v3 Changelog

3.10.25 (released 27 Oct 2014)

[AR-990] – SMTP forward not functioning correctly

3.10.24 (released 22 Oct 2014)

[AR-986] – clicking save in configuration mounts all volumes. it can take a unusually long time complete.
[AR-987] – save config on smtp client setting can initiate recovery process (can take a while to complete)

3.10.23 (released 21 Oct 2014)

[AR-983] – heavy traffic rcvd during startup can cause internal archiving engine not start
[AR-985] – charts not displaying correct on IE8 and below

3.10.19 / 4.0.3 (released 10 Oct 2014)

[AR-963] – view message script error outlook 2013
[AR-964] – email send always uses first smtp connection, not default
[AR-965] – SMTP forward must use same rcpt-to as receive
[AR-966] – trivial script error on process monitor
[AR-967] – possible null ptr when processing specific calendar entries/to do tasks
[AR-968] – default garbage collection -XX:+AggressiveOpts param may cause OME on Windows platform
[AR-969] – SMTP HA connector may not send emails with invalid recipient info
[AR-970] – possible null ptr during folder sync

3.10.17 (released 6 Oct 2014)

[AR-961] tree view doesn’t show up for users assigned user role

3.10.15 (released 3 Oct 2014)

[AR-953] – slow speed load of search results on IE
[AR-958] – charts and status summary not updated automatically on IE 11
[AR-959] – scripting error on Outlook 2013

3.10.14 (released 1 Oct 2014)

[AR-774] – audit.csv max history is 1000 (change to 2^31-1)
[AR-952] – block receive queue / retry later when diskspace low
[AR-954] – export selection no longer deduplicates across volumes (selection/export count mismatch confusing users)
[AR-956] – difficulty exporting emails with X400 addresses to PST format
[AR-955] – restrict queue sizes to user defined value
[AR-?] – memory optimizations

3.10.10 (released 4 Sept 2014)

[AR-949] – license is invalid for less than 20 mailboxes
[AR-950] – null ptr when sending single message from view message

3.10.8 (released 1 Sept 2014)

[AR-947] – getTotalHits() via web services API returns null ptr
[AR-948] – volume close date not set on close

3.10.7 (released 27 Aug 2014)

[AR-946] – lower memory consumption when exporting huge amount of emails
[AR-945] – isp wizard loaded once

3.10.6 (released 25 Aug 2014)

[AR-940] – CSV outputted incorrectly
[AR-942] – Already closed exception occasionally thrown by TFileInputStream during indexing
[AR-943] – crash proof queueing storage
[AR-944] – more resilent shutdown procedure

3.10.2 (released 17 Aug 2014)

[AR-937] – further memory optimizations
[AR-938] – improve archiving performance

3.9.23 (released 12 Aug 2014)

[AR-935] – zipped mbox export has .eml extension
[AR-936] – on rare occasions zipped pdf export omits a file

3.9.22 (released 11 Aug 2014)

[AR-930] – change logo in isp edition
[AR-932] – memory leak on export
[AR-934] – option to auto restart IMAP/POP connection if nothing archived for a period
[AR-931] – initial sort order not respected

3.9.20 (released 25 July 2014)

[AR-921] – duplication of search table headers in IE and Outlook 2010
[AR-922] – SSO works only when explicitly specifying outlook.do, not on base URL
[AR-926] – friendly logon error message hints
[AR-923] – faster login (elimination of screendetect)
[AR-924] – multitenant: lowercase app name & strip whitespace
[AR-925] – nullptr exception when executing search query from web services interface[

3.9.18 (released 21 July 2014)

[AR-920] – null ptr at google login
[AR-919] – deobfuscation of JMX Beans
[AR-915] – occasionally null ptr on purge emails
[AR-916] – better user detection in pst import
[AR-917] – some settings lost when switching to free mode
[AR-918] – enterprise mailboxes less than twenty free
[AR-823] – compact volume data on a periodic basis

3.9.14 (released 16 July 2014)

[AR-913] – cannot import certificate
[AR-914] – javascript error on configuration->logs page
[AR-912] – search using date range yield zero results (incorrect precision step)

3.9.11 (released 15 July 2014)

[AR-908] – license check improvements for huge volumes
[AR-911] – fix rendering issues in IE (console.log not supported)
[AR-910] – improved scrolling of search results

3.9.10 (released 10 July 2014)

[AR-906] – negative volume doc counts (in specific circumstances)
[AR-907] – server shutdown issue
[AR-909] – cannot select items for deletion (under certain conditions)
[AR-872] – mass deletion is time consuming, ought to show progress bar

3.9.9 (released 9 July 2014)

[AR-597] – out of memory when indexing some excel documents
[AR-902] – export file gets deleted when configuration page reloads
[AR-903] – improved handling of X400 addresses
[AR-904] – pst import ignores messages with clss ipm.note.pammessage

3.9.8 (released 4 July 2014)

[AR-897] – upgrade lucene to 4.9.0
[AR-898] – thread safe static code analysis refactoring
[AR-899] – pdfbox upgrade to 1.8.6

3.9.7 (released 2 July 14)

[AR-791] – huge export file’s after download show as corrupted
[AR-895] – day chart not displaying accurate info
[AR-896] – export accuracy fix

3.9.6 (released 30 June 14)

[AR-894] – pst export cant handle multiple threads
[AR-893] – database vertex merging

3.9.5 (released 27 June 14)

[AR-703] – Search immediately at login option logic broken
[AR-742] – search result page does not scrolls to position it was before
[AR-809] – reset search doesn’t reset correctly
[AR-891] – clicking a user on the tree view load’s all available results
[AR-892] – “select all” doesn’t work on additional view tab’s
[AR-889] – search after set to future dates.
[AR-890] – “select all” or “deselect all” improvements

3.9.4 (released 23 June 14)

[AR-885] – reindex error: net.java.truecommons.io.ClosedInputException: null
[AR-886] – POP: better handling of folder already closed
[AR-887] – search performance improvements with huge indexes (>20M docs)

3.9.1 (released 14 June 14)

[AR-879] – archiving stops due to deadlock on Java API method Charset.availableCharsets() (RFR 8012326)
3.9.0 (released 13 June 14)

[AR-875] – index warmup to improve performance of first search
[AR-876] – faster pagination while utilizing less memory
[AR-877] – minimize indexing pauses during heavy archiving
[AR-878] – handle OME when indexing large attachments

3.8.31 (released 3 June 14)
[AR-870] – improve search performance, esp with large indexes (upgrade lucene & improve reuse of indexreaders)

3.8.30 (released 2 June 14)

[AR-869] – possible for broker to start twice on start due to large number of orphaned emails in receive queue

3.8.29 (released 29 May 14)

[AR-867] – pst import tree view doesn’t work


[AR-865] – index shutdown error when reindexing a volume
[AR-866] – failed to add attendee:Illegal character in opaque part at index


[AR-864] – aspose library evaluation license mode


[AR-555] – java.io.CharConversionException: поÑÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ????????????ÑÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ????????????а 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-862] – admin can assign to other roles, the set of permissions assigned to it
[AR-863] – archive rules referencing composite fields not being applied correctly
[AR-859] – cannot purge emails


[AR-853] – auto update notifications too noisy (changed to once per week)
[AR-857] – press hold removes email data from index
[AR-858] – added friendly hints to status notification


[AR-850] – DataTable JSON could not be parsed
[AR-852] – queue size not updating correctly in status summary
[AR-854] – failed to load volume info: Comparison method violates its general contract!
[AR-856] – certain role permissions missing after upgrading to v3 from v2

3.8.23 (released 14 May 14)

[AR-842] – press “hold” button removes selected emails from search result.
[AR-843] – search by exact file extension return empty results
[AR-844] – configuration->volumes slow to display on start
[AR-845] – nosuchmethod error in POI’s XWPFPictureData.getChecksum()
[AR-846] – concurrentmodification in ArchiveFilter checkAdvancedRules (very rare!)
[AR-847] – volume doc count not updated dynamically in status->volume
[AR-848] – graceful shutdown

3.8.21 (released 07 May 14)

[AR-811] – auto index add supporting embedded type of List
[AR-832] – export search result to csv
[AR-833] – import and export buttons look greyed out in IE
[AR-834] – bottom of Configuration section cut off & missing scroll bar in IE
[AR-835] – Script error in Configuration page in IE
[AR-837] – very slow reindex perfomance
[AR-838] – orientdb index doesn’t work
[AR-839] – reindex: attempt to unlock read lock, not locked by current thread

3.8.19 (released 28 April 14)

[AR-831] – increase default PermGen size to 192M
[AR-823] – compact volume data on a periodic basis

3.8.18 (released 24 April 14)

[AR-826] – failed to index attachment due to null ptr on tmp file write
[AR-827] – delete application fails to remove app config from filesystem (multitenant)
[AR-828] – upgrade queing engine (activemq) and aspose email processing libs
[AR-829] – application status not outputted during start/stop (multitenant)

3.8.17 (released 22 April 14)

[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-824] – pagination outputting incorrect results (bug introduced a few versions back)

3.8.16 (released 15 April 14)

[AR-822] – lucene libraries upgraded to 4.7.2

3.8.15 (released 14 April 14)

[AR-819] – existing volumes showing as init/unreadable

3.8.14 (released 8 April 14)

[AR-798] – duplicate Top of Personal Folders in tree view
[AR-799] – Tree view folder with empty name
[AR-806] – load of tags doesn’t work
[AR-809] – reset search doesn’t reset search results
[AR-810] – delete of tags doesn’t work
[AR-812] – failed to convert db on windows: use of posix permission
[AR-813] – user should be prevented from editing higher roles than they are assigned
[AR-814] – update google connection client libs
[AR-815] – export to MBOX format
[AR-816] – google monitor registration fails: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.google.common.collect.ImmutableSet.of
[AR-817] – sending of events too noisy

3.8.13 (released 29 March 14)

[AR-805] – refactoring of orphan blob processing (overcomes side effects such as high CPU)
[AR-706] – switch to durable graph database storage format (local->plocal)
[AR-789] – lazy load search result contains wrong records (NB: security fix!)
[AR-807] – faster reindex (uncomment parallel reindex code)
[AR-808] – pst import has potential to cause OME (due to too many threads)

Note: After applying this update, server may take ten minutes or more to startup. This is due to conversion of database. Wait until server startup completes. Do not interrupt the process.

3.8.11 (released 24 March 14)

[AR-804] – failed to write blob:failed to write blob (JRE update)
[AR-800] – search performance improvements
[AR-801] – misc find bug fixes

To obtain an update [AR-804] above, it is necessary to download the entire distribution and run the setup.

3.8.10 (released 20 March 14)

[AR-795] – search via web services returns failed to execute search query
[AR-796] – This stopwatch is already running

3.8.9 (released 12 March 14)

[AR-789] – lazy load search result contains wrong records.
[AR-790] – rollover log files not working
[AR-792] – performance.stat files grows very large and affects server startup time.

3.8.8 (released 10 March 14)

[AR-776] – audit query builder doesn’t work
[AR-777] – search builder criteria added each time search page is loaded
[AR-778] – cant find attachments starting with zero
[AR-781] – ability to specify initial date range for search (in Config->Search)
[AR-782] – ability to specify search volume strategy (e.g. search only specific volumes)
[AR-784] – some notifications sent out too frequently (spamming administrator)
[AR-785] – deduplication not working correctly for gmail envelopes
[AR-786] – status charts not displaying correct in some versions of IE
[AR-787] – high memory utilization when syncing large messages
[AR-788] – Timeout on acquiring exclusive lock against resource of class: class com.orientechnologies.common.concur.resource.OSharedResourceAdaptiveExternal
[AR-783] – remove duplicate email addresses from principal

3.8.7 (released 27 Feb 14)

[AR-772] – Exchange test/import/sync error: The primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox.

3.8.6 (released 27 Feb 14)

[AR-774] – audit.csv max history is 7
[AR-775] – email address extraction from email value field should be case insensitive (broken in 3.8.5)

3.8.5 (released 26 Feb 14)

[AR-771] – null ptr exception when loading chart statistics on startup
[AR-773] – query input space dissapears when search reset button clicked

3.8.4 (released 25 Feb 14)

[AR-770] – update of exchange connection libraries
[AR-763] – failed to import OST file
[AR-765] – server stopped archiving notification not sent
[AR-766] – message export to zip slow and possibly unreliable
[AR-767] – volume bulk export to .eml ignores sender and recipient fields
[AR-768] – start wizard prompts for master username, but it is never used
[AR-769] – catalina.out always contains trace of javax.mail

3.8.3 (released 14 Feb 14)

[AR-761] – process monitor not showing text (broken in 3.8.2)
[AR-762] – internal error on exchange connection test/import/sync

3.8.2 (released 13 Feb 14)

[AR-752] – week and day charts not showing correctly
[AR-753] – ldap attribute lookup incorrectly checks for role assignment
[AR-754] – server status reports archiving has stopped, even though it hasn’t
[AR-757] – no data outputted to backup volume
[AR-758] – status chart time incorrect in certain time zones
[AR-759] – sometimes negative disk space is reported
[AR-760] – immediate search option in configuration->search has no effect
[AR-755] – sort applications in central
[AR-756] – ignore mail contacts in AD lookup

3.8.1 (released 13 Feb 14)

Build error

3.8.0 (released 7 Feb 14)

[AR-751] – newly created volume has ejected status (due to AR-749 fix below)

3.7.22 (released 5 Feb 14)

[AR-748] – volume create date changing to current date on save
[AR-749] – volume with missing volumeinfo is marked with status NEW, should be EJECTED
[AR-750] – during PST export aspose lib reports classnotfound for class “com.aspose.email.ds”

3.7.21 (released 4 Feb 14)

[AR-746] – process status window not updating (for example during test connection)[AR-747] – in some time zones, status chart time off by an hour or two

3.7.20 (released 3 Feb 14)

[AR-741] – search query is not saved when refresh page
[AR-745] – multitenant account on mailarchiva server is deactivated:null
[AR-744] – class not found on latest version of JRE (due to missing XaDes library)

3.7.19 (released 1 Feb 14)

[AR-741] – search query is not saved when refresh page
[AR-742] – search result page scrolls to position it was before
[AR-743] – update lucene, pdfbox, aspose libs

3.7.18 (released 31 Jan 14)

[AR-734] – saved certificates go missing in multitenant mode
[AR-735] – script error in outlook
[AR-736] – unreliable behaviour of send function
[AR-738] – multitenant null ptr when starting app (results in licensing issues)
[AR-739] – notifications not clearing
[AR-740] – not all initial sort fields available

3.7.17 (released 27 Jan 14)

[AR-729] – failed to write to temporary file:null
[AR-732] – start wizard not always showing up[AR-733] – central web services API broken

3.7.16 (released 14 Jan 14)

[AR-721] – emails missing when received on central smtp server (special case)
[AR-724] – scheduled backup generating duplicate entries
[AR-725] – context sensitive help does not work with HTTPS console access

3.7.14 (released 12 Jan 14)

[AR-719] – autoupdate breaks due to stack overflow on higher logging levels
[AR-720] – latest update occasionally doesn’t appear on start
[AR-722] – archiving stops due to license check consuming large amount of virtual memory
[AR-723] – improvements in search performance
[AR-724] – email discarded by central’s smtp server sent to trash.log in debug log location

3.7.13 (released 8 Jan 14)

[AR-718] – AD Multidomain NTLM auth with UPN
[AR-717] – clicking a user on the tree view, should show users emails

3.7.12 (released 19 Dec 13)

[AR-702] – audit.csv contains wrong records
[AR-703] – Search immediately when login logic broken.
[AR-704] – queue files restore doesn’t working
[AR-705] – debug.log contains audit.csv records
[AR-707] – sent before and sent after date changes after search
[AR-708] – negative free space
[AR-710] – audit.csv doesn’t add any records when log level is not INFO
[AR-711] – com.stimulus log records missing on file
[AR-713] – volume reencryption not recognizing valid encryption password
[AR-714] – backup volumes not being created correctly
[AR-715] – unreadable volumes not being detected correctly (on new volumes)
[AR-716] – volume disk space checks not being applied on rollover

3.7.11 (released 04 Dec 13)

[AR-700] – status reports not going out for ee users
[AR-701] – reencrypt function incorrectly hashes reencryption password

3.7.8-3.7.10 (released 27 Nov 13)

[AR-669] – startup time very slow due to unnecessary read check on older volumes
[AR-698] – add support for encrypted volume passphrase in reencrypt
[AR-697] – isp wizard null ptr

3.7.7 (released 18 Nov 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-687] – changing AD authentication settings in Enterprise mode required a restart
[AR-696] – server in multitenant mode wont start due when ROOT instance present

3.7.6 (released 16 Nov 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-689] – imail authentication broken with null ptr exception
[AR-691] – trial period not enabled on first install
[AR-694] – progress bar not working right in status->processes
[AR-692] – simplify and clarify search export options
[AR-693] – possible null pointer on AD lookup
[AR-688] – System Status > Processes does not display (during/after import)

3.7.3 (released 31 Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-680] – multitenant treeview not updated on app create
[AR-681] – central smtp server not fowarding traffic to instances
[AR-682] – expired license erroneously showing in multitenant mode

3.7.2 (released 31 Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-655] – office365 imap: message number (56354) out of bounds (56353)
[AR-671] – Cannot authenticate by user principal name in AD NTLM auth
[AR-672] – licence check count includes disabled users in Active Directory
[AR-674] – volumes list can take a while to load in configurations
[AR-675] – error opening messages stored with v3.1.x
[AR-676] – volume export not respecting start and end date period
[AR-677] – time part ignored in search and audit date selection
[AR-678] – volume reindex progress bar not updating correctly
[AR-670] – select message popup appears on export in single message view

New Features

[AR-673] – reencrypt volumes from within the server console
[AR-679] – lookup password to keystore from certificates in server console

3.7.0 / 3.7.1 (released 16/Oct 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-663] – in message view, on send click, pop up to select a message appears
[AR-667] – cannot change logo in mailarchiva mt mode
[AR-668] – archiving stopping if blueprints.getCreateDate()==null


[AR-660] – status reports and notifications for isp administrators
[AR-661] – select multitenant or single tenant mode on wizard completion, not first url access
[AR-662] – major refactoring of autoupdate engine
[AR-520] – ability to choose blob type in archive, retention, filtering rules
[AR-521] – list of available archive/retention/filtering rule fields should be dependent on selected blob category

New Feature

[AR-645] – DLP (data leak prevention). see new content filtering options.
[AR-656] – application clone

3.6.5 (released 20/Sept 13)

[AR-647] – central tree view doesn’t always update correctly (sometimes clears)
[AR-649] – save search results works, but it is incorrectly displaying save popup
[AR-650] – save dialog not working on free version
[AR-651] – cant view a message due to NPE
[AR-652] – view keyboards shortcuts (prev, next) overload browser
[AR-648] – write tokenizer for memberOf (AD groups analyzed)

3.6.4 (released 17/Sept 13)

[AR-624] – no selection message should be displayed if action performed and nothing selected
[AR-644] – server not shutting down correctly
[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on active directory user groups

3.6.3 (released 11/Sept 13)

[AR-641] – AD license count incorrect
[AR-642] – Direct import from Exchange import processing same mailboxes over and over (many duplicates)

3.6.2 (released 10/Sept 13)

[AR-637] – enterprise users cannot login
[AR-638] – autoupdate client is not available on windows install
[AR-639] – wrong encoding when view message

3.6.0 (released 6/Sept 13)

[AR-633] – backup storing data in V1 format
[AR-632] – new auto update engine
[AR-634] – multi tenancy (Mailarchiva is now cloud ready)

3.5.14 (released 20/Sept 13)

[AR-649] – save search results works, but it is incorrectly displaying save popup
[AR-650] – save dialog not working on free version
[AR-651] – cant view a message due to NPE
[AR-652] – view keyboards shortcuts (prev, next) overload browser
[AR-648] – write tokenizer for memberOf

3.5.13 (released 16/Sept 13)

[AR-626] – ability to filter email search results based on active directory user groups (see online help)

3.5.12 (released 23/Aug 13)

[AR-612] – message body not present on view when reply from iPhone
[AR-608] – Local email address contains control or whitespace when parsing some tnef
[AR-613] – Export search results NPE
[AR-614] – export message from view doesn’t work
[AR-620] – search selection not clearing between searches
[AR-621] – keyboard short cuts on view doesn’t work
[AR-623] – email addresses not remembered on send message dialog
[AR-625] – AutoSearchService does’t work
[AR-628] – blob xml config files have erroneous entries
[AR-630] – lucene merge occurs too frequently
[AR-631] – Export shouldn’t save temp files under Program Files path. Windows UAC dont like.

3.5.11 (released 29/July 13)

[AR-609] – lucene use of virtual memory too aggressive
[AR-610] – update lucene libraries to 4.4.0

3.5.10 (released 25/July 13)

[AR-606] – remove logging context selector in startserver
[AR-604] – start wizard does not complete on Windows (error while saving server.conf)
[AR-605] – lucene has difficulty allocating mapped buffer on some linux configurations

3.5.9 (released 23/July 13)

[AR-600] – difficulty exporting envelope journal messages
[AR-601] – server.conf file can be deleted when save settings
[AR-602] – save search doesn’t work

3.5.8 (released 15/July 13)

[AR-574] – aspose library causing indexing to hang when processing specific office documents
[AR-595] – statistics engine unnecessarily opens indexes every second (cpu / IO utilization unnecessarily high)
[AR-597] – out of memory when indexing some excel documents
[AR-598] – periodic failed to write blob: FsReadOnlyArchiveFileSystemException (specific versions of Windows only)

3.5.7 (released 9/July 13)

[AR-574] – parsing of office documents leaking memory during indexing (swapped out Aspose in place of POI)
[AR-593] – user’s old email addresses are retained

3.5.6 (released 9/July 13)

[AR-592] – web services commented out

3.5.5 (released 5/July 13)

New Features

[AR-589] – search option to control whether to search or not on first search page load
[AR-590] – slow performance due to blobfield.getValue() loading from DB unnecessarily
[AR-591] – update activemq, javamail and truevfs libraries to latest versions

Bug FIxes

[AR-588] – server leaking temp files

3.5.4 (released 3/July 13)

New Features

[AR-570] – add next/previous to scroll messages on view
[AR-586] – keyboard shortcuts

Bug Fixes

[AR-578] – status report sent before queue db is started
[AR-579] – deadlock on reindex.
[AR-581] – searching all does not appear to include body
[AR-582] – license check on ISP Edition instances occurs at same time
[AR-583] – status report can be sent before smtp queue has started
[AR-585] – role and archiving rule matching should be case insensitive (as in V2)

3.5.3 (released 26/June 13)

New Features

[AR-556] – audit log files must be compressed when rollover

Bug Fixes

[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-510] – searches with NOT are not working
[AR-555] – java.io.CharConversionException: 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-566] – action on audit log doesn’t appear
[AR-568] – attachments zero size view from some exchange journal messages
[AR-571] – cant download image attachments from view
[AR-573] – view of attachments doesn’t work most cases
[AR-575] – File descriptor leak
[AR-577] – text files doesn’t indexed
[AR-539] – search with NOT return empty result
[AR-572] – export of 1 or 2 blobs sometime doesn’t working
[AR-569] – SMTP client must save connection mode

3.5.2 (released 12/June 13)

[AR-559] – Role restriction with “” are not working
[AR-562] – some attachments are not indexed
[AR-567] – inline attachments not downloadable

3.5.1 (released 5/June 13)

[AR-522] – search return 0 but records are available
[AR-546] – overlapped field text
[AR-552] – null string outputted when save newly created empty connections
[AR-553] – forward route has SMTP client null
[AR-554] – smtp client connection aligned middle
[AR-555] – java.io.CharConversionException: 25.03.eml (entry name not encodable with IBM437)
[AR-557] – emails not being deleted in IMAP retrieval
[AR-558] – Cannot send emails due to class cast exception

3.5.0 (released 30/May 13)

New Features

Exchange and PST folder view
Calendar and contact archiving
Time machine – see change in folder structure over time
Export to PST, MSG and TIFF (with progress indicator)
Export catalog file
Import MSG, and PST folder structure
Infinite search

Bug Fixes

[AR-542] – no name folder appears when importing enron data
[AR-541] – database is closed
[AR-530] – tag name on query builder
[AR-529] – java util logging, commons logging need move to logback
[AR-528] – init treeview when data availible
[AR-527] – reset search must reset selected items
[AR-526] – mailarchiva v2.8, v3.1 backward compatibility
[AR-525] – outlook compatibility
[AR-524] – sorting working, but sort with wrong results
[AR-523] – HOLD/UNHOLD doesn’t working
[AR-519] – sort doesn’t working when loading items from treeview
[AR-517] – sometimes changing query criteria results in same query results
[AR-516] – removing criteria lines does not change search query
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table
[AR-534] – SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet action threw exception java.lang.NullPointerException
[AR-538] – SMTP CR or LF in data stream
[AR-540] – no such method on chinese analyzer
[AR-542] – no name folder appears when importing enron data
[AR-545] – balloon tip permanent on IE
[AR-546] – overlapped field text
[AR-547] – composite archive rules not processed
[AR-548] – not all fields with archive usage across all blobs are displayed

3.1.16 (released 5/April 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-2] – diamonds appears on content when some pst importing
[AR-501] – send status report / emails (class cast error)
[AR-506] – message headers display wrong format From: “=?utf-8?Q?……
[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table

3.1.16 (released 5/April 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-2] – diamonds appears on content when some pst importing
[AR-501] – send status report / emails (class cast error)
[AR-506] – message headers display wrong format From: “=?utf-8?Q?……
[AR-507] – attachments, headers wrong encoding after pst import
[AR-508] – missing words on From header in search result table

3.1.15 (released 25/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-3] – cookies save passwords on first install
[AR-502] – download attachment not working
[AR-503] – infinite loop on PST import

3.1.13 (released 5/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-347] – internal db must be regenerated on kill -9
[AR-348] – server fails to startup on due to failed delete permission check in tmp directory

3.1.12 (released 4/March 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-277] – Sending email dialog format
[AR-345] – prefix query not working (john*)
[AR-346] – ability to specify alternate email attribute and value for AD Logins


[AR-344] – ability to add fields dynamically

3.1.11 (released 19/Feb 12)

[AR-326] cut off checkboxes in search page when accessed from Outlook

3.1.10 (released 18/Feb 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-324] – query wizard not working with date’s selection
[AR-325] – retention rule not being applied
[AR-326] – cut off checkboxes in search page when accessed from Outlook

3.1.9 (released 14/Feb 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-314] – tick boxes in search results not showing correctly in IE 10 on Win 2008
[AR-315] – exchange logging messages sent via SMTP as duplicates
[AR-317] – status reports not sent
[AR-319] – query wizzard very slow on container plugin
[AR-320] – message export returns journal envelope no matter if original message is selected
[AR-321] – PDF export outputs fewer basic headers than it should


[AR-318] – improve reliability of PST import
[AR-322] – italian and german language resource files need update
[AR-323] – overcome exchange de-duplication by adding ability to send emails as attachments

3.1.8 (released 26/Jan 13)

[AR-313] – scheduled backup not working

3.1.6 (released 24/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-311] – volumes page not shown when italian language is selected
[AR-301] – when sending emails, emails corresponding with discontinued mailboxes do not arrive
[AR-302] – send dialog is not displayed correctly when sending from within Outlook
[AR-303] – search results from web services API missing sent and received date
[AR-305] – from should come before to in search results
[AR-306] – deduplication are not working
[AR-307] – smtp client cache files are not deleted
[AR-308] – SMTPClientConnection NullPointerException
[AR-309] – imap archiving stopping when process unread only selected


[AR-310] – update truevfs to latest version

3.1.5 (released 10/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-297] – server not starting due to typo in sun-jaxws.xml
[AR-298] – emails being indexed irrespective of archive rule wishes (archive works fine)
[AR-299] – email addresses are not showed on view source
[AR-300] – debug message could not delete message from index

3.1.4 (released 8/Jan 13)

Bug Fixes

[AR-295] – web service is disabled (ISP edition cannot communicate)
[AR-296] – missing resource entries

3.1.3 (released 27/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-293] – null ptr on send status report as ‘Fixed

New Features

[AR-294] – high availability (refer to http://help.mailarchiva.com for more info)

3.1.2 (released 19/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-289] – volumes page disappear when reindex
[AR-290] – performance slow due to call to Matcher.find() in journal report parsing
[AR-291] – archiving stoppage due to potential infinite loop when processing large emails

New Features

[AR-292] – support for antivirus scanning using clamd

3.1.0 (released 11/Dec 12)

Bug Fixes

[AR-279] – problem encountered when clicking on .eml files
[AR-280] – failed to replay/send messages back to mail server
[AR-281] – users cannot login when password has “§” character in his password

New Features

[AR-139] – message tagging
[AR-287] – auto search
[AR-288] – message hold: ability to prevent retention rules deleting mails

3.0.38 (released 29/Nov12)

Build error. 3.0.37 build did not update – was in fact 3.0.36.

3.0.37 (released 28/Nov12)

[AR-115] – Reindexing we receive dataTables warning (table id = ‘volumeTable’): Requested unknown parameter ‘9’
[AR-268] – click down arrow to build search query displaying all the time on IE8
[AR-275] – archivng stopping – mailarchiva not re-reading exchange journal acct contents

3.0.36 (released 26/Nov12)

[AR-273] store deadlock in rare circumstances

v3.0.35 (released 23/Nov12)

[AR-267] – no deletion of zero byte archive files during startup
[AR-269] – smtp server startup slow due to hostname DNS resolution
[AR-270] – smtpclientconnection queue restarted on save.

v3.0.34 (released 22/Nov12)

[AR-253] – catalina.out growing massively
[AR-254] – CLONE – catalina.out growing massively
[AR-256] – datatables warning during reindexing
[AR-263] – PDF attachment view
[AR-264] – mismatch of mailbox display and and actual license count
[AR-265] – users can see all emails if no email addresses retrieved from LDAP/AD
[AR-266] – Windows version is distributed with JRE6 and not JRE7

v3.0.33 (released 20/Nov12)

[AR-255] – mailarchiva taking long time to stop on linux
[AR-261] – default search using full email address results more results than expected
[AR-262] – audit and debug log not populating on Windows platform

v3.0.30 (released 13/Nov12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-246] – Auto conversion of MailArchiva 2.x properties to MailArchiva 3.x properties Task
[AR-247] – add option in Config->Archive settings to specify volume creation format

v3.0.29 (released 6/Nov12)

Removed debugging code

Modified logback.xml to output to debug.log instead of console

v3.0.27 (released 6/Nov12)

[AR-245] – cannot import mails from exchange Caused by: ServiceException: Not Found

v3.0.26 (released 1/Nov12)

[AR-243] – Exchange client test connection & direct Exchange import fails (Socket Closed exception)

v3.0.25 (released 26/Oct12)

[AR-241] – V2 volume compatbility broken (volumes do not initialize)
[AR-242] – Test Exchange Connection fails due to service unavailable socket closd

v3.0.24 (released 25/Oct12)

[AR-240] – probability of volume store data corruption on abrupt process kill
[AR-198] – Chart displays incorrectly
[AR-206] – chart time period is one hour behind in some timezones
[AR-231] – missing solaris distribution
[AR-233] – truezip java.util.zip.ZipException: ZIP file spanning/splitting is not supported!
[AR-238] – exchange connection test does not output any text after several attempts IE8
[AR-239] – mailarchiva slow to shutdown
[AR-237] – chart jumps to the left on first display

v3.0.23 (released 22/Oct12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-204] – poor usability with viewing volume store and index path in volume list
[AR-228] – Linux install reports incorrect memory requirements
[AR-235] – performance enhancement
[AR-236] – mail blob results in envelope journal message consuming all CPU resources
[AR-230] – Linux install script outputs junk

v3.0.22 (released 17/Oct12)

[AR-219] – receive date not showing up for journal envelope messages
[AR-222] – invalid TNEF type – 13
[AR-224] – send blob fails when replaying messages
[AR-225] – Google trash folder not emptied by MailArchiva automatically
[AR-226] – Backup process starts every hour even when it says weekly

v3.0.21 (released 16/Oct12)

[AR-218] – archive date header not set

v3.0.20 (released 16/Oct12)

[AR-214] – ugly view fileselect on dialog container
[AR-215] – Illegalstate error when reindexing
[AR-216] – journaling via pop3 fails due to ClassCastException
[AR-217] – logback logging selector not added to windows setup

v3.0.19 (released 12/Oct12)

[AR-212] – oscillating doc counts
[AR-213] – max message size restriction not adhered to

v3.0.18 (released 12/Oct12)

AR-211 v3.0.17 critical archive date issue fixed. Sorry about this (build was only up for a few hours)
AR-211 receive date gui fix

v3.0.17 (released 11/Oct12)

[AR-105] – catalina.out grow
[AR-146] – bulk export huge count of mailboxes
[AR-193] – process monitor dont display on IE9
[AR-194] – in configuration->connections, drop down sections dont stick in IE9
[AR-196] – click the down arrow tooltip always present when accessing UI from within Outlook
[AR-199] – FileNotFoundException when indexing email with PDF attachment
[AR-201] – cannot select before and after date in audit search
[AR-202] – scheduled backup process never ends
[AR-205] – not necessary to record reindexes in audit log
[AR-207] – Comet java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[AR-208] – view message loads twice in chrome
[AR-209] – importing PST from client workstation, can result in old PST files being processed
[AR-210] – cannot process left over blobs in receive directory
[AR-187] – selecting date field in query builder outputs query with incorrectly formatted date
[AR-195] – test login and ad lookup not working in IE9

v3.0.16 (released 2/Oct12)

[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning
[AR-157] – install goes around in circle
[AR-185] – datatable Requested unknown parameter
[AR-188] – on low res, finish wizard button cannot be clicked as it is not visible
[AR-190] – cannot change IAP polling interval value
[AR-191] – journaling showing duplicates
[AR-192] – imported messages in PST files not showing up

v3.0.15 (released 1/Oct12)

[AR-175] – incorrectly aligned new listeners button in configuration->listeners
[AR-176] – unable to search based on any date
[AR-177] – unable to search on message body with Portuguese language chosen as indexing and search language
[AR-178] – Null pointer in Test Connection
[AR-179] – InaccessibleWSDLException when mailarchiva contacts autoupdate server
[AR-180] – several process types (PST import, Exchange import) wont start
[AR-181] – process monitor exchange connection working only for 1st time
[AR-182] – new users added to basic auth not saved
[AR-183] – mails not being deleted from google trash

v3.0.14 (released 27/Sept/12)

[AR-77] – not available exist attachment on email view
[AR-92] – download big messages (20MB) failed
[AR-96] – view source show system information of blob
[AR-157] – install goes around in circle
[AR-159] – left and right arrows cannot be used to edit fields in start wizard
[AR-162] – backup has more documents than archive
[AR-165] – truezip classes not accessible to auto update
[AR-166] – mailarchiva slow to archive requeued messages
[AR-167] – user cannot search using journalrecipients field
[AR-171] – scheduled backup returning null
[AR-172] – Chrome selectrun button mess
[AR-173] – reindexing, conversion occurs on all volumes at same time

v3.0.13 (released 21/Sep/12)

[AR-43] – reindex infinitive running
[AR-106] – Comet NullPointer
[AR-152] – local user change password
[AR-158] – wizard says telephone is optional, but in truth validator requires it
[AR-163] – MailArchiva is not closing streams somewhere
[AR-164] – stubbing doesn’t work
[AR-168] – popup notice message on wizard
[AR-169] – fileselect element on wizard small width

v3.0.9 (released 16/Sep/12)

[AR-151] – errorenous validation of SMTPClientConnection username & password fields

v3.0.8 (released 14/Sep/12)

[AR-147] – cannot send smtp messages to Exchange
[AR-148] – cannot open attachments: failed to load non blob
[AR-150] – archiva/message blob fields found in exported message

v3.0.7 (10/Sep/12)

[AR-144] – help search tooltip first login
[AR-149] – mismatch between search field display and value

v3.0.6 (08/Sep/12)

[AR-24] – install wizzard on IE7 is broken
[AR-121] – IE search box not working
[AR-123] – cannot import PST file: null pointer exception
[AR-124] – PST import processes other files in the temp directory
[AR-126] – problem encountered when logging in via NTLM authentication
[AR-127] – Unable to restart MailArchiva
[AR-128] – Imail authentication web service client must be switched from Axis2 to Metro framework
[AR-130] – Installer Unable to copy file awt.dll, then Unable to copy file cmm.dll.
[AR-131] – IE7-IE8

v3.0.5 (6/Sep/12)

[AR-119] – Users sometimes getting elevated privileges due to mixed up sessions

v3.0.4 (12/Sep/12)

[AR-113] – view filter not working as expected
[AR-114] – role view filter defaults to empty on upgrade
[AR-116] – AD lookup & test login does not work on IE
[AR-117] – When clicking Finish on Start Wizard, it clears and goes back to the beginning

v3.0.3 (11/Sept/12)

[AR-109] – incorrect values for archive rule, retention & initial sort GUI fields
[AR-110] – chart displaying incorrect time
[AR-111] – “System Alerts” tab doesn’t show

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