MailArchiva Cheat Sheet


Linux Cheat Sheet


Install cd mailarchiva_dist_v3_0_x
Start server systemctl start mailarchiva (using SysV service)
Stop server

systemctl stop mailarchiva (using SysV service)


kill process If MailArchiva won't stop after a long time, use kill -6 [pid]
Important Files  
Troubleshooting log /var/log/mailarchiva/ROOT/debug/debug.log
Audit log /var/log/mailarchiva/ROOT/audit/audit.csv
Main server configuration /etc/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT/server.conf
Internal queues /var/opt/mailarchiva/ROOT/queue
Volume statuses  
ACTIVE Currently used for writing, only volume can be active at a time
CLOSED Searchable, but not writable
UNUSED Empty, not being used
UNMOUNTED Not searcheable or accessible
BACKUP Used for backup purposes
Active Directory Authentication  
Script to create computer account /opt/mailarchiva/server/ADSetupWizard.vbs
Alternate script to set computer
account password



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