v4 Changelog

4.15.19 (16 January 2017)

[AR-568] – attachments zero size view from some exchange journal messages
[AR-1526] – orient.core.index.sbtree.local.OSBTree.findBucket Nullpointer

4.15.17 (23 December 2016)

[AR-1506] – multitenant: graph db consumes high amount of memory with large number of instances

4.15.14 (20 December 2016)

[AR-1503] – switch tika parsing to use WriteOutContentHandler to potentially save memory
[AR-1505] – cannot drop vertex type ‘v_statistic’ because it contains Vertices

4.15.13 (19 December 2016)

[AR-1503] – switch tika parsing to use WriteOutContentHandler to potentially save memory

4.15.12 (5 December 2016)

[AR-1495] – security vulnerability in export include message thread’s
[AR-1498] – clear selection after click smtp transmit
[AR-1497] – queue performance improvement

4.15.11 (18 November 2016)

[AR-1491] – server shutdown prevented by imap idle and adasl

4.15.9 (18 November 2016)

[AR-1490] – downgrade graph db due to excessive memory consumption

4.15.8 (16 November 2016)

[AR-1488] – smtp send blocked indefinitely on HA connection
[AR-1489] – graph db consuming large amount of memory (upgrade database)

4.15.7 (13 November 2016)

[AR-1309] – wrong information regarding free space
[AR-1479] – Malformed input or input contains unmappable characters
[AR-1480] – viewblob.do?volumeID= on message body when view
[AR-1483] – datatables Requested unknown parameter ‘1’ for row 0, column 1
[AR-1484] – select messages on page tail doesn’t work
[AR-1485] – sort unselect all messages
[AR-1486] – search table empty when scrolling

4.15.6 (released 26 October 2016)

[AR-1130] – pdf contents not displayed when click view button in search interface
[AR-1478] – sorting sometimes doesn’t work correctly

4.15.5 (released 24 October 2016)

[AR-1476] – custom fields are not init on journal messages

4.15.3 (released 18 October 2016)

[AR-1465] – better exception handling when indexing troublesome documents

4.15.1 (released 17 October 2016)

[AR-1165] – security vulnerability in message thread view

4.15.0 (released 14 October 2016)

[AR-1473] – export search results in HTML
[AR-1475] – multitenant: simplified & more readable status report with less clutter
[AR-1474] – memory/cpu leak in clone application

4.14.12 (released 12 October 2016)

[AR-1472] – archiving stops due to orient db locking contention

4.14.11 (released 10 October 2016)

[AR-954] – selection/export count mismatch confusing users

4.14.10 (released 21 September 2016)

[AR-588] – server leaking temp files
[AR-1463] – failed get FieldValue from Array value
[AR-1466] – can’t view when click message second time
[AR-1467] – multitenant: ability to specify queue size in ISP console
[AR-1468] – multitenant: add more info application list (license, last received, last archival, receive queue time)

4.14.9 (released 12 September 2016)

[AR-1461] – multitenant: delete apps reappear after restart
[AR-1462] – Folder sync not functioning for newly created database (duplicate key error)

4.14.7 (released 1 September 2016)

[AR-1459] – analytics stats incorrect in presence of do not archive rule

4.14.5/6 (released 19 August 2016)

[AR-1449] – archiving stops due to insufficient direct memory
[AR-1450] – cannot cast icalblob to mimemessage blob statistic
[AR-1451] – exchange import stops due to null ptr exception
[AR-1452] – import from exchange 2007: Enumeration value ArchiveRoot not valid
[AR-1456] – graph db error on upgrade: RecordId cannot support negative cluster id. Found: -659 (#6547)
[AR-1457] – cannot change main logo
[AR-1455] – use tika to parse html
[AR-1454] – can’t import specific ost files

4.14.2 (released 9 August 2016)

[AR-1438] – failed to get body FieldValue for some messages
[AR-1440] – OME FieldValue.getValueStr() for huge files
[AR-1441] – possible infinite loop when processing archive file attachment
[AR-1442] – forward routes not working
[AR-1444] – import of OST files incorrect

4.14.0 (released 26 July 2016)

[AR-1421] – skip InterruptedException on CompactableVolumeStore
[AR-1423] – occasionally prompted to select messages, even though messages are selected
[AR-1420] – logout login link not present in Russian translation
[AR-1425] – auto search not executed
[AR-1426] – select any notice appear when do action
[AR-1430] – webapp and tomcat config moved to /var/opt/mailarchiva/tomcat on Linux
[AR-1431] – webapp and tomcat config moved to C:\ProgramData\MailArchiva\Tomcat on Windows
[AR-1432] – auto update still not functioning correctly (UAC block, startup order problems)

4.13.0 (released 14 July 2016)

[AR-1419] – critical security update (fixes vulnerability – important!!)

4.12.7 (released 6 July 2016)

[AR-1415] – long running data still may not be shown in analytics engine

4.12.5 (released 3 July 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1413] – analytics engine may in rare situations record incorrect counts

4.12.3 (released 30 June 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1019] – user processes security fix
[AR-1406] – old log files are not deleted automatically
[AR-1407] – audit log files are not rollover
[AR-1408] – Audit service index data twice
[AR-1409] – JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC
[AR-1410] – cannot change log level from gui
[AR-1411] – users should not be able to assign a higher role in configuration->logins
[AR-1412] – performance improvements to configuration->volumes page

4.12.2 (released 23 June 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1404] – unresponsive GUI due to websockets deadlock
[AR-1403] – remove creating temp files by name to prevent Malformed exception (internationalization issue)



[AR-1342] – Analytics engine is redesigned to use columnar database (significantly improved performance!)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1127] – write statistics: key size more than allowed
[AR-1311] – analytics: same query returns different results
[AR-1340] – statistic items all occurring at one time of day
[AR-1401] – autoupdate error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/java/trueupdate/manager/spec/tx/Transaction
[AR-1402] – move to Java Runtime (JRE) 1.8

Note: Older versions of MailArchiva embed JRE 1.7, so to ensure JRE 1.8 is installed, a full update from the installer may be required. If HTTPS is setup, please backup your server.xml file in C:\Program Files\MailArchiva\Server\conf\server.xml or /opt/mailarchiva/server/conf/server.xml before performing a full update. Our apologies for the auto update issues being experienced. Please download the entire setup to benefit from future auto updates.


[AR-1397] – rare file handle leak when indexing specific office document


[AR-1394] – cannot export due to malformed input or input contains unmappable characters error
[AR-1395] – select all, selecting only one page
[AR-1396] – skip external #EXT# mailboxes during folder sync and import


[AR-1393] – indexing of X-MCExgest-Recipient and X-MCExgest-Sender fields


[AR-1390] – backup process error null
[AR-1391] – syntax error on ie when loading config page

4.11.6 (released 5 May 2016)

[AR-1389] – saml login: cant see all certificates

4.11.5 released 29 April 2016)

[AR-1388] – auto update not functioning due to resource lookup error
[AR-1387] – creation of separate on-disk index queue (indexing also now visible in charts)

4.10.6 (released 26 April 2016)

[AR-1384] – multitenant: option to delete volume data on delete app

4.10.0 (released 20 April 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1372] – select all should select already present items on page
[AR-1375] – cant authenticate using Basic auth using upper case
[AR-1376] – null ptr exception during saml authentication


[AR-1373] – update milter lib to support Java NIO
[AR-1374] – archiving performance optimization
[AR-1377] – auto setup of office365 and google apps
[AR-1378] – beautify login screen + ability to change background

4.9.5 (released 4 April 2016)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1367] – gui shows convert volume still running even though it is stopped
[AR-1368] – CompactController number format exception
[AR-1371] – index loop quit:Malformed input or input contains unmappable


[AR-1370] – enhancements to retention rule wizard (ability to change field type to date, has attachments etc..)

4.9.4 (released 9 March 2016)

[AR-1364] – unable to access web service API
[AR-1365] – automatically delete queue db on corruption

4.9.3 (released 5 March 2016)

[AR-1358] – records in single PDF export must be sorted according to search order
[AR-1359] – pdf export option to remove export time stamp
[AR-1361] – pdf export move page numbers to left

4.9.2 (released 4 March 2016)

[AR-1344] – IllegalAccessException on ArchiveBlob

4.9.1 (released 16 Feburary 2016)

New Features

[AR-1242] – replace Comet with WebSockets (GUI should be much more responsive!)
[AR-1335] – manual compaction without necessity to unmount
[AR-1339] – ability to change logos from console gui

Bug Fixes

[AR-1193] – multitenant: live notifications often don’t work in central ui
[AR-1223] – multitenant: stopping an instance doesn’t update status (starting does)
[AR-1224] – multitenant: task removed from task list prematurely
[AR-1225] – multitenant: tasks disappear after refreshing the page
[AR-1332] – multitenant: process name says undefined: undefined when execute volume merge from central
[AR-1333] – multitenant: view merge process output empty from central application->top right tasks
[AR-1319] – multitenant: no tasks listed in task manager at top right when running compaction in central

[AR-1320] – undefined still outputted in task description when merge
[AR-1336] – potential for ConcurrentModificationException on send event
[AR-1337] – tika parser error: Could not initialize class com.drew.imaging.jpeg.JpegMetadataReader

4.8.38 (released 11 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1329] – false positive port conflict reported when save config
[AR-1330] – domains page should be loaded on first config login
[AR-1331] – charts not initialized on clean install (when performance.stat not created)
[AR-1326] – OfficeParser: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.drew.lang.RandomAccessReader
[AR-1327] – print debug to eclipse console
[AR-1328] – PDF export: org.zefer.html.doc.b cannot be cast to org.zefer.html.doc.db

4.8.35 (released 6 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1324] – compact lock fix
[AR-1325] – corrupted export on 8GB download

4.8.34 (released 5 Feburary 2016)

[AR-1321] – tighten up licensing routines to eliminate potential for false positives
[AR-1322] – add first and last name to basic user list
[AR-1323] – failed to export to PDF: index out of range: 0

4.8.33 (released 22 January 2016)

[AR-1312] – exchange sync: vertex is not found CPU% at 100%.
[AR-1315] – multitenant: deadlock on startup when checking for smtp listener port conflicts

4.8.32 (released 18 January 2016)

[AR-1306] – multitenant: status updates sent to admin of wrong instance
[AR-1308] – retention rules: cannot delete email

4.8.31(released 29 December 2015)

[AR-1298] – mail dir client connection has no delete button
[AR-1304] – Orient 2.1.8 causing out of memory on solaris
[AR-1305] – upload pst import failed set autodetect
[AR-1303] – failed to load crypto error on windows smb file share

4.8.28 (released 21 December 2015)

[AR-1299] – multitenant: deadlock on startup when multiple SMTP listeners containing port conflict
[AR-1300] – server wont start on freshly installed system (bug introduced recently)
[AR-1301] – potential file handle leak

4.8.24 (released 8 December 2015)

[AR-1003] – read volumes with different password fix
[AR-1295] – outlook 2013 interface scripting error
[AR-1297] – multitenant: max mounted archive files should be specified at central level

4.8.21 (released 4 December 2015)

[AR-759] – sometimes negative disk space is reported
[AR-1293] – comet synchronization fixes
[AR-1294] – volume rollover on volume size not happening

4.8.20 (released 4 December 2015)

[AR-1290] – XLS parsing..Could not initialize class com.drew.imaging.jpeg.JpegMetadataReader

4.8.19 (released 2 December 2015)

[AR-850] – audit log: datatable JSON could not be parsed
[AR-1285] – failed to store attachment:failed to write message to output stream
[AR-1286] – smtp client connection close may stall server shutdown
[AR-1287] – java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError on certain charsets (e.g. MS1256)
[AR-1288] – comet error: java.lang.IllegalStateException
[AR-1289] – concurrentmodification on schedulerservice

4.8.15 (released 24 November 2015)

[AR-1280] – incorrectly configured smtp connector can block process completion
[AR-1281] – modifying volumeinfo file on file system doesn’t reload volume config
[AR-1283] – get key store secret not outputting anything (bug introduced in a few point releases back)
[AR-1282] – server cert import: sometimes invalid chain is reported invalid, when in fact is valid

4.8.14 (released 20 November 2015)

[AR-1278] – update aspose email to 5.9.0 library (contains numerous bug fixes to pst handling..)
[AR-1279] – faster exchange/office 365 sync

4.8.13 (released 19 November 2015)

[AR-1269] – upgrade javamail API and java activation framework
[AR-1270] – safety: delete partially written attachments (so they can be rewritten on requeue)
[AR-1271] – sort folder contents outputs search results in folder view
[AR-1274] – office365 may stop syncing after a period
[AR-1275] – cannot upload office 365 manifest on Java Runtime v8

4.8.11 (released 17 November 2015)

[AR-908] – license check performance improvements for huge volumes
[AR-1262] – tree view filter should be case insensitive
[AR-1263] – folder view sorted incorrectly
[AR-1267] – multitenant: limit number of running threads to three
[AR-1266] – deduplicate v2 (with message id)

4.8.10 (released 13 November 2015)

[AR-1257] – office365 doesn’t return all users
[AR-1260] – treeview folder scroll always return first page records

4.8.5 (released 11 November 2015)

[AR-954] – selection/export count mismatch confusing users
[AR-1254] – can’t download manifest after update (IE 11)
[AR-1255] – pst export fails (bug introduced in early 4.8.x)

4.8.2 (released 10 November 2015)

[AR-1252] – volumes config isn’t correctly displayed on IE11
[AR-1247] – ability to specify export label
[AR-1248] – update Java runtime to version 8 (download entire distribution to benefit)
[AR-1249] – update graph db lib

4.8.0 (released 4 November 2015)

[AR-1240] – ability to configure auto logout in Configuration->Logins
[AR-1244] – set aspose pst engine to default
[AR-1245] – pst import: ability to override primary email address
[AR-1246] – pst import: toggle auto detection of primary email address
[AR-1241] – on delete, sometimes mail deleted from store but not index

4.7.21 (released 20 October 2015)

[AR-1237] – google sync fixes & improvements & monitor delete fixes

4.7.18 (released 15 October 2015)

[AR-1227] – multitenent: tasks view log not visible
[AR-1228] – multitenant: summary page shouldn’t show system specific info
[AR-1230] – multitenant: error when logged in as isp admin and accessing any page other than central.do
[AR-1232] – undefined appears on process menu
[AR-1233] – reencrypt volume button cause javascript error
[AR-1234] – office 365 test connection doesn’t work.
[AR-1235] – reencrypt function not working correctly

4.7.17 (released 8 October 2015)

[AR-1220] – cannot authenticate against global catalog server on port 3269
[AR-1221] – self signed certificate limited to three month expiry

4.7.16 (released 2 October 2015)

[AR-1194] – view log in process view shows only first few lines and can show cached content
[AR-1209] – security filtering of search results (events, contacts)
[AR-1210] – event organizer prefixed with MAILTO:
[AR-1211] – cant search contact, event fields
[AR-1215] – Exchange 2007: failed to sync folder items
[AR-1216] – view log shows old view

3.11.17 (released 8 October 2015) [ Back ported changes to V3 ]

[AR-721] – emails missing when received on central smtp server (special case)
[AR-1089] – exchange import/sync of archive folders
[AR-1220] – cannot authenticate against global catalog server on port 3269
[AR-1088] – multitenant: sending email from one instance to another only appears in one

4.7.14 (released 25 September 2015)

[AR-1200] – not obvious date tree view date is selectable
[AR-1205] – users tree view cleared after entering data in filter

4.7.13 (released 22 September 2015)

[AR-1198] – not all emails visible in folder view
[AR-1200] – not obvious date field above tree view is selectable
[AR-1203] – multitenant:deleted applications appear again after server restart
[AR-1204] – multitenant:deleted applications unsubscribe automatically

4.7.12 (released 21 September 2015)

[AR-1188] – Exchange import date restriction doesn’t work
[AR-1195] – AADSTS50034: To sign into this application the account must be added to the d0698a91-23ba-4495-abdb-5864793c48dc directory
[AR-1196] – incorrect validation of server name when office 365 connection added
[AR-1197] – impersonate account not synced office 365

4.7.10 (released 10 September 2015)

[AR-1188] – Exchange import date restriction doesn’t work
[AR-1189] – comet queue can cause possible memory leak

4.7.8 (released 8 September 2015)

[AR-1183] – CompactableVolumeStore wrong exception handling
[AR-1184] – pressing hold button doesn’t immediately update UI with visible hold flag
[AR-1187] – exchange connection: connect to self-signed cert returns “unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

4.7.7 (released 4 September 2015)

[AR-1185] – ability to specify regular expressions in search queries (see: http://help.mailarchiva.com/enteprise-query-syntax for info on how to conduct regex searches)
[AR-1176] – import all item types from MS Exchange
[AR-1186] – deletion doesn’t reflect immediately in the GUI
[AR-1177] – exchange connection: Host name .. does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer
[AR-1181] – long filename on export lose extension
[AR-1182] – export single file with non ASCII encoding

4.7.5 (released 27 August 2015)

[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-1177] – exchange connection: Host name .. does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer
[AR-1178] – Exchange Server doesn’t support the requested version. (Exchange 2007)
[AR-1179] – PST import: unable to find 1815438926

4.7.3 (released 17 August 2015)

[AR-1164] – slow to view folder items (performance enhancements)
[AR-635] – log file growing catalina.out
[AR-1137] – sorting volumes before save causes problems
[AR-1163] – exchange sync errors outputted in log
[AR-1172] – ability to choose desired accuracy of search in wizard
[AR-1174] – export to individual pdfs results in corrupted pdf files

4.7.1 (released 13 August 2015)

[AR-1170] – error message when saving office365 connection
[AR-1171] – AD auth fails

4.7.0 (released 12 August 2015)

[AR-1013] – dates in search interface must be localised according to browser’s time zone
[AR-1162] – progress indicator needed when folder is clicked on tree view.
[AR-1169] – support for azure login/authentication
[AR-1075] – support for office 365 sync
[AR-1161] – enhanced brute force prevention on web services interface

4.6.16 (released 4 August 2015)

[AR-1158] – google open id login works intermittently (add support for key rotation)
[AR-1159] – failed to update document on index: Stream closed
[AR-1160] – large export can consume all resources and result in denial of service
[AR-1157] – multitenant: logo not taken from instance configuration

4.6.15 (released 31 July 2015)

[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-1150] – aliases not mailboxes displayed in the folder view (exchange sync)
[AR-1152] – cannot export calendar and contact entries
[AR-717] – clicking a user on the tree view, should show users emails
[AR-1153] – option to index stop words (support for precise/legal-discovery exact phrase matches)

4.6.14 (released 28 July 2015)

[AR-1144] – process monitor message duplication
[AR-1145] – exchange user sync fails:Database instance is not set in current thread.
[AR-1146] – license reports invalid for less than 20 users
[AR-1147] – insufficient permission to delete emails from journal mailbox (google monitors)
[AR-1148] – in certain circumstances, server fails to shutdown cleanly

4.6.11 (released 8 July 2015)

[AR-1138] – statistics doesn’t appear to display with custom date range selection
[AR-1139] – multitenant: UI Layout Initialization Error after central admin session timeout
[AR-1141] – content filtering contains operator yields false positives
[AR-1142] – NullPointerException encountered on Exchange 2010 import
[AR-1143] – google with monitors: error while creating monitor {AppsForYourDomainException}

4.6.9 (released 2 July 2015)

[AR-1134] – last Rollover time resets when server is restarted
[AR-1135] – search sentBefore and afterDate control should be in 12 hour format
[AR-1136] – reindex all hangs on second volume

4.6.6 (released 30 June 2015)

[AR-1131] – expired license even though trial is not yet completed
[AR-1125] – body of some internationalized emails not indexed correctly (another special case)
[AR-1126] – very slow loading volumes page with large number of volumes (>100)
[AR-1128] – comet sometimes consumes 39% of CPU and outputs org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException
[AR-1130] – pdf contents not displayed when click view button in search interface

4.6.3 (released 24 June 2015)

[AR-1125] – body of some internationalized emails not indexed correctly (special case)

4.6.0 (released 22 June 2015)

[AR-1122] – multitenant: UI not updated when applications are started/stopped
[AR-1123] – multitenant: top menu must show all processes pertaining to all instances

New Feature

[AR-1124] – multitenant: mandatory domain ownership verification (security feature)

4.5.9 (released 16 June 2015)

[AR-1114] – On IE 11 GUI gradually slows down and eventually locks up
[AR-1116] – inline images not displayed due to skipped loading of image plugin

4.5.7 (released 9 June 2015)

[AR-1113] – clear out duplicate cache on volume close/unmount
[AR-1112] – error message “Unable to find 32962” when importing PSTs without folder structures

4.5.5 (released 5 June 2015)

[AR-1100] – on newer versions of chrome & FF, user interface becomes progressively slower over time
[AR-1110] – multitenant: add task management to central interface
[AR-1111] – status report not sent if server becomes unlicensed

4.5.4 (released 4 June 2015)

[AR-1109] – sometimes when pressing delete, the target items are not deleted

New Feature

[AR-1106] – ability to restrict export, import paths to specific locations

4.5.2 (released 2 June 2015)

[AR-1105] – v1 volumes erroneously marked as unreadable (bug introduced in 4.5.0)

4.5.0 (released 1 June 2015)

[AR-1103] – high cpu overhead during sync
[AR-1104] – closed inputstream occurs during reindexing

New Features

[AR-1102] – option to compact volumes when in an unmounted state

4.4.16 (released 29 May 2015)

[AR-1092] – archiving error: UncheckedExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException (multitenant mode only)
[AR-1093] – google resync only when 404 error is encountered (not any other error)
[AR-1094] – bogus duplicate vs received statistics when google sync enabled

4.4.14 (released 28 May 2015)

[AR-1083] – long standing memory leak fixed (at long last!)
[AR-1089] – exchange import/sync of archive folders
[AR-1090] – add google connection sync wait

4.4.6 (released 21 May 2015)

[AR-1085] – reencrypt option not appearing on unreadable volume
[AR-1086] – further google sync memory optimization
[AR-1087] – added option to sync google folders with monitors
[AR-1088] – multitenant: sending email from one instance to another only appears in one

4.4.5 (released 19 May 2015)

[AR-1081] – proper shutdown of google sync process
[AR-1082] – view email action buttons not displaying correctly
[AR-1084] – codepro code analysis & review

4.4.0 (released 7 May 2015)

New Features:

[AR-1079] – Support for SAML authentication (verified with work with OneLogin)
[AR-1073] – Support for OpenID authentication (verified to work with Google Apps)
[AR-1011] – Google Apps REST compatibility & folder sync

Note: This is update is urgent, important and mandatory for all Google Apps users. Google has deprecated certain API’s. This update updates compatibility with Google Apps. After applying the update, please reconfigure your Google Apps connection at described at http://help.mailarchiva.com/enterprise-google-apps$googleappsarchiving

4.3.4 (released 5 May 2015)

[AR-1076] – anonymous LDAP bind fails with property not set or constructed error
[AR-1077] – Exchange 2010 sync: fix primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox
[AR-1078] – length of encryption password standardized to max 30 chars

4.3.3 (released 20 April 2015)

[AR-1071] – change heap space defaults to minimum of 2048mb
Note: server is sluggish if there is too little (<2048mb) or too much RAM (>6144mb) allocated.

4.3.2 (released 13 April 2015)

[AR-1061] – mounting an active volume will result in a closed volume
[AR-1066] – get key store secret ajax lookup fails
[AR-1069] – slow message load with many threads
[AR-1070] – upgrade auto update engine (trueupdate 0.8)

4.3.1 (released 8 April 2015)

[AR-1067] – database fails to start to on new installation (null ptr exception)

4.3.0 (released 27 March 2015)

Bug Fixes

[AR-1059] – duplicate addresses in tree view after import
[AR-1064] – remove selection of theme from general

New Feature

[AR-1040] – Microsoft Lync instant messaging archiving

4.2.15 (released 17 March 2015)

[AR-1056] – NPE when obtaining non existant property from resource file
[AR-1057] – significant improvements to memory utilization of statistics service

4.2.13 / 3.11.13 (released 4 March 2015)

[AR-1054] – server fails to shutdown in time
[AR-1055] – add new application wizard form doesn’t validate required fields

4.2.12 / 3.11.12 (released 2 March 2015)
[AR-1051] – imap import fails (null ptr exception)
[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on ldap attributes

4.2.9 (released 23 Feb 2015)

[AR-1048] – increase speed of analytics page load
[AR-1049] – NPE threads building

4.2.8 / 3.11.10 (released 13 Feb 2015)

[AR-1045] – tiny enhancements
[AR-1046] – update third party PST export lib (fixes a number of export bugs)
[AR-1047] – empty subject lines in export index.html

4.2.6 / 3.11.9 (released 12 Feb 2015)

[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-1042] – install script relies on deprecated netstat
[AR-1043] – quick view in user folder doesn’t work

4.2.5 (released 10 Feb 2015)

[AR-1036] – option to include threaded messages in export
[AR-1039] – custom email header support
[AR-1041] – exchange import processed far too many duplicate entries

4.2.1 / 3.11.6 (released 3 Feb 2015)

[AR-1037] – emails with unsupported encodings are pushed back to the mail server (bug introduced in v4.2.0 and 3.11.5)

4.2.0 (released 28 Jan 2015)

[AR-1021] – ipad and mobile interface compatibility

4.1.15 3.11.5 (released 26 Jan 2015)

[AR-1028] – process visibility fix
[AR-1027] – volume status fixes
[AR-1023] – optimizations to reduce CPU usage

4.1.12 (released 17 Jan 2015)

[AR-1022] – graph database fails to start on corrupted journal files
[AR-1020] – automatic logout after session expired

4.1.11 (released 14 Jan 2015)

[AR-1019] – security fix: users can see each others exports

4.1.10 / 3.11.3 (released 12 Jan 2015)

[AR-1016] – kill -15 does not shutdown server correctly
[AR-1017] – jms messaging queue retries prevent server from shutting down on kill -15
[AR-1018] – possible dangling file reference / memory leak occurring during reindex

4.1.8 (released 7 Jan 2015)

[AR-1015] – Fixed critical role view filtering security bug (introduced in 4.1.7)

4.1.7 / 3.11.2 (released 30 Dec 2014)

[AR-921] – duplication of search table headers in IE7 and Outlook 2010
[AR-1006] – smtp connection require tls not working
[AR-1009] – solaris stopserver
[AR-1014] – server takes long time to start on graph db corruption
[AR-1008] – export progress does not appear in process monitor on large export (unless page refreshed)
[AR-1013] – date on search result must be on browser timezone.

4.1.7 New Feature

[AR-1005] – search macros for visa, mastercard, amex and social security numbers

4.1.6 / 3.11.0 (released 10 Dec 2014)

[AR-999] – duplicate debug lines outputted

4.1.6 New Features

[AR-1004] – content filtering body and attachment matching
[AR-1003] – read volumes with different password

4.1.3 / 3.10.29 (released 2 Dec 2014)

[AR-1000] – multitenant app not created based on template when created via centralAPI
[AR-1001] – volume rollover INIT fix
[AR-1002] – archiving threads limited to six, not as defined in gui
[AR-988] – unmounted status not visible in the gui


[AR-997] – export to zip (eml, msg, etc.) outputs searchable html index

4.1.2 / 3.10.28 (released 27 Nov 2014)

[AR-995] – mount unreadable volumes
[AR-996] – file handle may not been released on windows after Aspose PST import

4.1.1 / 3.10.27 (released 20 Nov 2014)

[AR-993] – on rare occasions, reindexing stops due to infinite loop in FontBox when handling specific glyph
[AR-994] – exchange import may never finish importing as loops from top folder again\


4.1.0 (released 15 Nov 2014)

[AR-992] – export from tree view (right click user/folder in tree view)
[AR-806] – trouble loading tags
[AR-957] – orient db multithreading write lock
[AR-991] – app provisioning: newly created volume status is incorrectly set to INIT

[AR-984] – merge volumes
[AR-989] – add folders to PST export

4.0.7 (released 22 Oct 2014)


[AR-983] – heavy traffic rcvd during startup can cause internal archiving engine not start
[AR-985] – charts not displaying correct on IE8 and below
[AR-986] – clicking save in configuration mounts all volumes. it can take a unusually long time complete.
[AR-987] – save config on smtp client setting can initiate recovery process (can take a while to complete)

4.0.6 / 3.10.22 (releasd 17 Oct 2014)
[AR-980] – improve accuracy of license check
[AR-981] – archiving thread starvation when importing from exchange
[AR-982] – search results not highlighted

4.0.5 / 3.10.21 (released 15 Oct 2014)
[AR-973] – slow insertion of vertexes when building threads [4.0.5 only]
[AR-976] – prettify html 400-404 error code pages
[AR-972] – possible null ptr on smtp forward
[AR-974] – add client connection and backup queue size to status summary
[AR-975] – error page displays raw html
[AR-977] – volumeinfo not created when add volume via soap api
[AR-979] – smtp client connection retry attempts hard coded to three
[AR-978] – ability to recover orphaned blobs in smtp queue (support for SMTP forwarding only)

4.0.4 / 3.10.20 (released 13 Oct 2014)
[AR-971] – archiving thread stops when encountering zip attachment with WinZip AES encrypted zip entries

4.0.0 (released 7 Oct 2014) [MAJOR VERSION UPGRADE]
Please note: upgrading to this version requires a valid support contract and a new license file. Contact accounts@mailarchiva.com to obtain an updated license file.

[??-???] Social Charts – Visualize the relationships between people in any given result set
[??-???] Analytics – Generate and analyze comprehensive statistics on the nature of the mail traffic flowing through your organization.
[??-???] Message Threads – View hierarchical message threads.
[??-???] Dynamic Task Monitor – Monitor the progress of a task (e.g. export) from any section in the web console.
[??-???] REST – API Simplified search, retrieval and archival of data using REST API.

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