Next Steps


Install Complete


Congratulations on completing a basic setup of MailArchiva!


We hope you have found the install process quick and intuitive.


Move Server: If you are in the process of upgrading, please stop! Rather than starting afresh, follow the Move Server instructions.
Critical Note:  Please ensure that the store encryption password entered during the Wizard install process is remembered. If this password is lost, all data will be lost!


Cannot Login? If for whatever reason, you are unable to MailArchiva after the Wizard has completed, try logging in using the username and password "admin" and "admin". Assuming you are able to login using the default credentials, clearly the wizard did not save its data. In this case, the configuration may need to be recreated manually from the Configuration section.


Where To Get Help!

This help system is the primary resource for learning how to administer and manage the MailArchiva product. 

It is the modern equivalent of an Admin Guide. It covers important topics such as how to connect various mail servers, migrate emails, setup authentication, and so forth.


The help system is always accessible at using a web browser. 

For your convenience, context-sensitive help is also available throughout the MailArchiva application. To receive help at any time, click the lightly coloured question mark on the page you are looking at.


Console Login

To login to the MailArchiva console, type http://localhost:8090 (replace localhost with the IP address of the MailArchiva server, as necessary) in your web browser.

You may also login using the username and password entered during the Wizard. Typically, the super user username is "admin". The password for the account was specified in the Wizard.


Locked Out? If you cannot login to the MailArchiva console for any reason, first try the default username and password of "admin", "admin". Failing this refer to Locked Out.




If you're upgrading from earlier versions of MailArchiva, be sure to read the Upgrade Instructions before continuing.


Where Next?


Follow the steps below to finish customizing MailArchiva to your needs:

  1. Connect MailArchiva to your mail server
  2. Setup Active Directory or LDAP authentication
  3. Create an SMTP client connection
  4. Set the default SMTP client connection in Configuration->General
  5. Import/migrate historical data
  6. Install a License

The above steps are merely a guide. For additional setup options, please refer to the topics displayed in the tree view on the left.


Tweaking Your Configuration




Refer to the Troubleshooting section if you experience problems with any of the configuration steps. Alternatively, contact us for further assistance.


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