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Note: Theming is not currently supported with MailArchiva v3.0. The instructions below are for MailArchiva v2.


A neat theme engine is included in MailArchiva EE that makes a snap to skin the interface.

The themes are located in:

/usr/local/mailarchiva/server/webapps/ROOT/themes (Linux)
C:\Program Files\MailArchiva\server\webapps\ROOT\themes (Windows)


You'll notice there are two themes for the Cool Breeze Theme (blue and blue_ highres). The reason for this is that this particular theme supports both low res and high res monitors. MailArchiva will automatically select the theme based on the screen resolution.

Each theme consists of:

preview images - for previewing
css - contains stylesheets for theme
images - all theme imagery
theme.conf - theme configuration file

To create a theme, first make a copy of an existing theme. Thereafter, edit the theme's theme.conf file.

name = MailArchiva Cool Breeze Theme
author = The Project
description = default theme (1024x768 resolution or higher)
website =
priority = 0
pixels = 131072


Most of the fields above are self explanatory. The priority value indicates where on the theme list it should reside. The theme with the lowest value will be selected by default when a new user logs in. The pixel field specifies the minimum number of pixels for the theme to be displayed. You can omit if you want it to be displayed irrespective. If you want both a highres and a lowres theme, the theme name must be the same in both theme.conf files.

Once you have modified the theme.conf file, its time to modify the theme CSS and image files. Any web developer can do this fairly easily. Alternatively, you would need to read up on CSS styling. A useful tip: to swap out colors, use a pixel dropper utility to find out the colour for a particular element on the existing MailArchiva interface. Once you have the colour value, search for it in the css to find out which element you need to modify. You can also use tools like Firebug to establish the naming of a particular element. After creating the theme, restart the server and you should see it appear in the theme list.


We will gladly accept any theme contributions. If they are good enough, we'll happily incorporate them in the base product for all to use.

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