What's New In Version 4.0


Social Charts

Visualize the relationships between people in any given result set. Improves ones understanding of the actors involved in communications.      
Social Chart    


Generate and analyze comprehensive statistics on the nature of the mail traffic flowing through your organization. Helps with capacity planning.    


View hierarchical message threads. A sophisticated algorithm links the emails in a conversation based on message content (not thread-id). Enables one to accurately follow the chain of conversation.    

Dynamic Task Monitor

Monitor the progress of a task (e.g. export) from any section in the web console. Receive notifications when a job is complete. Enables one to monitor the status of long running tasks more efficiently.    
Task Monitor    


Simplified search, retrieval and archival of data using REST API. Minimizes the hassle and time needed to integrate MailArchiva into third party enterprise apps.     
Restful API    

OpenID Connect And SAML Authentication

Support for OpenID and SAML Authentication. Authenticate Google Apps users using Google credentials.    

Google Apps Folder Sync

Synchronize emails and folders with Google Apps.    



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