Reopening Volumes

In order to enforce the notion that volume data ought to be organized chronologically, the MailArchiva Console does not allow volumes to be reopened. However, there are circumstances when a closed volume must be made active. For instance, the need arises if an active volume is accidentally closed.


To reopen a closed volume, manually edit the volumeinfo file in the root of the volume's store directory. (e.g. c:\store\store1\volumeinfo or /usr/local/store/store1/volumeinfo).

The volumeinfo file can be edited using a standard editor (Notepad, vi, Textpad, or whatever your preference)


# Archiva 2.3.1 Volume Information
# note: this file is crucial - do not delete it!


Change the status value above to the desired volume status. Switch it to either CLOSED, ACTIVE or UNUSED.


Please make absolutely sure that only one volume is active at a time.

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