MailArchiva Cloud Setup


Need Help? If you need help at any stage during the Cloud Trial, please don't hesitate to email our Support Team at

To signup for a free 30 day trial of MailArchiva Cloud, visit:


and signup as a Microsoft 365 (i.e. Office 365) or Google Workspace Administrator. No credit card required!

Your service is always accessible at the above URL's. After signing up, create a journal rule in Microsoft 365, as follows


Refer to Mail Servers for instructions on how to configure Google Apps and other mail servers. See Logins for authentication options.


Need Help? Please contact us at should you require assistance with Microsoft 365 setup.


Online Help


This help system is the primary resource for learning how to administer and manage the MailArchiva product. 

It is the modern equivalent of an Admin Guide. It covers important topics such as how to connect various mail servers, migrate emails, setup authentication, and so forth.


The help system is accessible at using a web browser. 

For your convenience, context-sensitive help is also available throughout the MailArchiva application. To receive help at any time, click the lightly coloured question mark on the page you are looking at.


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