR-1079] – Support for SAML authentication (verified with work with OneLogin)
[AR-1073] – Support for OpenID authentication (verified to work with Google Apps)
[AR-1011] – Google Apps REST compatibility & folder sync

Note: This is update is urgent, important and mandatory for all Google Apps users. Google has deprecated certain API’s. This update updates compatibility with Google Apps. After applying the update, please reconfigure your Google Apps connection at described at$googleappsarchiving

4.3.4 (released 5 May 2015)

[AR-1076] – anonymous LDAP bind fails with property not set or constructed error
[AR-1077] – Exchange 2010 sync: fix primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox
[AR-1078] – length of encryption password standardized to max 30 chars

4.3.3 (released 20 April 2015)

[AR-1071] – change heap space defaults to minimum of 2048mb
Note: server is sluggish if there is too little (<2048mb) or too much RAM (>6144mb) allocated.

4.3.2 (released 13 April 2015)

[AR-1061] – mounting an active volume will result in a closed volume
[AR-1066] – get key store secret ajax lookup fails
[AR-1069] – slow message load with many threads
[AR-1070] – upgrade auto update engine (trueupdate 0.8)

4.3.1 (released 8 April 2015)

[AR-1067] – database fails to start to on new installation (null ptr exception)

4.3.0 (released 27 March 2015)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1059] – duplicate addresses in tree view after import
[AR-1064] – remove selection of theme from general

New Feature

[AR-1040] – Microsoft Lync instant messaging archiving

4.2.15 (released 17 March 2015)

[AR-1056] – NPE when obtaining non existant property from resource file
[AR-1057] – significant improvements to memory utilization of statistics service

4.2.13 / 3.11.13 (released 4 March 2015)

[AR-1054] – server fails to shutdown in time
[AR-1055] – add new application wizard form doesn’t validate required fields

4.2.12 / 3.11.12 (released 2 March 2015)
[AR-1051] – imap import fails (null ptr exception)
[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on ldap attributes

4.2.9 (released 23 Feb 2015)

[AR-1048] – increase speed of analytics page load
[AR-1049] – NPE threads building

4.2.8 / 3.11.10 (released 13 Feb 2015)

[AR-1045] – tiny enhancements
[AR-1046] – update third party PST export lib (fixes a number of export bugs)
[AR-1047] – empty subject lines in export index.html

4.2.6 / 3.11.9 (released 12 Feb 2015)

[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-1042] – install script relies on deprecated netstat
[AR-1043] – quick view in user folder doesn’t work

4.2.5 (released 10 Feb 2015)

[AR-1036] – option to include threaded messages in export
[AR-1039] – custom email header support
[AR-1041] – exchange import processed far too many duplicate entries

4.2.1 / 3.11.6 (released 3 Feb 2015)

[AR-1037] – emails with unsupported encodings are pushed back to the mail server (bug introduced in v4.2.0 and 3.11.5)

4.2.0 (released 28 Jan 2015)

[AR-1021] – ipad and mobile interface compatibility

4.1.15 3.11.5 (released 26 Jan 2015)

[AR-1028] – process visibility fix
[AR-1027] – volume status fixes
[AR-1023] – optimizations to reduce CPU usage

4.1.12 (released 17 Jan 2015)

[AR-1022] – graph database fails to start on corrupted journal files
[AR-1020] – automatic logout after session expired

4.1.11 (released 14 Jan 2015)

[AR-1019] – security fix: users can see each others exports

4.1.10 / 3.11.3 (released 12 Jan 2015)

[AR-1016] – kill -15 does not shutdown server correctly
[AR-1017] – jms messaging queue retries prevent server from shutting down on kill -15
[AR-1018] – possible dangling file reference / memory leak occurring during reindex

4.1.8 (released 7 Jan 2015)

[AR-1015] – Fixed critical role view filtering security bug (introduced in 4.1.7)

4.1.7 / 3.11.2 (released 30 Dec 2014)

[AR-921] – duplication of search table headers in IE7 and Outlook 2010
[AR-1006] – smtp connection require tls not working
[AR-1009] – solaris stopserver
[AR-1014] – server takes long time to start on graph db corruption
[AR-1008] – export progress does not appear in process monitor on large export (unless page refreshed)
[AR-1013] – date on search result must be on browser timezone.

4.1.7 New Feature

[AR-1005] – search macros for visa, mastercard, amex and social security numbers

4.1.6 / 3.11.0 (released 10 Dec 2014)

[AR-999] – duplicate debug lines outputted

4.1.6 New Features

[AR-1004] – content filtering body and attachment matching
[AR-1003] – read volumes with different password

4.1.3 / 3.10.29 (released 2 Dec 2014)

[AR-1000] – multitenant app not created based on template when created via centralAPI
[AR-1001] – volume rollover INIT fix
[AR-1002] – archiving threads limited to six, not as defined in gui
[AR-988] – unmounted status not visible in the gui

4.1.2 New Features

[AR-997] – export to zip (eml, msg, etc.) outputs searchable html index

4.1.2 / 3.10.28 (released 27 Nov 2014)

[AR-995] – mount unreadable volumes
[AR-996] – file handle may not been released on windows after Aspose PST import

4.1.1 / 3.10.27 (released 20 Nov 2014)

[AR-993] – on rare occasions, reindexing stops due to infinite loop in FontBox when handling specific glyph
[AR-994] – exchange import may never finish importing as loops from top folder again

4.1.0 New Features

[AR-992] – export from tree view (right click user/folder in tree view)

3.10.26 / 4.1.0 (released 15 Nov 2014)

[AR-806] – trouble loading tags
[AR-957] – orient db multithreading write lock
[AR-991] – app provisioning: newly created volume status is incorrectly set to INIT

4.1.0 New Features:

[AR-984] – merge volumes
[AR-989] – add folders to PST export

3.10.25 (released 27 Oct 2014)

[AR-990] – SMTP forward not functioning correctly

4.0.7 (released 22 Oct 2014)
[AR-983] – heavy traffic rcvd during startup can cause internal archiving engine not start
[AR-985] – charts not displaying correct on IE8 and below
[AR-986] – clicking save in configuration mounts all volumes. it can take a unusually long time complete.
[AR-987] – save config on smtp client setting can initiate recovery process (can take a while to complete)

3.10.24 (released 22 Oct 2014)
[AR-986] – clicking save in configuration mounts all volumes. it can take a unusually long time complete.
[AR-987] – save config on smtp client setting can initiate recovery process (can take a while to complete)

3.10.23 (released 21 Oct 2014)
[AR-983] – heavy traffic rcvd during startup can cause internal archiving engine not start
[AR-985] – charts not displaying correct on IE8 and below

4.0.6 / 3.10.22 (releasd 17 Oct 2014)
[AR-980] – improve accuracy of license check
[AR-981] – archiving thread starvation when importing from exchange
[AR-982] – search results not highlighted

4.0.5 / 3.10.21 (released 15 Oct 2014)
[AR-973] – slow insertion of vertexes when building threads [4.0.5 only]
[AR-976] – prettify html 400-404 error code pages
[AR-972] – possible null ptr on smtp forward
[AR-974] – add client connection and backup queue size to status summary
[AR-975] – error page displays raw html
[AR-977] – volumeinfo not created when add volume via soap api
[AR-979] – smtp client connection retry attempts hard coded to three
[AR-978] – ability to recover orphaned blobs in smtp queue (support for SMTP forwarding only)

4.0.4 / 3.10.20 (released 13 Oct 2014)
[AR-971] – archiving thread stops when encountering zip attachment with WinZip AES encrypted zip entries

3.10.19 / 4.0.3 (released 10 Oct 2014)
[AR-963] – view message script error outlook 2013
[AR-964] – email send always uses first smtp connection, not default
[AR-965] – SMTP forward must use same rcpt-to as receive
[AR-966] – trivial script error on process monitor
[AR-967] – possible null ptr when processing specific calendar entries/to do tasks
[AR-968] – default garbage collection -XX:+AggressiveOpts param may cause OME on Windows platform
[AR-969] – SMTP HA connector may not send emails with invalid recipient info
[AR-970] – possible null ptr during folder sync

4.0.0 (released 7 Oct 2014) [MAJOR VERSION UPGRADE]
Please note: upgrading to this version requires a valid support contract and a new license file. Contact to obtain an updated license file.

[??-???] Social Charts – Visualize the relationships between people in any given result set
[??-???] Analytics – Generate and analyze comprehensive statistics on the nature of the mail traffic flowing through your organization.
[??-???] Message Threads – View hierarchical message threads.
[??-???] Dynamic Task Monitor – Monitor the progress of a task (e.g. export) from any section in the web console.
[??-???] REST – API Simplified search, retrieval and archival of data using REST API.

3.10.17 (released 6 Oct 2014)
[AR-961] tree view doesn’t show up for users assigned user role

3.10.15 (released 3 Oct 2014)
[AR-953] – slow speed load of search results on IE
[AR-958] – charts and status summary not updated automatically on IE 11
[AR-959] – scripting error on Outlook 2013

3.10.14 (released 1 Oct 2014)
[AR-774] – audit.csv max history is 1000 (change to 2^31-1)
[AR-952] – block receive queue / retry later when diskspace low
[AR-954] – export selection no longer deduplicates across volumes (selection/export count mismatch confusing users)
[AR-956] – difficulty exporting emails with X400 addresses to PST format
[AR-955] – restrict queue sizes to user defined value
[AR-?] – memory optimizations

3.10.10 (released 4 Sept 2014)
[AR-949] – license is invalid for less than 20 mailboxes
[AR-950] – null ptr when sending single message from view message

3.10.8 (released 1 Sept 2014)
[AR-947] – getTotalHits() via web services API returns null ptr
[AR-948] – volume close date not set on close

3.10.7 (released 27 Aug 2014)
[AR-946] – lower memory consumption when exporting huge amount of emails
[AR-945] – isp wizard loaded once

3.10.6 (released 25 Aug 2014)
[AR-940] – CSV outputted incorrectly
[AR-942] – Already closed exception occasionally thrown by TFileInputStream during indexing
[AR-943] – crash proof queueing storage
[AR-944] – more resilent shutdown procedure

3.10.2 (released 17 Aug 2014)

[AR-937] – further memory optimizations
[AR-938] – improve archiving performance

3.9.23 (released 12 Aug 2014)
[AR-935] – zipped mbox export has .eml extension
[AR-936] – on rare occasions zipped pdf export omits a file

3.9.22 (released 11 Aug 2014)
[AR-930] – change logo in isp edition
[AR-932] – memory leak on export
[AR-934] – option to auto restart IMAP/POP connection if nothing archived for a period
[AR-931] – initial sort order not respected

3.9.20 (released 25 July 2014)

[AR-921] – duplication of search table headers in IE and Outlook 2010
[AR-922] – SSO works only when explicitly specifying, not on base URL
[AR-926] – friendly logon error message hints
[AR-923] – faster login (elimination of screendetect)
[AR-924] – multitenant: lowercase app name & strip whitespace
[AR-925] – nullptr exception when executing search query from web services interface[

3.9.18 (released 21 July 2014)

[AR-920] – null ptr at google login
[AR-919] – deobfuscation of JMX Beans
[AR-915] – occasionally null ptr on purge emails
[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-917] – some settings lost when switching to free mode
[AR-918] – enterprise mailboxes less than twenty free
[AR-823] – compact volume data on a periodic basis

3.9.14 (released 16 July 2014)

[AR-913] – cannot import certificate
[AR-914] – javascript error on configuration->logs page
[AR-912] – search using date range yield zero results (incorrect precision step)

3.9.11 (released 15 July 2014)

[AR-908] – license check improvements for huge volumes
[AR-911] – fix rendering issues in IE (console.log not supported)
[AR-910] – improved scrolling of search results

3.9.10 (released 10 July 2014)

[AR-906] – negative volume doc counts (in specific circumstances)
[AR-907] – server shutdown issue
[AR-909] – cannot select items for deletion (under certain conditions)
[AR-872] – mass deletion is time consuming, ought to show progress bar

3.9.9 (released 9 July 2014)

[AR-597] – out of memory when indexing some excel documents
[AR-902] – export file gets deleted when configuration page reloads
[AR-903] – improved handling of X400 addresses
[AR-904] – pst import ignores messages with clss ipm.note.pammessage

3.9.8 (released 4 July 2014)

[AR-897] – upgrade lucene to 4.9.0
[AR-898] – thread safe static code analysis refactoring
[AR-899] – pdfbox upgrade to 1.8.6

3.9.7 (released 2 July 14)

[AR-791] – huge export file’s after download show as corrupted
[AR-895] – day chart not displaying accurate info
[AR-896] – export accuracy fix

3.9.6 (released 30 June 14)

[AR-894] – pst export cant handle multiple threads
[AR-893] – database vertex merging

3.9.5 (released 27 June 14)

[AR-703] – Search immediately at login option logic broken
[AR-742] – search result page does not scrolls to position it was before
[AR-809] – reset search doesn’t reset correctly
[AR-891] – clicking a user on the tree view load’s all available results
[AR-892] – “select all” doesn’t work on additional view tab’s
[AR-889] – search after set to future dates.
[AR-890] – “select all” or “deselect all” improvements

3.9.4 (released 23 June 14)

[AR-885] – reindex error: null
[AR-886] – POP: better handling of folder already closed
[AR-887] – search performance improvements with huge indexes (>20M docs)

3.9.1 (released 14 June 14)

[AR-879] – archiving stops due to deadlock on Java API method Charset.availableCharsets() (RFR 8012326)
3.9.0 (released 13 June 14)

[AR-875] – index warmup to improve performance of first search
[AR-876] – faster pagination while utilizing less memory
[AR-877] – minimize indexing pauses during heavy archiving
[AR-878] – handle OME when indexing large attachments

3.8.31 (released 3 June 14)
[AR-870] – improve search performance, esp with large indexes (upgrade lucene & improve reuse of indexreaders)

3.8.30 (released 2 June 14)

[AR-869] – possible for broker to start twice on start due to large number of orphaned emails in receive queue

3.8.29 (released 29 May 14)

[AR-867] – pst import tree view doesn’t work


[AR-865] – index shutdown error when reindexing a volume
[AR-866] – failed to add attendee:Illegal character in opaque part at index


[AR-864] – aspose library evaluation license mode


[AR-555] – поÑÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ????????????ÑÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ????????????а 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-862] – admin can assign to other roles, the set of permissions assigned to it
[AR-863] – archive rules referencing composite fields not being applied correctly
[AR-859] – cannot purge emails


[AR-853] – auto update notifications too noisy (changed to once per week)
[AR-857] – press hold removes email data from index
[AR-858] – added friendly hints to status notification


[AR-850] – DataTable JSON could not be parsed
[AR-852] – queue size not updating correctly in status summary
[AR-854] – failed to load volume info: Comparison method violates its general contract!
[AR-856] – certain role permissions missing after upgrading to v3 from v2

3.8.23 (released 14 May 14)

[AR-842] – press “hold” button removes selected emails from search result.
[AR-843] – search by exact file extension return empty results
[AR-844] – configuration->volumes slow to display on start
[AR-845] – nosuchmethod error in POI’s XWPFPictureData.getChecksum()
[AR-846] – concurrentmodification in ArchiveFilter checkAdvancedRules (very rare!)
[AR-847] – volume doc count not updated dynamically in status->volume
[AR-848] – graceful shutdown

3.8.21 (released 07 May 14)

[AR-811] – auto index add supporting embedded type of List
[AR-832] – export search result to csv
[AR-833] – import and export buttons look greyed out in IE
[AR-834] – bottom of Configuration section cut off & missing scroll bar in IE
[AR-835] – Script error in Configuration page in IE
[AR-837] – very slow reindex perfomance
[AR-838] – orientdb index doesn’t work
[AR-839] – reindex: attempt to unlock read lock, not locked by current thread

3.8.19 (released 28 April 14)

[AR-831] – increase default PermGen size to 192M
[AR-823] – compact volume data on a periodic basis

3.8.18 (released 24 April 14)

[AR-826] – failed to index attachment due to null ptr on tmp file write
[AR-827] – delete application fails to remove app config from filesystem (multitenant)
[AR-828] – upgrade queing engine (activemq) and aspose email processing libs
[AR-829] – application status not outputted during start/stop (multitenant)

3.8.17 (released 22 April 14)

[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-824] – pagination outputting incorrect results (bug introduced a few versions back)

3.8.16 (released 15 April 14)

[AR-822] – lucene libraries upgraded to 4.7.2

3.8.15 (released 14 April 14)

[AR-819] – existing volumes showing as init/unreadable

3.8.14 (released 8 April 14)

[AR-798] – duplicate Top of Personal Folders in tree view
[AR-799] – Tree view folder with empty name
[AR-806] – load of tags doesn’t work
[AR-809] – reset search doesn’t reset search results
[AR-810] – delete of tags doesn’t work
[AR-812] – failed to convert db on windows: use of posix permission
[AR-813] – user should be prevented from editing higher roles than they are assigned
[AR-814] – update google connection client libs
[AR-815] – export to MBOX format
[AR-816] – google monitor registration fails: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
[AR-817] – sending of events too noisy

3.8.13 (released 29 March 14)

[AR-805] – refactoring of orphan blob processing (overcomes side effects such as high CPU)
[AR-706] – switch to durable graph database storage format (local->plocal)
[AR-789] – lazy load search result contains wrong records (NB: security fix!)
[AR-807] – faster reindex (uncomment parallel reindex code)
[AR-808] – pst import has potential to cause OME (due to too many threads)

Note: After applying this update, server may take ten minutes or more to startup. This is due to conversion of database. Wait until server startup completes. Do not interrupt the process.

3.8.11 (released 24 March 14)

[AR-804] – failed to write blob:failed to write blob (JRE update)
[AR-800] – search performance improvements
[AR-801] – misc find bug fixes

To obtain an update [AR-804] above, it is necessary to download the entire distribution and run the setup.

3.8.10 (released 20 March 14)

[AR-795] – search via web services returns failed to execute search query
[AR-796] – This stopwatch is already running

3.8.9 (released 12 March 14)

[AR-789] – lazy load search result contains wrong records.
[AR-790] – rollover log files not working
[AR-792] – performance.stat files grows very large and affects server startup time.

3.8.8 (released 10 March 14)

[AR-776] – audit query builder doesn’t work
[AR-777] – search builder criteria added each time search page is loaded
[AR-778] – cant find attachments starting with zero
[AR-781] – ability to specify initial date range for search (in Config->Search)
[AR-782] – ability to specify search volume strategy (e.g. search only specific volumes)
[AR-784] – some notifications sent out too frequently (spamming administrator)
[AR-785] – deduplication not working correctly for gmail envelopes
[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-787] – high memory utilization when syncing large messages
[AR-788] – Timeout on acquiring exclusive lock against resource of class: class com.orientechnologies.common.concur.resource.OSharedResourceAdaptiveExternal
[AR-783] – remove duplicate email addresses from principal

3.8.7 (released 27 Feb 14)

[AR-772] – Exchange test/import/sync error: The primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox.

3.8.6 (released 27 Feb 14)

[AR-774] – audit.csv max history is 7
[AR-775] – email address extraction from email value field should be case insensitive (broken in 3.8.5)

3.8.5 (released 26 Feb 14)

[AR-771] – null ptr exception when loading chart statistics on startup
[AR-773] – query input space dissapears when search reset button clicked

3.8.4 (released 25 Feb 14)

[AR-770] – update of exchange connection libraries
[AR-763] – failed to import OST file
[AR-765] – server stopped archiving notification not sent
[AR-766] – message export to zip slow and possibly unreliable
[AR-767] – volume bulk export to .eml ignores sender and recipient fields
[AR-768] – start wizard prompts for master username, but it is never used
[AR-769] – catalina.out always contains trace of javax.mail

3.8.3 (released 14 Feb 14)

[AR-761] – process monitor not showing text (broken in 3.8.2)
[AR-762] – internal error on exchange connection test/import/sync

3.8.2 (released 13 Feb 14)

[AR-752] – week and day charts not showing correctly
[AR-753] – ldap attribute lookup incorrectly checks for role assignment
[AR-754] – server status reports archiving has stopped, even though it hasn’t
[AR-757] – no data outputted to backup volume
[AR-758] – status chart time incorrect in certain time zones
[AR-759] – sometimes negative disk space is reported
[AR-760] – immediate search option in configuration->search has no effect
[AR-755] – sort applications in central
[AR-756] – ignore mail contacts in AD lookup

3.8.1 (released 13 Feb 14)

Build error

3.8.0 (released 7 Feb 14)

[AR-751] – newly created volume has ejected status (due to AR-749 fix below)

3.7.22 (released 5 Feb 14)

[AR-748] – volume create date changing to current date on save
[AR-749] – volume with missing volumeinfo is marked with status NEW, should be EJECTED
[AR-750] – during PST export aspose lib reports classnotfound for class “”

3.7.21 (released 4 Feb 14)

[AR-746] – process status window not updating (for example during test connection)[AR-747] – in some time zones, status chart time off by an hour or two

3.7.20 (released 3 Feb 14)

[AR-741] – search query is not saved when refresh page
[AR-745] – multitenant account on mailarchiva server is deactivated:null
[AR-744] – class not found on latest version of JRE (due to missing XaDes library)

3.7.19 (released 1 Feb 14)

[AR-741] – search query is not saved when refresh page
[AR-742] – search result page scrolls to position it was before
[AR-743] – update lucene, pdfbox, aspose libs

3.7.18 (released 31 Jan 14)

[AR-734] – saved certificates go missing in multitenant mode
[AR-735] – script error in outlook
[AR-736] – unreliable behaviour of send function
[AR-738] – multitenant null ptr when starting app (results in licensing issues)
[AR-739] – notifications not clearing
[AR-740] – not all initial sort fields available

3.7.17 (released 27 Jan 14)

[AR-729] – failed to write to temporary file:null
[AR-732] – start wizard not always showing up[AR-733] – central web services API broken

3.7.16 (released 14 Jan 14)

[AR-721] – emails missing when received on central smtp server (special case)
[AR-724] – scheduled backup generating duplicate entries
[AR-725] – context sensitive help does not work with HTTPS console access

3.7.14 (released 12 Jan 14)

[AR-719] – autoupdate breaks due to stack overflow on higher logging levels
[AR-720] – latest update occasionally doesn’t appear on start
[AR-722] – archiving stops due to license check consuming large amount of virtual memory
[AR-723] – improvements in search performance
[AR-724] – email discarded by central’s smtp server sent to trash.log in debug log location

3.7.13 (released 8 Jan 14)

[AR-718] – AD Multidomain NTLM auth with UPN
[AR-717] – clicking a user on the tree view, should show users emails

3.7.12 (released 19 Dec 13)

[AR-702] – audit.csv contains wrong records
[AR-703] – Search immediately when login logic broken.
[AR-704] – queue files restore doesn’t working
[AR-705] – debug.log contains audit.csv records
[AR-707] – sent before and sent after date changes after search
[AR-708] – negative free space
[AR-710] – audit.csv doesn’t add any records when log level is not INFO
[AR-711] – com.stimulus log records missing on file
[AR-713] – volume reencryption not recognizing valid encryption password
[AR-714] – backup volumes not being created correctly
[AR-715] – unreadable volumes not being detected correctly (on new volumes)
[AR-716] – volume disk space checks not being applied on rollover

3.7.11 (released 04 Dec 13)

[AR-700] – status reports not going out for ee users
[AR-701] – reencrypt function incorrectly hashes reencryption password

3.7.8-3.7.10 (released 27 Nov 13)

[AR-669] – startup time very slow due to unnecessary read check on older volumes
[AR-698] – add support for encrypted volume passphrase in reencrypt
[AR-697] – isp wizard null ptr

3.7.7 (released 18 Nov 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-687] – changing AD authentication settings in Enterprise mode required a restart
[AR-696] – server in multitenant mode wont start due when ROOT instance present

3.7.6 (released 16 Nov 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-689] – imail authentication broken with null ptr exception
[AR-691] – trial period not enabled on first install
[AR-694] – progress bar not working right in status->processes
[AR-692] – simplify and clarify search export options
[AR-693] – possible null pointer on AD lookup
[AR-688] – System Status > Processes does not display (during/after import)

3.7.3 (released 31 Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-680] – multitenant treeview not updated on app create
[AR-681] – central smtp server not fowarding traffic to instances
[AR-682] – expired license erroneously showing in multitenant mode

3.7.2 (released 31 Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-655] – office365 imap: message number (56354) out of bounds (56353)
[AR-671] – Cannot authenticate by user principal name in AD NTLM auth
[AR-672] – licence check count includes disabled users in Active Directory
[AR-674] – volumes list can take a while to load in configurations
[AR-675] – error opening messages stored with v3.1.x
[AR-676] – volume export not respecting start and end date period
[AR-677] – time part ignored in search and audit date selection
[AR-678] – volume reindex progress bar not updating correctly
[AR-670] – select message popup appears on export in single message view

New Features

[AR-673] – reencrypt volumes from within the server console
[AR-679] – lookup password to keystore from certificates in server console

3.7.0 / 3.7.1 (released 16/Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-663] – in message view, on send click, pop up to select a message appears
[AR-667] – cannot change logo in mailarchiva mt mode
[AR-668] – archiving stopping if blueprints.getCreateDate()==null


[AR-660] – status reports and notifications for isp administrators
[AR-661] – select multitenant or single tenant mode on wizard completion, not first url access
[AR-662] – major refactoring of autoupdate engine
[AR-520] – ability to choose blob type in archive, retention, filtering rules
[AR-521] – list of available archive/retention/filtering rule fields should be dependent on selected blob category

New Feature

[AR-645] – DLP (data leak prevention). see new content filtering options.
[AR-656] – application clone

3.6.5 (released 20/Sept 13)

[AR-647] – central tree view doesn’t always update correctly (sometimes clears)
[AR-649] – save search results works, but it is incorrectly displaying save popup
[AR-650] – save dialog not working on free version
[AR-651] – cant view a message due to NPE
[AR-652] – view keyboards shortcuts (prev, next) overload browser
[AR-648] – write tokenizer for memberOf (AD groups analyzed)

3.6.4 (released 17/Sept 13)

[AR-624] – no selection message should be displayed if action performed and nothing selected
[AR-644] – server not shutting down correctly
[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on active directory user groups

3.6.3 (released 11/Sept 13)

[AR-641] – AD license count incorrect
[AR-642] – Direct import from Exchange import processing same mailboxes over and over (many duplicates)

3.6.2 (released 10/Sept 13)

[AR-637] – enterprise users cannot login
[AR-638] – autoupdate client is not available on windows install
[AR-639] – wrong encoding when view message

3.6.0 (released 6/Sept 13)

[AR-633] – backup storing data in V1 format
[AR-632] – new auto update engine
[AR-634] – multi tenancy (Mailarchiva is now cloud ready)

3.5.14 (released 20/Sept 13)

[AR-649] – save search results works, but it is incorrectly displaying save popup
[AR-650] – save dialog not working on free version
[AR-651] – cant view a message due to NPE
[AR-652] – view keyboards shortcuts (prev, next) overload browser
[AR-648] – write tokenizer for memberOf

3.5.13 (released 16/Sept 13)

[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on active directory user groups (see online help)

3.5.12 (released 23/Aug 13)

[AR-612] – message body not present on view when reply from iPhone
[AR-608] – Local email address contains control or whitespace when parsing some tnef
[AR-613] – Export search results NPE
[AR-614] – export message from view doesn’t work
[AR-620] – search selection not clearing between searches
[AR-621] – keyboard short cuts on view doesn’t work
[AR-623] – email addresses not remembered on send message dialog
[AR-625] – AutoSearchService does’t work
[AR-628] – blob xml config files have erroneous entries
[AR-630] – lucene merge occurs too frequently
[AR-631] – Export shouldn’t save temp files under Program Files path. Windows UAC dont like.

3.5.11 (released 29/July 13)

[AR-609] – lucene use of virtual memory too aggressive
[AR-610] – update lucene libraries to 4.4.0

3.5.10 (released 25/July 13)

[AR-606] – remove logging context selector in startserver
[AR-604] – start wizard does not complete on Windows (error while saving server.conf)
[AR-605] – lucene has difficulty allocating mapped buffer on some linux configurations

3.5.9 (released 23/July 13)

[AR-600] – difficulty exporting envelope journal messages
[AR-601] – server.conf file can be deleted when save settings
[AR-602] – save search doesn’t work

3.5.8 (released 15/July 13)

[AR-574] – aspose library causing indexing to hang when processing specific office documents
[AR-595] – statistics engine unnecessarily opens indexes every second (cpu / IO utilization unnecessarily high)
[AR-597] – out of memory when indexing some excel documents
[AR-598] – periodic failed to write blob: FsReadOnlyArchiveFileSystemException (specific versions of Windows only)

3.5.7 (released 9/July 13)

[AR-574] – parsing of office documents leaking memory during indexing (swapped out Aspose in place of POI)
[AR-593] – user’s old email addresses are retained

3.5.6 (released 9/July 13)

[AR-592] – web services commented out

3.5.5 (released 5/July 13)

New Features

[AR-589] – search option to control whether to search or not on first search page load
[AR-590] – slow performance due to blobfield.getValue() loading from DB unnecessarily
[AR-591] – update activemq, javamail and truevfs libraries to latest versions

Bug FIxes

[AR-588] – server leaking temp files

3.5.4 (released 3/July 13)

New Features

[AR-570] – add next/previous to scroll messages on view
[AR-586] – keyboard shortcuts

Bug Fixes

[AR-578] – status report sent before queue db is started
[AR-579] – deadlock on reindex.
[AR-581] – searching all does not appear to include body
[AR-582] – license check on ISP Edition instances occurs at same time
[AR-583] – status report can be sent before smtp queue has started
[AR-585] – role and archiving rule matching should be case insensitive (as in V2)

3.5.3 (released 26/June 13)

New Features

[AR-556] – audit log files must be compressed when rollover

Bug Fixes

[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-510] – searches with NOT are not working
[AR-555] – 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-566] – action on audit log doesn’t appear
[AR-568] – attachments zero size view from some exchange journal messages
[AR-571] – cant download image attachments from view
[AR-573] – view of attachments doesn’t work most cases
[AR-575] – File descriptor leak
[AR-577] – text files doesn’t indexed
[AR-539] – search with NOT return empty result
[AR-572] – export of 1 or 2 blobs sometime doesn’t working
[AR-569] – SMTP client must save connection mode

3.5.2 (released 12/June 13)

[AR-559] – Role restriction with “” are not working
[AR-562] – some attachments are not indexed
[AR-567] – inline attachments not downloadable

3.5.1 (released 5/June 13)

[AR-522] – search return 0 but records are available
[AR-546] – overlapped field text
[AR-552] – null string outputted when save newly created empty connections
[AR-553] – forward route has SMTP client null
[AR-554] – smtp client connection aligned middle
[AR-555] – 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-557] – emails not being deleted in IMAP retrieval
[AR-558] – Cannot send emails due to class cast exception

3.5.0 (released 30/May 13)

New Features

Exchange and PST folder view
Calendar and contact archiving
Time machine – see change in folder structure over time
Export to PST, MSG and TIFF (with progress indicator)
Export catalog file
Import MSG, and PST folder structure
Infinite search

Bug Fixes

[AR-542] – no name folder appears when importing enron data
[AR-541] – database is closed
[AR-530] – tag name on query builder
[AR-529] – java util logging, commons logging need move to logback
[AR-528] – init treeview when data availible
[AR-527] – reset search must reset selected items
[AR-526] – mailarchiva v2.8, v3.1 backward compatibility
[AR-525] – outlook compatibility
[AR-524] – sorting working, but sort with wrong results
[AR-523] – HOLD/UNHOLD doesn’t working
[AR-519] – sort doesn’t working when loading items from treeview
[AR-517] – sometimes changing query criteria results in same query results
[AR-516] – removing criteria lines does not change search query
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table
[AR-534] – SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet action threw exception java.lang.NullPointerException
[AR-538] – SMTP CR or LF in data stream
[AR-540] – no such method on chinese analyzer
[AR-542] – no name folder appears when importing enron data
[AR-545] – balloon tip permanent on IE
[AR-546] – overlapped field text
[AR-547] – composite archive rules not processed
[AR-548] – not all fields with archive usage across all blobs are displayed

3.1.16 (released 5/April 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-2] – diamonds appears on content when some pst importing
[AR-501] – send status report / emails (class cast error)
[AR-506] – message headers display wrong format From: “=?utf-8?Q?……
[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table

3.1.16 (released 5/April 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-2] – diamonds appears on content when some pst importing
[AR-501] – send status report / emails (class cast error)
[AR-506] – message headers display wrong format From: “=?utf-8?Q?……
[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table

3.1.15 (released 25/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-3] – cookies save passwords on first install
[AR-502] – download attachment not working
[AR-503] – infinite loop on PST import

3.1.13 (released 5/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-347] – internal db must be regenerated on kill -9
[AR-348] – server fails to startup on due to failed delete permission check in tmp directory

3.1.12 (released 4/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-277] – Sending email dialog format
[AR-345] – prefix query not working (john*)
[AR-346] – ability to specify alternate email attribute and value for AD Logins


[AR-344] – ability to add fields dynamically

3.1.11 (released 19/Feb 12)

[AR-326] cut off checkboxes in search page when accessed from Outlook

3.1.10 (released 18/Feb 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-324] – query wizard not working with date’s selection
[AR-325] – retention rule not being applied
[AR-326] – cut off checkboxes in search page when accessed from Outlook

3.1.9 (released 14/Feb 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-314] – tick boxes in search results not showing correctly in IE 10 on Win 2008
[AR-315] – exchange logging messages sent via SMTP as duplicates
[AR-317] – status reports not sent
[AR-319] – query wizzard very slow on container plugin
[AR-320] – message export returns journal envelope no matter if original message is selected
[AR-321] – PDF export outputs fewer basic headers than it should


[AR-318] – improve reliability of PST import
[AR-322] – italian and german language resource files need update
[AR-323] – overcome exchange de-duplication by adding ability to send emails as attachments

3.1.8 (released 26/Jan 13)

[AR-313] – scheduled backup not working

3.1.6 (released 24/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-311] – volumes page not shown when italian language is selected
[AR-301] – when sending emails, emails corresponding with discontinued mailboxes do not arrive
[AR-302] – send dialog is not displayed correctly when sending from within Outlook
[AR-303] – search results from web services API missing sent and received date
[AR-305] – from should come before to in search results
[AR-306] – deduplication are not working
[AR-307] – smtp client cache files are not deleted
[AR-308] – SMTPClientConnection NullPointerException
[AR-309] – imap archiving stopping when process unread only selected


[AR-310] – update truevfs to latest version

3.1.5 (released 10/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-297] – server not starting due to typo in sun-jaxws.xml
[AR-298] – emails being indexed irrespective of archive rule wishes (archive works fine)
[AR-299] – email addresses are not showed on view source
[AR-300] – debug message could not delete message from index

3.1.4 (released 8/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-295] – web service is disabled (ISP edition cannot communicate)
[AR-296] – missing resource entries

3.1.3 (released 27/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-293] – null ptr on send status report as ‘Fixed

New Features

[AR-294] – high availability (refer to for more info)

3.1.2 (released 19/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-289] – volumes page disappear when reindex
[AR-290] – performance slow due to call to Matcher.find() in journal report parsing
[AR-291] – archiving stoppage due to potential infinite loop when processing large emails

New Features

[AR-292] – support for antivirus scanning using clamd

3.1.0 (released 11/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-279] – problem encountered when clicking on .eml files
[AR-280] – failed to replay/send messages back to mail server
[AR-281] – users cannot login when password has “§” character in his password

New Features

[AR-139] – message tagging
[AR-287] – auto search
[AR-288] – message hold: ability to prevent retention rules deleting mails

3.0.38 (released 29/Nov12)

Build error. 3.0.37 build did not update – was in fact 3.0.36.

3.0.37 (released 28/Nov12)

[AR-115] – Reindexing we receive dataTables warning (table id = ‘volumeTable’): Requested unknown parameter ‘9’
[AR-268] – click down arrow to build search query displaying all the time on IE8
[AR-275] – archivng stopping – mailarchiva not re-reading exchange journal acct contents

3.0.36 (released 26/Nov12)

[AR-273] store deadlock in rare circumstances

v3.0.35 (released 23/Nov12)

[AR-267] – no deletion of zero byte archive files during startup
[AR-269] – smtp server startup slow due to hostname DNS resolution
[AR-270] – smtpclientconnection queue restarted on save.

v3.0.34 (released 22/Nov12)

[AR-253] – catalina.out growing massively
[AR-254] – CLONE – catalina.out growing massively
[AR-256] – datatables warning during reindexing
[AR-263] – PDF attachment view
[AR-264] – mismatch of mailbox display and and actual license count
[AR-265] – users can see all emails if no email addresses retrieved from LDAP/AD
[AR-266] – Windows version is distributed with JRE6 and not JRE7

v3.0.33 (released 20/Nov12)

[AR-255] – mailarchiva taking long time to stop on linux
[AR-261] – default search using full email address results more results than expected
[AR-262] – audit and debug log not populating on Windows platform

v3.0.30 (released 13/Nov12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-246] – Auto conversion of MailArchiva 2.x properties to MailArchiva 3.x properties Task
[AR-247] – add option in Config->Archive settings to specify volume creation format

v3.0.29 (released 6/Nov12)

Removed debugging code

Modified logback.xml to output to debug.log instead of console

v3.0.27 (released 6/Nov12)

[AR-245] – cannot import mails from exchange Caused by: ServiceException: Not Found

v3.0.26 (released 1/Nov12)

[AR-243] – Exchange client test connection & direct Exchange import fails (Socket Closed exception)

v3.0.25 (released 26/Oct12)

[AR-241] – V2 volume compatbility broken (volumes do not initialize)
[AR-242] – Test Exchange Connection fails due to service unavailable socket closd

v3.0.24 (released 25/Oct12)

[AR-240] – probability of volume store data corruption on abrupt process kill
[AR-198] – Chart displays incorrectly
[AR-206] – chart time period is one hour behind in some timezones
[AR-231] – missing solaris distribution
[AR-233] – truezip ZIP file spanning/splitting is not supported!
[AR-238] – exchange connection test does not output any text after several attempts IE8
[AR-239] – mailarchiva slow to shutdown
[AR-237] – chart jumps to the left on first display

v3.0.23 (released 22/Oct12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-204] – poor usability with viewing volume store and index path in volume list
[AR-228] – Linux install reports incorrect memory requirements
[AR-235] – performance enhancement
[AR-236] – mail blob results in envelope journal message consuming all CPU resources
[AR-230] – Linux install script outputs junk

v3.0.22 (released 17/Oct12)

[AR-219] – receive date not showing up for journal envelope messages
[AR-222] – invalid TNEF type – 13
[AR-224] – send blob fails when replaying messages
[AR-225] – Google trash folder not emptied by MailArchiva automatically
[AR-226] – Backup process starts every hour even when it says weekly

v3.0.21 (released 16/Oct12)

[AR-218] – archive date header not set

v3.0.20 (released 16/Oct12)

[AR-214] – ugly view fileselect on dialog container
[AR-215] – Illegalstate error when reindexing
[AR-216] – journaling via pop3 fails due to ClassCastException
[AR-217] – logback logging selector not added to windows setup

v3.0.19 (released 12/Oct12)

[AR-212] – oscillating doc counts
[AR-213] – max message size restriction not adhered to

v3.0.18 (released 12/Oct12)

AR-211 v3.0.17 critical archive date issue fixed. Sorry about this (build was only up for a few hours)
AR-211 receive date gui fix

v3.0.17 (released 11/Oct12)

[AR-105] – catalina.out grow
[AR-146] – bulk export huge count of mailboxes
[AR-193] – process monitor dont display on IE9
[AR-194] – in configuration->connections, drop down sections dont stick in IE9
[AR-196] – click the down arrow tooltip always present when accessing UI from within Outlook
[AR-199] – FileNotFoundException when indexing email with PDF attachment
[AR-201] – cannot select before and after date in audit search
[AR-202] – scheduled backup process never ends
[AR-205] – not necessary to record reindexes in audit log
[AR-207] – Comet java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[AR-208] – view message loads twice in chrome
[AR-209] – importing PST from client workstation, can result in old PST files being processed
[AR-210] – cannot process left over blobs in receive directory
[AR-187] – selecting date field in query builder outputs query with incorrectly formatted date
[AR-195] – test login and ad lookup not working in IE9

v3.0.16 (released 2/Oct12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-157] – install goes around in circle
[AR-185] – datatable Requested unknown parameter
[AR-188] – on low res, finish wizard button cannot be clicked as it is not visible
[AR-190] – cannot change IAP polling interval value
[AR-191] – journaling showing duplicates
[AR-192] – imported messages in PST files not showing up

v3.0.15 (released 1/Oct12)

[AR-175] – incorrectly aligned new listeners button in configuration->listeners
[AR-176] – unable to search based on any date
[AR-177] – unable to search on message body with Portuguese language chosen as indexing and search language
[AR-178] – Null pointer in Test Connection
[AR-179] – InaccessibleWSDLException when mailarchiva contacts autoupdate server
[AR-180] – several process types (PST import, Exchange import) wont start
[AR-181] – process monitor exchange connection working only for 1st time
[AR-182] – new users added to basic auth not saved
[AR-183] – mails not being deleted from google trash

v3.0.14 (released 27/Sept/12)

[AR-77] – not available exist attachment on email view
[AR-92] – download big messages (20MB) failed
[AR-96] – view source show system information of blob
[AR-157] – install goes around in circle
[AR-159] – left and right arrows cannot be used to edit fields in start wizard
[AR-162] – backup has more documents than archive
[AR-165] – truezip classes not accessible to auto update
[AR-166] – mailarchiva slow to archive requeued messages
[AR-167] – user cannot search using journalrecipients field
[AR-171] – scheduled backup returning null
[AR-172] – Chrome selectrun button mess
[AR-173] – reindexing, conversion occurs on all volumes at same time

v3.0.13 (released 21/Sep/12)

[AR-43] – reindex infinitive running
[AR-106] – Comet NullPointer
[AR-152] – local user change password
[AR-158] – wizard says telephone is optional, but in truth validator requires it
[AR-163] – MailArchiva is not closing streams somewhere
[AR-164] – stubbing doesn’t work
[AR-168] – popup notice message on wizard
[AR-169] – fileselect element on wizard small width

v3.0.9 (released 16/Sep/12)

[AR-151] – errorenous validation of SMTPClientConnection username & password fields

v3.0.8 (released 14/Sep/12)

[AR-147] – cannot send smtp messages to Exchange
[AR-148] – cannot open attachments: failed to load non blob
[AR-150] – archiva/message blob fields found in exported message

v3.0.7 (10/Sep/12)

[AR-144] – help search tooltip first login
[AR-149] – mismatch between search field display and value

v3.0.6 (08/Sep/12)

[AR-24] – install wizzard on IE7 is broken
[AR-121] – IE search box not working
[AR-123] – cannot import PST file: null pointer exception
[AR-124] – PST import processes other files in the temp directory
[AR-126] – problem encountered when logging in via NTLM authentication
[AR-127] – Unable to restart MailArchiva
[AR-128] – Imail authentication web service client must be switched from Axis2 to Metro framework
[AR-130] – Installer Unable to copy file awt.dll, then Unable to copy file cmm.dll.
[AR-131] – IE7-IE8

v3.0.5 (6/Sep/12)

[AR-119] – Users sometimes getting elevated privileges due to mixed up sessions

v3.0.4 (12/Sep/12)

[AR-113] – view filter not working as expected
[AR-114] – role view filter defaults to empty on upgrade
[AR-116] – AD lookup & test login does not work on IE
[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning

v3.0.3 (11/Sept/12)

[AR-109] – incorrect values for archive rule, retention & initial sort GUI fields
[AR-110] – chart displaying incorrect time
[AR-111] – “System Alerts” tab doesn’t show

v2.8.8 (released 2012-12-27)

Slow archiving/CPU at 100% due to use of String.find(). Resolution: Replace find() with matches() and CPU problem resolved.

v2.8.6 (released 2012-11-28)

Fixed archiving stoppage issue on Exchange 2010
Made modifications to web.xml file

v2.8.5 (released 2012-10-26)

Cleared locking issues, notably: index write interrupted:Maximum lock count exceeded
Added option to expunge messages after specified no of messages (performance)
Modifications to Google Apps to delete messages from journal account (refer to for instructions)
Fixed issues found in Find Bugs

V2.8.1 (released 2012-6-19)

The performance enhancements introduced in v2.8.0 revealed a critical error in Exchange 2007 SP1-SP3 (and possibly other versions). The issue concerned an incorrectly implemented IMAP spec on the part of Microsoft and was verified by Bill Shannon (creator of Javamail) see: The result of this problem was that IMAP archiving would stop after a period.
This release provides a workaround to the above issue. The release was tested in production and IMAP archiving appears stable and reliable. Our sincere apologies! V2.8.0 was truly a great release, but unforeseen problems occurred
Fixed an indexer class so that shutdown occurred in the correct sequence, the result of which is a slient shutdown in the log!
Tweaked the IMAP client to be more resilient fowards timeouts, folder disconnects, and the like.
Introduced a change that would make MailArchiva process journal accounts with large number of messages inside it. If you come across a situation when journal account have more than 20,000 message inside, you can speed up archiving by unchecking “process unread messages only” in Configuration->Journal Accounts.
Fixed IMAP archiving stop due to folder disconnects when connected to Gmail.

V2.8.0 (released 2012-6-12)

Significant performance enhancements when journaling using the IMAP interface
Added ability for MailArchiva to deal with large amounts of emails in a journal account
Removed maximum simultaneous messages from the GUI
Each mailbox connection now has its own polling interval
Fixed support for disabling partial fetches (was broken)
Note: disabling partial fetches in IMAP will speed up journaling but will use more memory (speed vs memory tradeoff)
Proper distribution of load across multiple Google journal accounts
Fixed bug that caused journaling to stop after a period in some rare circumstances

V2.7.15 (released 2012-6-1)

Added ability to select PST engine in import dialog
Fixed PST import issue whereby data would not be imported
Removed noise from the debug.log
Added provision for catching up when imap idle is enabled during journaling. Product will switch automatically switch off IMAP idle when the journal account gets too full.
Added a notification when the journal account has too many mails in it
Tightened up the journaling code for better error handling
Fixed a problem with the file queue on Windows whereby queue files would grow indefinitely. This is problem affects backup and smtp send.

V2.7.14 (released 2012-5-28)

Backup & SMTP file queues were not clearing out .queue file on Windows. This can be source of many WIndows backup & smtp send issues

V2.7.13 (released 2012-5-18)

AD/LDAP lookup dialog was not showing attribute values. Fixed.
Ran tzupdate to update Timezone information for embedded JRE’s
Possible PST null pointer fix (for some PST files)

V2.7.12 (released 2012-5-18)

Journalling using NTLM credentials broken (missing class file). Fixed
Updated javamail library to fix incompatibilities with some IMAP servers (Neon Insight) NULL issue
Updated javamail to avoid unnecessary data fetch (lower bandwidth use)

V2.7.11 (released 2012-5-09)

Smtp send was broken due to a build error. It is fixed in v2.7.11.

V2.7.10 (released 2012-5-08)

PST import fix. Reports of null pointer fixed.
Upgrade Javamail libraries to latest. Claims to fix Google IMAP connections.
Eliminate false positive “failed write” error on archiving
Relaxed and improved license checks
Volume rollover fix. Fixed a deadlock issue. Upgrade if using volume rollovers.

V2.7.8 (released 2012-5-01)

Fixed AD lookup dialog freeze on earlier versions of IE
Fixed SMTP send message problems
On Configuration open, eliminate load of all volumeinfo files from disk (was too slow in large no of volumes)
Fixed out of disk space warning & send to no archive queue
Removed some superfluous debugging info from the logs
Updated search engine libraries to the latest

V2.7.6 (released 2012-3-06)

Added ability to setup Google monitors on multiple journal accounts. Due to Google bandwidth restrictions on IMAP retrieval, in installations with a large no of mailboxes, it necessary to spread the load across multiple journal accounts. It is now possible to achieve this by entering multiple journal accounts (comma separated) in Configuration->Archive settings. Doing so will cause MailArchiva to distribute the load evenly across those journal accounts.

V2.7.5 (released 2012-2-16)

Updated PDFBox libraries as the previous version of the library was leaving a large no. temp files lying around. If updating MailArchiva from the setup, to avoid waiting forever for the temp files to delete, move the directory C:\Program Files\MailArchiva\server\temp\Delete to the desktop prior to running the setup.
In search preview mode, MailArchiva was leaving temp files lying around. This is now fixed. Also, performance is improved since temp files are no longer created.
MailArchiva was able to recognize the BCC field in Exchange journal envelopes, but the field was not being indexed correctly. This bug is now fixed.
Ignore special folder check in Exchange import now case insensitive
Users with an apostrophe in their email address could not see any emails in the archive. Modified the email analyser to correctly recognise the apostrophe as a valid character in email address syntax.
Fixed an Imail authentication issue whereby 1/25 attempts would fail even though the password was correct. Now, when contacting the IMail server, MailArchiva retries for a period until it gets a response from the IMail server.

V2.7.4 (released 2012-2-06)

Replaced PST import library. Previous one was far too slow. Performance has improved considerably. In case you need to revert back to old library, please set start parameter to -Dmailarchiva.pst.lib=independentsoft in startserver script or Windows MailArchiva applet startup parameters.
Fixed issue that prevented stubbing of messages received via the journal account. MailArchiva was using journal message date instead of original message date in generation of message ID’s.
Fixed issue that caused stubbing of SMIME message to cause signature corruption. MailArchiva stubbing ignores S/MIME messages for now.
Noticed that MailArchiva was outputting duplicate email addresses for journal messages. This is now fixed.

V2.7.2 (released 2011-12-09)

Improved licensing algorithm for further accuracy
Reduced memory consumption in searching & license check
Replaced use of certain deprecated search engine API calls

V2.7.0 (released 2011-12-05)

Exchange 2010 import access denied error fixed

V2.6.48 (released 2011-12-03)

PST import performance improved
PST import more reliable & caters for Apple mail malformed messages
Reindex faster since it now occurs simultaneously, four volumes at a time
Fixed Javascript error on delete message from within Outlook
Fixed header overlap issue when viewing messages in IE
Fixed bug preventing journalling from Exchange and Gmail occurring at same time
Updated JESPA lib.. supposedly fixes NTLM auth hang on some domain controllers
Increase timeout for Imail authentication & updated AXIS libs
To improve performance, modified log4j.xml to output asynchronously

V2.6.46 (released 2011-11-16)

When backup was enabled, file queue was in rare situations causing archiving to stop (due to wierd Windows file locking behaviour). This is now fixed.

V2.6.45 (released 2011-11-11)

Fix to add support for anonymous LDAP bind (no need to specify LDAP credentials)
Lower CPU utilization due to improvements in backup/smtp queues
Support for LDAP alternateemail address. Now you can specify an alternate email address field in LDAP in case you have email addresses that are in more than one LDAP field. Edit server.conf, specifying ldap3.alternateemailaddress.attribute=[LDAP attribute name] containing alternate email addresses.
Web services exchange import now omits unnecessary folders (Conversation Action Settings).
Fixed sorting in search (somehow it was broken)

V2.6.42 (released 2011-10-17)

Fixed a bug that would cause one or two messages to be sent to no archive queue when server is archiving heavily and MailArchiva’s configuration is saved
Fixed a bug that would cause MailArchiva to erroneously report that its volume is unavailable, when in fact it was not the case
Found a bug in an internal backup & smtp client queues that could cause MailArchiva’s internal backup and send as features to behave unexpectedly.
Fixed message print view such that it will display full address information

V2.6.40 (released 2011-10-14)

Fixed a bug that could cause rcpto info to be appended & indexed incorrectly when more than one message was sent in the same Postfix SMTP session.
Fixed an annoying bug that would send one or two messages to the no archive queue when the server configuration was modified during heavy archiving operations.
Fixed a bug whereby server would erronously report that it ran out of disk space
Fixed a bug whereby full address information was not displayed correctly in the print view and save results
Updated the search engine library to provide additional protection against index corruption in the event of sudden power down.

V2.6.38 (released 2011-09-29)

Fixed Google monitor setup error. MailArchiva wasn’t setting up Google monitors correctly due to a bug that was introduced in some earlier versions. Please upgrade if you are running Google Apps!
Fixed thread synchronization issue that occurred when saving the configuration

V2.6.36 (released 2011-09-08)

Fixes javascript error in 2.6.35 that occurs when accessing MailArchiva from within Outlook. An annoying javascript error had krept into the 2.6.35 release. This is fixed.
Upgrade to this version if you connect to MailArchiva from within Outlook and you are running 2.6.35.

V2.6.32 (released 2011-08-11)

Fixed bug whereby MA could not send message when sender address is set to <>
Fixed issue where MA would send same message multiple times, even though different messages were selected
Web services Exchange import now uses primary SMTP address (as it should)
Export function is more tolerant toward faulty messages

V2.6.27 (released 2011-08-7)

Exchange 2007/2010 Import – We fixed an error whereby the MailArchiva would import less messages that were present in mailboxes with a large amount of emails.
Exchange 2007/2010 Stubbing – Fixed bug where some messages would be left out of the stubbing process. Related to the issue above.

V2.6.26 (released 2011-06-30)

A lot of people have been struggling with import from Exchange 2007/2003. We finally tracked the issue down to a library conflict. This issue is now definitively fixed in this release.
IE 9 compatibility fix: It was reported an issue whereby messages could not be viewed in IE 9 unless it was in compatibility mode. This is now fixed.

V2.6.24 (released 2011-06-15)

To reduce mem consumption, modified PST import to process 10 messages at a time
Updated SMTP file queue for reliability
Offer exchange 2007 web dav import (as alternative to web services)
Added fix so that will overwrite zero byte messages irrespective if msg already exist
Reliability and performance improvements for web dav import
Fix long standing bug where service cannot start due to dll problem

V2.6.22 (released 2011-05-25)

Fixed bug that caused disk space checking not to occur when disabled in earlier version
Disk space checking is now set to disabled on clean install
Allow in Basic authentication username fields
Can now specify time period in Exchange import

V2.6.15 (released 2011-04-26)

SMTP/TLS server support
Resolves an issue whereby audit logs were not been indexed correctly when the German language is selected as the indexing language
Removes the “view recipients” permission to avoid the above.

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