MailArchiva Ordering Guide


MailArchiva can be purchased online using a credit card. Refer to the guide below on how to place an order for MailArchiva.


New Orders


  • When placing a new order, in the licensee field, enter the legal name of the end-customer (i.e. not permitted to be a reseller).
  • The quantity entered should be equivalent to the total number of mailboxes licensed on your mail server / service. For example, the total number of licensed mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange or Azure
  • It is advisable to add an extra few mailboxes to account for variations throughout the year. 


Determining the required MailArchiva mailbox count using Office 365 

  • Verify the number of licensed mailboxes as reported by Azure.
  • MailArchiva counts the number of mailboxes for which there is a current Microsoft Office 365 license assigned.
  • User and shared mailboxes will be counted assuming there is a Microsoft Office 365 license assigned to them.
  • Room mailboxes are typically not counted as they do not require a Microsoft Office 365 license.



Mailbox Extensions


  • Select an existing licensee from the licensee drop-down (i.e. do not type the name of the licensee)
  • Select a matching product attached to the existing subscription, such as "MailArchiva On Premise (1yr support)"
  • In the quantity field, enter the number of extra mailboxes needed (not the combined total of all mailboxes).
  • The support fee component of the price for additional mailboxes will be prorated to the anniversary date of the subscription.
  • It is not possible to add mailboxes to an expired subscription. It is first necessary to purchase a renewal to bring the subscription up-to-date.


Mailbox Renewals


  • To operate on an existing subscription  (.. and not create a new one), select the subscription from the licensee field drop down (i.e. don't type the name in). If you type in the name again, it will assume it is a new subscription.
  • Selecting the product "MailArchiva On Premise 1yr Renewal", extends the expiry date of the subscription by an additional year. 
  • Renewals include technical support and access to software updates (in the case of On-Premise).
  • Each selected renewal product includes a term length. For example, selection of "MailArchiva On Premise 2yr Renewal" is inclusive of an additional 2 years' maintenance.
  • When renewing an expired subscription, only renewals with a matching term frequency on the subscription will be shown. In other words, if the subscription was created with a term of 2 years, only 2 year term renewal products will be offered.
  • Contact us should you require to change the term of a renewal.


MailArchiva Cloud



  • In product, select MailArchiva Cloud Yearly. MailArchiva Cloud is an annual subscription. The stated price is charged per year.
  • For new orders, in the quantity field, enter the total number of mailboxes needed.
  • The minimum number of mailboxes that can be ordered is 10. If you need more than 800 mailboxes, please contact us to obtain an enterprise quote. The unit price drops as the quantity increases. 
  • The unit price is inclusive of ten years retention of data, expandable thereafter, from service commencement.
  • If you need to import historical data (i.e. existing data), add MailArchiva Cloud Historical Data and, in the quantity field, enter the total amount of gigabytes that needs to be imported.
  • If using Microsoft Office 365, to ascertain the total amount of mailboxes and amount of email data (in gigabytes) that needs to be imported, visit the usage reports, accessible from  Admin Center -> Reports -> Usage.
  • Currently, if a mailbox is subsequently deleted from the mail server, it is not currently counted for licensing purposes, although its data may still reside in MailArchiva.

MailArchiva On-Premise



  • Select product "MailArchiva On Premise (1yr support)" to order new mailboxes. It includes license price + first year maintenance. Although the license is perpetual, it comes with an annual service agreement. Mandatory in the first year, optional thereafter.
  • Select  "MailArchiva On Premise 1yr Renewal"  to order an additional 1 year support. This selection only includes the renewal (i.e. does not add any additional mailboxes).
  • The service agreement includes email, telephone, technical support and product upgrades. Annual maintenance is equivalent to 20% of the license price.
  • The minimum number of mailboxes that can be ordered is 10. If you need more than 800 mailboxes, please contact us to obtain an enterprise quote. The unit price drops as the quantity increases. 
  • There is no need to order any historical data when licensing On-Premise.
  • It is not possible to renew support and order more mailboxes in the same transaction. First, generate an invoice for the renewal. Then, create an invoice for the ordering of more mailboxes.






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