Import Volume




A volume consists of:


a) Store data in a store directory. The root of the store path also contains a file called volumeinfo (metadata about the volume).

b) Index data in an index directory. Contains Lucene index files.


A volume can be imported/restored without b) index data, but not without a) store data. Furthermore, it must be encrypted using the same encryption passphrase as was supplied during setup. If not, follow the procedure to mount an unreadable volume.

Import Procedure


Windows Permission Note:  If the volume data resides on a remote drive/share, ensure that the MailArchiva service is assigned a logon account with sufficient privileges to read/write to the share.


To import a volume created in another system, click Configuration->Volumes then Import. Enter the location of the volume's existing index and store path, respectively.


Volume Status Description
ACTIVE or CLOSED The volume is recognized. It is most likely readable.
UNREADABLE The volume is likely encrypted using a different encryption key. Follow the procedure to mount an unreadable volume.
EJECTED MailArchiva does not have sufficient privileges to read/write from the location. Alternatively, the volume store path is missing a volumeinfo file in the root of the store path.


No Index Data


If no volume index data is available, the imported volume will need to be reindexed. During the import, choose an empty local directory where the volume index should reside (MailArchiva will create the directory location you specify automatically if not already present). Thereafter, click Save and then, assuming the volume status is either ACTIVE or CLOSED, reindex the newly imported volume.


VolumeInfo Missing


The volumeinfo file is a text file (editable using Notepad or vim) that typically resides in the root of the store path. It contains the unique volume id, created date, closed date, and volume status. It is possible to create a new volumeinfo file, by copying one over from an existing volume, editing using a text editor, and manually changing the ID slightly to another random hex value (one digit can be modified if so desired). Assuming the volume ID was changed, the volume must be reindexed.





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