MailArchiva Cloud Edition Overview


The MailArchiva Cloud Edition offers online email archiving and discovery over the Internet.  Among many benefits, the product helps companies, educational institutions, governments, and NGOs meet their email archiving regulatory requirements, without worrying about infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance or growth. 


MailArchiva Search Interface


Your mail server can be hosted anywhere provided it is accessible to MailArchiva over the Internet. MailArchiva automatically retrieves data from your mail server and archives the information for long-term storage. Using a powerful web-based search interface, your historical email records are accessible 24/7.


When using MailArchiva's online email archiving service, there is no hardware or software to install or big purchase required. Signup is immediate. Payment is month to month or annually. Furthermore, you are free to use the MailArchiva Cloud service on a trial basis for 45 days, without any obligation.


Refer to Architecture to obtain a high level understanding of the product.


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