Merge Volumes

Applicability: The ability to merge volumes directly from the MailArchiva Console is available in v4.1.6 and higher.
It is sometimes desirable to consolidate the number of volumes defined in the system. Having fewer volumes may result in faster searches. Furthermore, with fewer files to work with, the system may also become easier to manage.

Before initiating the merge process, ensure that there is enough disk space to accommodate both the original source volume data and the resultant combined volume. During a merge, the system will not delete any source data. Deletion of source data can only be achieved by directly removing the source volume's store and index directories from the file system.

To conduct a merge:
  1. Login to the Web Console, click Configuration->Volumes.
  2. Select all the volumes that ought to be merged.
  3. Click the Merge button
  4. In the popup dialog, select the destination volume to which all merged information will reside.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Follow the progress of the merge operation by examining the Process Monitor.
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