Microsoft 365 archiving & e-discovery comparison

Refer to below comparison between the Archiving & e-Discovery features of Office 365 and MailArchiva.


Microsoft 365 MailArchiva
End-users can delete/modify messages in their In-Place Archives. If an email is deleted, it will not appear in records requests. Users cannot delete mails without explicit permission.
Legal holds must be applied to prevent deletion of selected messages By default, users are prevented from deleting emails.
When a Legal Hold is applied, the held messages are no longer visible in the user's In-Place archive. Legal hold has no bearing on the accessibility of emails by users.
Cannot accurately determine who received an email as BCC and distribution lists recipients are not captured All BCC and recipient data is captured, and searchable.
Fulfilling records requests is clunky as search and retrieval must be performed in two separate interfaces. Search, retrieval and export is conducted in a single, easy-to-use unified interface
Search queries can be performed up to a maximum of 1500 mailboxes The number of mailboxes is not a consideration when conducting search queries.
Legal holds can be applied to a maximum of 50 mailboxes Legal holds can be applied to any number of messages, spanning any number of mailboxes.
Search queries are limited in expression MailArchiva provides a sophisticated query language that enables one to pinpoint exactly the set of messages that are required.
Can only search inside Office documents Can search inside a wide variety of formats including Open Office, PDF, RTF, etc.
Using OWA, the results of a search query can be exported to PST MailArchiva support export to a wide variety of formats including PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, MSG and others.
Searches are slow when there is large amount of data in the In-Place mailboxes MailArchiva offers lightning fast searches across many millions of messages.
If Office 365 goes down, users will not be able to access their emails With MailArchiva in place, users will be able to access their data even if the Office 365 service is down or corrupted.


Aside from the above, MailArchiva includes many features which are not available in Office 365, such as:

  • High level mailbox view - MailArchiva provides a bird-eye view of all mailboxes and their folders in a single unified interface.
  • Records requests - MailArchiva provides the ability to generate and print reports (in PDF) on large numbers of emails. 
  • Conversation threads - MailArchiva helps you understand the flow of conversation by graphically depicting reply structures.
  • Advanced statistics - MailArchiva provides a deep understanding of the nature of email traffic flowing through your organization
  • Mail server agnostic - MailArchiva supports a large number of mail servers, thus email data can be archived from a variety of sources.
  • Improved accessibility - MailArchiva provides infinite scroll across millions of emails.
  • Scalability - MailArchiva can provide e-discovery features at huge scale. Several of our customers have near half a billion emails archived.
  • Artificial intelligence - MailArchiva includes easy-to-use predictive coding & automated document review
  • Email authencity report - MailArchiva outputs verification report, including results of DKIM, ARC, SPF S/MIME signature checks.

The above features are by no means complete. Kindly, refer to the MailArchiva Feature List for further details.

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