v2 Changelog


2.8.8 (2012-12-27)


Slow archiving/CPU at 100% due to use of String.find(). Resolution: Replace find() with matches() and CPU problem resolved.


2.8.6 (2012-11-28)


  • Fixed archiving stoppage issue on Exchange 2010
  • Made modifications to web.xml file


2.8.5 (2012-10-26)


  • Cleared locking issues, notably: index write interrupted:Maximum lock count exceeded
  • Added option to expunge messages after specified no of messages (performance)
  • Modifications to Google Apps to delete messages from journal accounts (refer to http://help.mailarchiva.com for instructions)
  • Fixed issues found in Find Bugs


2.8.1 (2012-6-19)


  • Performance enhancements introduced in 2.8.0 revealed a critical error in Exchange 2007 SP1-SP3 (and possibly other versions). The issue concerned an incorrectly implemented IMAP spec on the part of Microsoft and was verified by Bill Shannon (creator of Javamail) see: http://kenai.com/projects/javamail/pages/Exchange. The result of this problem was that IMAP archiving would stop after a period.
  • Fixed an indexer class so that shutdown occurred in the correct sequence, the result of which is a slient shutdown in the log!
  • Tweaked the IMAP client to be more resilient forward timeouts, folder disconnects, and the like.
  • Introduced a change that would make MailArchiva process journal accounts with large number of messages inside it. If you come across a situation when a journal account has more than 20,000 message inside, you can speed up archiving by unchecking “process unread messages only” in Configuration->Journal Accounts.
  • Fixed IMAP archiving stops due to folder disconnects when connected to Gmail.


2.8.0 (2012-6-12)


  • Significant performance enhancements when journaling using the IMAP interface
  • Added ability for MailArchiva to deal with large amounts of emails in a journal account
  • Removed maximum simultaneous messages from the GUI
  • Each mailbox connection now has its own polling interval
  • Fixed support for disabling partial fetches (was broken)
  • Note: disabling partial fetches in IMAP will speed up journaling but will use more memory (speed vs memory trade-off)
  • Proper distribution of load across multiple Google journal accounts
  • Fixed bug that caused journaling to stop after a period in some rare circumstances


2.7.15 (2012-6-1)


  • Added ability to select PST engine in import dialog
  • Fixed PST import issue whereby data can not be imported
  • Removed noise from the debug.log
  • Added provision for catching up when IMAP idle is enabled during journaling. Product will automatically switch off IMAP idle when the journal account gets too full.
  • Added a notification when the journal account has too many emails in it
  • Tightened up the journaling code for better error handling
  • Fixed a problem with the file queue on Windows whereby queue files would grow indefinitely. This problem affects backup and smtp send.


2.7.14 (2012-5-28)


  • Backup & SMTP file queues were not clearing out .queue file on Windows. This can be source of many Windows backup & SMTP send issues


2.7.13 (2012-5-18)


  • AD/LDAP lookup dialog was not showing attribute values. Fixed.
  • Ran tzupdate to update Timezone information for embedded JRE’s
  • Possible PST null pointer fix (for some PST files)


2.7.12 (2012-5-18)


  • Journalling using NTLM credentials is broken (missing class file). Fixed
  • Updated javamail library to fix incompatibilities with some IMAP servers (Neon Insight) NULL issue
  • Updated javamail to avoid unnecessary data fetch (lower bandwidth use)


2.7.11 (2012-5-09)


  • SMTP send was broken due to a build error.


2.7.10 (2012-5-08)


  • PST import fix. Reports of null pointer fixed.
  • Upgrade Javamail libraries to latest. Claims to fix Google IMAP connections.
  • Eliminate false positive “failed write” error in archiving
  • Relaxed and improved license checks
  • Volume rollover fix. Fixed a deadlock issue. Upgrade if using volume rollovers.


2.7.8 (2012-5-01)


  • Fixed AD lookup dialog freeze on earlier versions of IE
  • Fixed SMTP send message problems
  • On Configuration open, eliminate load of all volumeinfo files from disk (was too slow in large no of volumes)
  • Fixed out-of-disk-space warning & send to no archive queue
  • Removed some superfluous debugging info from the logs
  • Updated search engine libraries to the latest


2.7.6 (2012-3-06)


  • Added ability to setup Google monitors on multiple journal accounts. Due to Google bandwidth restrictions on IMAP retrieval, in installations with a large no of mailboxes, it necessary to spread the load across multiple journal accounts. It is now possible to achieve this by entering multiple journal accounts (comma separated) in Configuration->Archive settings. Doing so will cause MailArchiva to distribute the load evenly across those journal accounts.


2.7.5 (2012-2-16)


  • Updated PDFBox libraries as the previous version of the library, leaving large no. temp files lying around. If updating MailArchiva from the setup, to avoid waiting forever for the temp files to delete, move the directory C:\Program Files\MailArchiva\server\temp\Delete to the desktop prior to running the setup.
  • In search preview mode, MailArchiva was leaving temp files lying around. This is now fixed. Also, performance is improved since temp files are no longer created.
  • MailArchiva was able to recognize the BCC field in Exchange journal envelopes, but the field was not being indexed correctly. This bug is now fixed.
  • Ignore special folder check in Exchange import now case insensitive
  • Users with an apostrophe in their email address could not see any emails in the archive. Modified the email analyser to correctly recognise the apostrophe as a valid character in email address syntax.
  • Fixed an Imail authentication issue whereby 1/25 attempts would fail even though the password was correct. Now, when contacting the IMail server, MailArchiva retries for a period until it gets a response from the IMail server.


2.7.4 (2012-2-06)


  • Replaced PST import library. Previous one was far too slow. Performance has improved considerably. In case you need to revert back to old library, please set start parameter to -Dmailarchiva.pst.lib=independentsoft in startserver script or Windows MailArchiva applet startup parameters.
  • Fixed issue that prevented stubbing of messages received via the journal account. MailArchiva was using journal message date instead of original message date in generation of message ID’s.
  • Fixed issue that caused stubbing of SMIME message to cause signature corruption. MailArchiva stubbing ignores S/MIME messages for now.
  • Noticed that MailArchiva was outputting duplicate email addresses for journal messages. This is now fixed.


2.7.2 (2011-12-09)


  • Improved licensing algorithm for further accuracy
  • Reduced memory consumption in search & license check
  • Replaced use of certain deprecated search engine API calls


2.7.0 (2011-12-05)


  • Exchange 2010 import access denied error fixed


2.6.48 (2011-12-03)


  • PST import performance improved
  • PST import more reliable & caters for Apple mail malformed messages
  • Reindex faster since it now occurs simultaneously, four volumes at a time
  • Fixed Javascript error on delete message from within Outlook
  • Fixed header overlap issue when viewing messages in IE
  • Fixed bug preventing journaling from Exchange and Gmail occurring at same time
  • Updated JESPA lib.. Supposedly fixes NTLM auth hang on some domain controllers
  • Increase timeout for Imail authentication & updated AXIS libs
  • To improve performance, modified log4j.xml to output asynchronously


2.6.46 (2011-11-16)


  • When backup was enabled, the file queue was in rare situations causing archiving to stop (due to weird Windows file locking behavior). This is now fixed.


2.6.45 (2011-11-11)


  • Fix to add support for anonymous LDAP bind (no need to specify LDAP credentials)
  • Lower CPU utilization due to improvements in backup/SMTP queues
  • Support for LDAP alternateemail address. Now you can specify an alternate email address field in LDAP in case you have email addresses that are in more than one LDAP field. Edit server.conf, specifying ldap3.alternateemailaddress.attribute=[LDAP attribute name] containing alternate email addresses.
  • Web services exchange import now omits unnecessary folders (Conversation Action Settings).
  • Fixed sorting in search (somehow it was broken)


2.6.42 (2011-10-17)


  • Fixed a bug that would cause one or two messages to be sent to no archive queue when the server is archiving heavily and MailArchiva’s configuration is saved
  • Fixed a bug that would cause MailArchiva to erroneously report that its volume is unavailable, when in fact it was not the case
  • Found a bug in an internal backup & SMTP client queues that could cause MailArchiva’s internal backup and Send As features to behave unexpectedly.
  • Fixed message print view such that it will display full address information


2.6.40 (2011-10-14)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Rcpto info to be appended & indexed incorrectly when more than one message was sent in the same Postfix SMTP session.
  • Fixed an annoying bug that would send one or two messages to the no archive queue when the server configuration was modified during heavy archiving operations.
  • Fixed a bug whereby MailArchiva would erroneously report that it ran out of disk space
  • Fixed a bug whereby full address information was not displayed correctly in the print view and save results
  • Updated the search engine library to provide additional protection against index corruption in the event of a sudden power down.


2.6.38 (2011-09-29)


  • Fixed Google monitor setup error. MailArchiva wasn’t setting up Google monitors correctly due to a bug that was introduced in some earlier versions. Please upgrade if you are running Google Apps!
  • Fixed thread synchronization issue that occurred when saving the configuration


2.6.36 (2011-09-08)


  • Fixes javascript error in 2.6.35 that occurs when accessing MailArchiva from within Outlook. An annoying javascript error had crept into the 2.6.35 release. This is fixed.
  • Upgrade to this version if you connect to MailArchiva from within Outlook and you are running 2.6.35.


2.6.32 (2011-08-11)


  • Fixed bug whereby MA could not send a message when the sender's address is set to <>
  • Fixed issue where MA would send the same message multiple times, even though different messages were selected
  • Web services Exchange import now uses a primary SMTP address (as it should)
  • Export function is more tolerant toward faulty messages.


2.6.27 (2011-08-7)


  • Exchange 2007/2010 Import – We fixed an error whereby MailArchiva would import fewer messages than were present in mailboxes with many emails.
  • Exchange 2007/2010 Stubbing – Fixed bug where some messages would be left out of the stubbing process. Related to the issue above.


2.6.26 (2011-06-30)


  • A lot of people have been struggling with imports from Exchange 2007/2003. We finally tracked the issue down to a library conflict.
  • IE 9 compatibility fix: There was an issue reported whereby messages could not be viewed in IE 9 unless it was in compatibility mode. This is now fixed.


2.6.24 (2011-06-15)


  • To reduce memory consumption by modifying PST import to process 10 messages at a time
  • Updated SMTP file queue for reliability
  • Offer exchange 2007 web dav import (as alternative to web services)
  • Added fix so that it will overwrite zero byte messages, irrespective if message already exists
  • Reliability and performance improvements for Web Dav imports
  • Fix a long-standing bug where service cannot start due to DLL issue


2.6.22 (2011-05-25)


  • Fixed bug that caused disk space checking not to occur when disabled in earlier version
  • Disk space checking is now set to be disabled on a clean install
  • Allow username@domain.com in Basic authentication username fields
  • Can now specify the time period in Exchange import


2.6.15 (2011-04-26)


  • SMTP/TLS server support
  • Resolves an issue whereby audit logs were not indexed correctly when the German language was selected as the indexing language
  • Removes the “view recipients” permission to avoid the above.
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